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Friendly Units


Command Node

The Command Node, aka CN, is the center of your network. It uses energy to create packets and ore to make anti-creeper. It is the only unit that can fulfill these tasks. It is possible to have up to 3 Command Nodes in a single game, depending on the mission's parameters. By default, a CN produces 1.5 energy and can connect to any structure within less than 16 squares from it (which mans that it will connect to a unit with its center 15 squares in a straight line and 3 squares from this axis). After sustaining enough to bring its health-points down to 0, it will return to orbit as if it was recalled by the player. Upon returning to orbit, all of the AC in the Command Node will drop from orbit to random locations around the map, creating an AC rain effect. The CN is 9×9 squares large and can be centered on a power zone to receive a bonus. CNs do not connect to collectibles on the map.

More detailed info can be found here.

Artifacts of Odin

This are powerful one-time use abilities which ca sometimes be found on map and collected. To collect an AoO (Artifact of Odin) simply connect it to your network and send 25 packets. There are 3 types of AoO.


Freezes all in a target area, lasts 45 sec.


Destroys all Creeper/AC in a target area, including player units, doesn't destroy enemy structures. Changes terrain to leave a crater.


Converts all Creeper in target area to Anti-creeper. Similar to Conversion bomb form CW2.


Structures are your economy, infrastructure, and defensive buildings and are useful in establishing your economy, increasing your offensive power, gathering resources, or in providing non-offensive defense. All structures (except ore mines and the aether forge) can be placed on Powers zones to receive bonuses. More exact information about the structures can be found here.


Cost 5
Connection Range 10
Energy production 0.3 max

The Collector is the first thing you will want to build as it is cheap, gathers energy, and begins building your network before you build relays. Every collector will have a green collection area shown around it once built, and total energy collected depends on that area so it is more efficient to build with minimal overlap.

Power Zone Effect: Triples connection range to all friendly units and 1.5x energy generation per terrain unit.


Cost 10
Connection range 10/19 to other relays and x2 packet speed
Energy production 0

Relays are useful when building a network since they offer a longer connection range to other relays and conduct packets at double speed. During an assault they are much better than collectors.

Power Zone Effect: Doubles connection range to other relays.


Cost 50
Connection range 0
Energy production 0.4

Reactors produce double that energy of maxed-out collectors and do not rely on a collection area. However, they are quite expensive and it is recommended to build only a few at a time. Reactors become extremely useful once space becomes scarce and an edge is required to begin pushing out against the creeper.

Power Zone Effect: Ten times power generation.

Ore Mine

Ore Mine
Cost 25
Connection range 0
Ore production 0.9

Ore mines can only be built on ore deposits. Once built, ore mines send ore to the CN where it is turned into anti-creeper. Be careful not to schedule too many ore mines at the very beginning of a mission as that can eat up energy needed elsewhere.


Cost 5
Connection range 0
Ore production 0

The Siphon allows you to gather energy, ore, or aether(requires forge) from crystals that are scattered around the maps. It is advisable to build them as soon as possible when given access to a resource to gain an early boost.


Cost 5
Ammo Capacity 30
Range 10
Health ?
Ammo Usage 0.1/2 frames

The Shield protects units by repelling Creeper and Spores using from a circular area seen in-game as a white circle. Too much Creeper will still overwhelm and destroy the shield. Shields also are expensive to maintain. Use in conjunction with nullifiers to deal with particularly nasty emitters.

Power Zone Effect: Doubles range and repulsion effect.


Cost 60
Ammo Capacity 30
Range 18
Health ? very low
Ammo Usage 2/square*level
Firing Speed 30 frames/square*level

The Terp (Origin TerraPod) terraforms the terrain for tactical attacks or defenses. It cannot terraform cells occupied by creeper.

Power Zone Effect: Lowers energy cost per cell to 1/3. Increases terraforming range and speed.

Landing Pads

Each Landing Pad will base one flying unit. Each pad and corresponding unit has a distinct style and color. The four current variations are:

Strafer - Bomber - Packet Guppy - Ore Guppy


Cost 25
Ammo Capacity 120
Connection Range 10
Health ?

The Guppy lets you gather or transport energy or ore to locations on the map not connected to the network. Players can switch the Guppy to transport either packets or ore. Be careful with sending too many Packet Guppies at once since Landing Pads will begin collecting another 120 packets once the Guppy takes off. Ore Guppy Landing Pads have to be built connected to an ore mine. AC carrying guppies have been added to the game since its release, and work in a similar fashion to Packet Guppies.

Power Zone Effect: Doubles cargo capacity, doubles request rate, triples speed.



