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Started by Grabz, August 18, 2021, 11:57:13 AM

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How to play



This CPACK adds new units called Mystery Boxes which have a chance to give you all sorts of things, good or bad! Get your gambling fix here. I recommend playing on easier maps, as you will be your own worst enemy.

1. Make sure you are using the latest version of the game.
The latest version of the game as of this writing is V2.3.3. If you're not updated to this version or higher, make sure you are.

2. Import the Mystery Boxes CPACK (Download).

3. Disable units!
To make this work you generally want to disable most of the units from being built (although it is not required, it is kinda the point of the mode).

Titans should stay disabled. The Mystery Boxes CPACK bundles its own versions of Titans inside itself.
I recommend not disabling: Lab, Factory, ERN Portal, Tower, Nullifier.
I recommend enabling Nullifier Overload, so that players can clear out nullifiable obstacles.
I suggest not disabling: Pylon, Miner, Beacon.
Reasoning: Allowing Pylons can be nice for big maps. When Miners spawn from boxes they come with some resource ground. If they die, keeping Miner enabled allows the player to utilize that resource ground again. Beacons might help the players against a Dark Tower if they have access to Greenar.

4. Do not change special terrain slots.
This CPACK assumes that special terrain slots weren't modified. You can change the values on them but don't change the type. For example, if you change the default Resource terrain slot to another type, that new type will now spawn under Miners instead of resource. You can freely use the None special terrain slot.

Currently there are three boxes - Friend, Mystery and Titan.

  • The friendly box can only give you positive outcomes, but its cost goes up with each box.
  • The mystery box can give all sorts of outcomes. Make sure you're prepared!
  • The Titan box will give you a Titan unit. Or will it? I'm sure the skull is just a decoration.

The Recycler is a unit you can pre-place in a level. Send units into it to recycle them into scrap, then use your collected scrap to create a unit from the list of units in the Recycler's UI panel.
Recycled units are worth the following amount of scrap:
1 scrap - Cannon, Mortar
2 scrap - Shield, Sprayer, Sniper, Missile
3 scrap - Terp
8 scrap - Flare
8 scrap - AC Bomb
1 scrap - 3x3 Unit Capsule
2 scrap - 5x5 Unit Capsule
3 scrap - 7x7 Unit Capsule
Units not listed here cannot be scrapped.

Starting from Version 3 this pack is fully Mverse compatible!

Difficulty & Chances
This section always pertains to the latest version. It may be inaccurate for older versions, just assume things are similar but slightly different most likely.
Starting with Version 4 players can now choose difficulty at the start of the map. Here's a short breakdown of the effect of difficulty on each box.
Note that mapmakers could choose to edit the scripts and alter these chances, this is the default configuration.
* Peaceful difficulty has no bad effects. Play for a relaxing/very easy mode.
* Easy difficulty has most bad effects disabled.
* Normal difficulty is a balanced experience.
* Nightmare difficulty
   * Has the highest chance for some potentially very tough outcomes
   * The first three Titan boxes are predetermined, in this order - Orb Volcano, Egg Volcano, A Lot of Creeper
   * Each mystery box opened increases your Evil Multiplier which amplifies bad results from the Mystery Box (not Titan)

In Mverse, friend box scaling is increased for each player, and chances of finding currency producing effects are divided by the amount of players in the level.

Friend box is unchanged between difficulties.

Mystery box chances:

  • Peaceful: Good 90%, Bad 0%, Currency 10%
  • Easy: Good 69%, Bad 23%, Currency 8%
  • Normal: Good 56%, Bad 37%, Currency 6%
  • Nightmare: Good 43%, Bad 52%, Currency 5%

  • Good - A good or neutral outcome.
  • Bad - A bad outcome.
  • Currency - An ERN or Miner outcome.

Titan box chances:

  • Peaceful: Good 80%, Neutral 20%, Bad 0%
  • Easy: Good 70%, Neutral 20%, Bad 10%
  • Normal: Good 50%, Neutral 20%, Bad 30%
  • Nightmare: Good 30%, Neutral 20%, Bad 50%

  • Good - A good outcome, generally a Titan unit or equivalent.
  • Bad - A bad outcome.
  • Neutral - An outcome that spawns a lot of creeper. It sits in neutral because it can be converted with orbitals. On Peaceful, the creeper is AC instead.

Made by Grabz.
Thanks to:
* Hypnotic22 for ideas and balance,
* cornucanis for an optimized selection algorithm,
* Fire for ideas

Credit for the Flare goes to Alophox (though I have heavily edited it now).

Please tag maps using this CPACK with the BOX tag

#3150: Gravitier By: Grabz (Version 7.8)
#3132: Mystical box madness 8 By: Hypnotic22 (Version 7.6)
#3130: Mystical box madness 6 By: Hypnotic22 (Version 7.5)
#3106: Mystical box madness 3 By: Hypnotic22 (Version 7.5)
#3104: Gravitar By: Grabz (Version 7.5)
#2420: Maelstrom of Chaos By: Grabz (Version 6 dev4)
#2404: Cloudy Day with a Chance of Rain By: Grabz (Version 6 dev2)
#2301: Channel of Tranquility By: Grabz (Version 4 dev2)
#2252: Mystical box madness 3 By: Hypnotic22 (Version 3 dev9)
#2206: Tale of the Mysterious Fortress By: Grabz (Version 2 dev6)
#2196: Mystical box madness By: Hypnotic22 (Version 1 dev8)
#2197: Mystical box madness 2 By: Hypnotic22 (Version 1 dev8)







New Mystery Boxes version 7.5! Look in Changelog for a list of changes.
The new version includes a Peaceful difficulty where no bad outcomes occur from boxes. All CPACK addons have now also been merged into the main CPACK, so you only have to download the one CPACK now.

Check out the new version in my latest box map Gravitar



New Mystery Boxes version 7.6! Look in Changelog for a full list of changes.

This version aims to polish and fix several things, as well as give a sizable buff to Titan units.

Have fun!


New Mystery Boxes version 7.8! Look in Changelog for a full list of changes.

This version renames Hard difficulty to Nightmare, with a new feature exclusive to Nightmare difficulty where for each Mystery Box that opens, all outcomes from Mystery Boxes (not Titan) will be amplified.

From now on I will link to github for the latest download. The link below will always lead to the latest version:

Have fun!