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Map: VPAC Extermination Protocol

VPAC Wiki - Vertu's Play As Creeper

This wiki page references all VPAC CPACKs and will discuss VPAC as a whole rather than focusing on a single CPACK and what it brings. You may also use this page to navigate the KnuckleCracker wiki to find pages of VPAC units ranging from your units as the player, to various enemy units.


All units currently in VPAC






Non-Player Units

Enemies typically found in VPAC

:NOTE: This is not a comprehensive list. It's only a list of units that I (Vertu) typically use. There can be and are, other units found in VPAC maps which are not mentioned in this list.



Ultra Heavy

  • NONE (All current ultra heavy units fall in the category of a unit that can directly damage your VPAC Units).


Enemies that can directly damage VPAC structures


Ultra Heavy

How things role around here.

You are a Nexus C.V-S User created by Vertu in the VWC project. Your task is to aid Vertu in the exploitation of the CW4 Universe by following external orders and having the ability to self evaluate targets, situations, and general awareness to be efficient in your task. Victory is always inevitable but it is up to you to be efficient in obtaining said victory. However, sometimes you may encounter defenses so great you will need to work and deserve the victory as opposed to the general inevitability.

You will descend from the realms of the void onto various planets to launch Incursions to exterminate the enemy defenses, leaving the place ripe for Immediate Vertu Installation once nothing but Creeper and VWC systems remain.
Typically we will give you targets that have created a fortress as to aid in VWC project niches. It is not just about winning as you might know. So expect the enemy to always put up some kind of a fight.
Now onto a list of policies and doctrines:

You, as a Nexus C.V-S User will:

  • Initially attack the enemy during Incursion Instigation in the most ineffective way possible to make the Incursion as challenging as possible as to provide useful data for the VWC project. We can have you just land an Invader Emitter at high velocities on top of the Rift Lab with ease to instantly destroy it, but this will be more of a waste of time due to the inevitability of victory and lack of battle information to report for the VWC project.
  • Obliterate the Rift Lab operating as the heart of their fortress.
  • Not loose all operating Nexi in an Incursion by breaching their individual failure states.
  • Give the enemy not a drop of mercy or remorse. Total annihilation of the Rift Lab is the absolute objective in any Incursion Mission, even in the presence of prerequisite objectives. Negotiations are not an option outside of extenuating circumstances.
  • Respect all orders from Vertu related sources with sufficient clearance and authority towards you, Nexus C.V-S User.
  • Exterminate any and all Creeper systems that fail to integrate under control of the VWC project.

For more doctrines and policies see <DATA EXPUNGED>.

What is VPAC?

VPAC stands for Vertu's Play As Creeper.
For quick context, when I, Vertu, started making PAC maps I found the PAC Scripts (and models) disappointing and flawed. I like optimizing everything I touch and the optimization of the PAC scripts and units is how VPAC was created as this optimization stretched so far, my alterations made that modified PAC unrelatable to the original PAC. That is how VPAC was born.

VPAC is an ADVANCED PAC but at this point, “advanced” and “Vertu” seem to be the same thing as when I make something, it tends to always be extremely advanced. VPAC aims to provide a maximum number of ways to complete a map and maximize and specialize the tools you have to do so. A perfect example is the TCML which fires missiles that can destroy a single target or a group of targets within enemy lines reliably. Very different to using Blobs and Spores and far more specialized. It fills a unique role in your arsenal.

That is the rule of VPAC, have something for every situation. Every unit must fill a niche, a role, a specialty. This rule extends to the original PAC units pre-modification. The Launcher can grow in power over time and be a superior general purposed support unit, providing actual “frontline strength” rather than just more Creeper. The Stash is an efficient wave generator which can release massive impulses of Creep the enemy defenses where not ready to handle. The Egg Fabricator is Creeper transportation to transfer Creeper from one location, mainly the backlines, to another such as the frontlines.

VPAC wants to keep your options opened and have no situation where the units fail you. That is why any unit which fires anything has the ability to hold fire. Maximum user control. One if my biggest disappointments in the original PAC CPACK's is the lack of user control over virtually all units. That disappointment has been utterly obliterated.

