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Grabz - Mystery Boxes

Download Here

This CPACK adds new units called Mystery Boxes which have a chance to give you all sorts of things, good or bad! Get your gambling fix here. I recommend playing on easier maps, as you will be your own worst enemy.

Please visit the Forum Thread to learn how to use this CPACK correctly.

How to play

Generally a good strategy is to start with building friendly boxes and build up a small army and find some resources. Once you've established an army you should start building mystery boxes and make sure you defend them. A well placed mystery box won't hurt you as much as a poorly placed one! Also do not be discouraged if you lose parts of your base - over time you will find more resources and more ERNs which will help immensely :)

Every unit matters! You can dodge skimmers and blobs to save your units, which can be helpful sometimes.

Once you feel like you've got a very good foothold you can start trying your luck with the Titan box, but be warned as you will be tested. Saving often is a good idea.

List of Units (CMODS) in this CPACK

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