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Here is a list with some CWDig maps. Most can be found by searching Colonial Space for CSM/CWDig maps.

Map # Author Name Size Difficulty Forum Link Comment
5229 cornucanis CWDig Introduction Medium Easy
5272 cornucanis CWDig Turncoats Medium Medium/Hard
5343 cornucanis CWDig Claustrophobia Medium Hard
5478 cornucanis CWDig Kamikaze Big? Medium/Hard?
5591 yum234 CSM-01 Medium Easy?
5946 yum234 CSM-02 Medium
5952 yum234 CSM-03 STAR GATES Big Easy?
5957 yum234 CSM-04 BLACK HOLES Big
5991 yum234 CSM-10 NEW ADVENTURE Big
6232 yum234 CSM-23 FUNNY MONITOR Medium
6648 yum234 CSM-44 I CAME BACK! Big
6749 yum234 SB-2 Big
6810 yum234 CORKY Big
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