VPAC is most certainly a more skill based version of PAC. LPAC (Lazy Play As Creeper) is less skill based than PAC and more chill with less control over all units. VPAC is the exact opposite of LPAC. Now, although that is the case and VPAC is complicated, it is designed where if you put effort into learning the units, you will figure them out quickly. It can be overwhelming with all the special units but you can very well complete missions with just the original, basic PAC units while also finding out of their increased user control. User friendliness is of utmost concern in VPAC but if you are unwilling to learn how to use the units there is nothing that can be done.

VPAC performance information

Performance is a very high concern for this custom gamemode. Although it is somewhat notorious for being very laggy, it is actually more performance efficient than normal PAC and LPAC. I (Vertu) even helped optimize the more updated LPAC, (most directly, its rebuild script). VPAC however is still more performance efficient based on my very limited insight. Creeper World 4 has quite a harsh performance limit for custom assets when they make the majority of a map.

Anyways, forget the idea that VPAC is laggy. Forget that it is unoptimized. It is very likely a scapegoat. It is by far the most performance efficient custom gamemode out there. By FAR the MAIN source of performance issue in VPAC maps was NOT custom assets but the prospect of creating a game within a game, something I learned in my particle fleet recreation in CW4. CW4 was not intended to have a modding capacity large enough to recreate games with, which is perfectly understandable. Older VPAC maps however did have performance fires which in modern times have been addressed and VPAC as of phase yellow now focuses on squeezing as much from the limited resources the game allocates for custom assets.

Major performance milestone versions

:WARNING: Not finished!

  • XXXX - Blaster spamming [4rpl:commands:refreshunitloscache|RefreshUnitLOSCache]] API fixed.
  • v2.X.X.X - Rebuild made indescribably more efficient. Flare RL replaced by vastly more optimized Rocket Launcher V.
  • v2.8.0.2 - Various custom units no longer spam FindUnitEnemy if unable to find Creeper to target. (Made to be far less performance taxing when idle).
  • v2.12.0.0 Beginning of rendering optimizations of models by rendering objects invisible when the camera is far away. Future unit models will have this considered to ensure effective utilization.

CW4 Computer Resource Use

CW4 restricts itself to run off of a single CPU Core when running units. It will never allow additional cores to be used. This obviously makes sense for a simple game like CW4 where there will not likely be hundreds of semi-complicated units. However, with the amount of modding support it has, here comes me (Vertu) who makes a bunch of custom units with dynamic functionality (and various performance inefficiencies like spamming GetUnits and FindUnitEnemy though I have now began to address this obvious oversight with great success), who has many hundreds of units on a single map at times.

From K75 (A KnuckleCracker dev/moderator): “CW4 does in fact multithread where it is possible to do so (cf. the Creeper flow simulation). However the portion running units does not, since being “thread-safe'” is a complicated proposition, and it would only have benefitted limited numbers of units. Thread safety, inter-process communication and creating and creating, managing and destroying threads have a cost and one would have to know whether the savings from those would be such that it was feasible to use a thread. Many of these factors would be beyond the scope of 99.9% of map makers. It would also have burdened CW4 with an extended API and quite possibly many more bugs and vastly extended development time. All for a very limited benefit.”

Also, if any map has Autopilot AI, it WILL lag as a fully functioning AI using the built in units has to do A LOT of calculations in order to actually operate. It needs to figure out how it can place units, how to use them, how to “see”, how to “play”, so on, so on. I also didn't make it so don't ask me for more information about it.

Tutorial Missions

  • TCML Tutorial Mission - (OLD)
  • VPAC Testing Initiative map series. Name changes from Testing Initiative to TI starting from the 7th main mission.

Road Map

  1. Completed! (Effectively) Fix things that break and add misc-things (general maintenance and refinements).
  2. Completed. Invader Emitters can now deploy any unit, diversifying VPAC starts.
  3. Add more enemy units. Currently we have the swarm tactic Fighter Drone, medium class Hover Tank, and heavy class V-Nullifier.
  4. Add the Battle Drone. A flying Lancer that has more applicable firepower. Lancer is high fire rate, low damage. Battle Drone is low fire rate, high damage. Application TBD.

VPAC CPACKs download location
Custom CPACKs & Units

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