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General information

Interact with Lia bot commands in the #bot-commands channel.

When submitting scores in Knuckle Cracker games, you have an option to provide a [Name] and a [Group]. For most bot features to work, use the specialevent group name when submitting scores. Each game will remember the group name used, so you only have to write it in once. If you want to be featured by Lia bot where appropriate, I recommend simply submitting all your future scores with the specialevent group name.

Register your name

For Lia to understand which scores are yours, you have to choose a consistent name you use across all maps when submitting scores. I recommend picking an uncommon name, to prevent name collisions with other players.

Once you know what name you will be using, register it with Lia using the following commands: /c register - Used for the Competition and Chronom module. You can change this name freely at any time, if needed. /exp register - Used for the Experience module. If you need to change your name for Experience, ask @Grabz#4707 or a member of moderation.


Competition is where you can participate in leaderboards with other Discord members. All of the relevant information on Competition is stored in pinned messages in the #competition channel, which are automatically updated. From top to bottom:

  • The top-most pinned messages (usually 2 messages) show leaderboards for the current Competition maps. Submit scores for these maps and they will appear! It takes around 30 minutes for new scores to show, but you can force an update immediately with the `/c update` command. Don't forget the specialevent group name when submitting scores. Here you can also see how much time is left in the current competition, in the small footer at the bottom of each message.
  • Next is the Introduction to Champions message. If this is the top-most message, that means there is no competition running currently - check back later! This message tells you that you will automatically receive the Champion of KC role on the server if you place in the score tally. The score tally is a few messages down and I will explain it momentarily.
  • The next two messages describe information about the Chronom module, check the next section if you're interested in those.
  • Next message is the Score tally from last 2 competitions. This tally is updated each time a competition ends, and tallies up your points for each score submitted in the previous two competitions. For each map in the previous two competitions, you will receive 25 points for placing 1st, 20 for 2nd, 16 for 3rd, 13 for 4th, 11 for 5th, 10 through 2 points for placing 6th through 14th, and 1 point for placing 15th and under. The first five players (shown in bold) automatically receive the Champion of KC role.
  • Next message is Current champions. This message is analogous to the score tally, and displays which players from the last two competitions are currently given the Champion of KC role. In addition to the five players from the previous message, players will also be given Champion of KC if they placed in 1st place on any maps from the previous two competitions. This is displayed with a double asterisk (**) if the player placed first in any of the maps in the last competition, and single asterisk (*) if the player placed first in any of the maps in the second to last competition.
  • The remaining pinned messages display the final leaderboards from the previous competition.

Competition maps are picked at random, with emphasis on recent maps, maps from community members, and maps that look interesting for competition. I am also on the lookout for maps that players find interesting for speedrunning outside of competition, so they can be featured next. Players can also post suggestions for maps to use in the competition in #competition.

Each competition is started manually by @Grabz#4707 and runs for about 15 days. When the time left on the current competition is over, the competition enters an overtime phase where it can end anywhere within the next 24 hours. Once a competition ends, a new one will start within a day or two, depending on my availability.

Competition picks up all scores submitted using the specialevent group name. This means players who have already submitted such score for a map before it is picked will also be included. A map featured in competition will not be featured again.


Chronom is for players who like to play Chronom maps in Creeper World 4. You can earn the Master of Chronom role, simply for playing the maps. You have to register a Competition name and use the specialevent group name for Lia bot to pick up your Chronom scores.

There are two ways to earn Master of Chronom.

First is to simply keep submitting scores in each new Chronom map every day. Lia will look at your scores from the last eight Chronom maps. Within those eight maps, if you have an unbroken streak of five completed maps, you will automatically receive Master of Chronom. The maximum streak is eight. To check the maps you've completed, and your current streak, you can use the /chronom bot command.

The second way is to compete for the highest score in any of the mission objectives in the currently available Chronom maps. In the #competition channel, look in the pinned messages and scroll down a bit until you find the *Masters of Chronom* pinned message. Here you can see a leaderboard of players who have achieved a high rank in the last eight Chronom maps. Lia will look through 1st to 100th place, in each objective, in each of the last eight Chronom maps, and pick the first five players it encounters whose name is registered on the server. Those five players will also receive the Master of Chronom role, if they don't already have it.


Experience is for players who may enjoy a simple meta progression leveling system for completing random maps in Knuckle Cracker games. All information on Experience is located in the pinned messages in the #bot-commands channel. There you will also find automatically updated leaderboards of the top 9 Experience players in each game.

Leveling requires interaction with the Experience system, so older games tend to have less contested leaderboards.

As an added bonus, reaching #1 rank in any of the Experience leaderboards will grant you Champion of KC, and you will keep it as long as you continue to hold first place.

To interact with Experience, make sure you've registered your name first with /exp register. Then, simply type /exp new and choose the game to generate maps from (other parameters are optional, you don't need to use them). The message that follows will tell you which maps you have to complete and how much XP you will receive for completing them. You do not have to reach a high score, you also are not required to use the specialevent group, but you may as well use it if you want your scores to get picked up by Competition as well.

Use /exp profile to view your current progress - if you completed a map, it will display here as ready to claim for XP. This way you can also confirm that you registered correctly.

Campaign maps have a static base XP value, usually rising with each map in the Campaign chain. Custom maps are given a base XP value based on how highly rated they are, based on their ratings against other maps submitted in the same month. Maps ranked 1st through 10th in each month's ranking will be prioritized. The XP value is further increased by an XP multiplier, which is based on total maps completed by you. The multiplier is 1.015^[maps beaten]. The XP multiplier applies retroactively to all completed maps, so the order you complete maps in does not matter.

Using default settings, /exp new will produce three completely random maps, three high XP maps, and one map from each different Campaign in the selected game, if any are left to complete.

Lia bot will not automatically grant you Experience completions for maps you have done outside of maps generated with /exp new. However, when generating new maps to complete with /exp new, if a score with your chosen Experience name is already posted, the map will be automatically marked as already completed, so you do not have to complete it again.

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