The Cannon
Cost 25
Ammo Capacity 10
Range 9
Health ?
Ammo Usage 0.2/ shot
Firing Speed 1/8 frames
Damage 8

The Cannon (Origin Pulse Cannon) is your standard defense/attack weapon with a fast fire rate but weak strength. It has three targeting priority options: Creeper(Default), Digitalis, and Runners. It is highly advisable to change the default targeting priority on maps with digitalis as, by default, the Cannon will ignore digitalis as long as it has Creeper in range, often causing many problems during assaults.

More detailed information along with upgrade effects can be found on the unit data overview page.

Power Zone Effect: Increased range and firing speed, 0.4x ammo per shot.


The Mortar is your second standard defense/attack weapon with a slow fire rate but is very effective against dense creeper. The Mortar can also shoot over walls while the Cannon cannot.

Power Zone Effect: Increased range and firing speed, .33x ammo per shot.


The Strafer is an airborne fast attack fighter with a machine gun.

Power Zone Effect: Increased flight speed and gains dual-machine guns.


The Bomber carries Anti Creeper aka AC bombs. Fun!

  1. You have scheduled a new bomber to builld and want it to auto launch and repeat its runs. You check 'auto' and set a target and you mean for that to only happen once it is built and there is a full load, else it will take off once the first packet arrives. During the building process you may decide to retarget it, but you don't want that to prematurely cause it to launch.
  2. You could care less about auto and want to manually call in runs. In that case, you uncheck auto while the bomber is building and set a target. The bomber should build and load and auto launch once it has a _full_ load.
  3. You have a built bomber and you want it to launch right now and go where you say without waiting on a full load. In this case you uncheck auto, and click to launch the bomber.
  4. You have a built bomber and want to set it to auto so you can forget about it. In this case you check auto, select a target, and forget. The bomber always ways for a full load before launching.

All of these cases are working except part of #2. Right now if you uncheck auto and select a target before the bomber is finished building it won't take off once it has a full load. You can still launch it at any point by selecting its target after it is built, though.

Power Zone Effect: Doubled cargo capacity, faster flight speed, drops two bombs at once.


The Sprayer lets you spray down an area within range with Anti Creeper aka AC.

Power Zone Effect: Increased range and firing speed.


The Beam fires a laser at spores, destroying them. It can also ht CRPL cores that have been set to be targeted by Beams.

Power Zone Effect: Vastly increased range and destroys spores near-instantly.


The Sniper has long range and does heavy damage to Runners and to CRPL cores that have been set to be targeted by Snipers.

Power Zone Effect: Increased range and firing speed.


The Nullifier takes out Emitters and CRPL Towers.

Power Zone Effect: Increased range and faster charge.


Big Bertha

The Big Bertha has a very long range and a powerful punch!

Power Zone Effect: Shoots three projectiles instead of one, spread out at landing into a triangle. Firing only takes half a charge (75 ammo instead of 150).


The Forge processes Aether packets from connected Totems on the map into resources that may be used either to upgrade weapons or other units, or to create a Singularity Field that exerts a strong gravitational pull on both forms of Creeper, compressing it to ultimate densities where Creeper Conversion may destroy vast quantities of it should densities exceed conversion density (2,184 million density).

Information on Aether Upgrades

ItemInitial CostPrice Increase per LevelMaximum # UpgradesEffect
Energy Storage10+10No LimitIncrease Energy Storage
AC Storage10+10No LimitIncreased Anti-Creeper Storage
Packet Speed10+10No LimitIncreased Packet Speed
Energy Efficiency20+2010Increased Energy Output
Ore Efficiency20+2010Increased Ores from Ore Mines
Build Speed10+1010Increased Build Speed
Move Speed25×25Increased Movement of Towers and Aircraft
Fire Rate50×25Increased Weapon Fire Rate
Fire Range50×25Increase Weapon Range

Anti Creeper Rain

The Anti Creeper Rain (aka AC Rain) will shower the whole map with Anti Creeper. It happens when a Command Node is returned to orbit. It causes all stored Anti Creeper to be released from orbital height, thus creating AC Rain.



When supplied with energy, the Totem produces Aether for the Forge. Aether can be used for Aether upgrades, which boost certain attributes of friendly units.

Power Zone

The Power Zone aka PZ lets you add abilities to the unit placed on top of it..

CRPL Cores

CRPL Cores are extremely versatile. Made using CRPL, these are custom units created by map makers. They have a wide range of capabilities in moving, creating creeper, spores, digitalis, runners and even other custom units.

CRPL can be both friend or foe…. (Read more on the CRPL pages)

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