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Creeper World Lore

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Full Dialogue Transcripts

The Creeper World Saga

This page contains heavy spoilers of the Creeper World storyline.


1 CE, year 13,271

By year 13,271 of the first Common Era, humanity had already colonized thousands of worlds. It is at this moment that Creeper struck for the first time, eradicating everything in its path. Odin City, the last human city, was built by a group of followers of a man called the Old Man, who now find themselves on a journey for survival.

Commander Skarsgard Abraxis, together with an unnamed operative are now at helm of Odin City. As Hope is getting overrun by Creeper, Odin City prepares for its first jump. Armed with coordinates given by the Old Man, Skars activates the Rift and jumps to the first set of coordinates.

The first Rift jump deals damage to the city's data banks, losing schematics and most of the coordinates given by the Old Man. As the city rifts from world to world, conveniently placed schematics are found to give the city the upper edge over Creeper. After the city reaches the final world they still have coordinates for, Skars is continually guided forward through additional worlds by various messages found along the way.

Throughout the journey, a number of survivors are rescued. One group of scientists claimed to have been on a mission for the last 20 years, sent there by the Old Man. Before they set out, the Old Man gave them a stone meant to keep them safe, and that it will save them in the time of need.

The last message found, an artifact on Canis, was placed there only moments from Odin City's arrival, and was specifically signed by someone calling themselves Platius. Skars appears to have a hint of who this person may be or what the purpose of the artifact is, but does not express it. The artifact outlined the coordinates of next five worlds of the journey.

Skars explains to the operative that there's only only thing he knows about Platius. When Skars was an infant, he was saved by someone from a raid on his home planet Tucana. He was brought to Aquila where he would be raised by his foster parents. Nobody had seen this man, and the only thing that was left was a note “Tell the young one that my name is Platius.”

The last world Odin City jumps into – Loki – contains an insurmountable Creeper presence, as well the existence of a Creeper Nexus. The Nexus communicated with Odin City, and in primitive form, stated its goal of eradication of everything that is, thus achieving purity of nothingness.

During the fight, a man calling themselves Platius sends an unexpected message to Odin City, greeting Skars. Simultaneously, a new object appears close by. Platius says that Skars should retrieve it, and use the stone received earlier from the scientists as the key.

Platius cuts communication and Skars throws everything he's got to retrieve the object. Using the key reveals a new weapon – the mighty Thor's Hammer – is now at the city's disposal. Skars personally pilots the Thor, destroying all Creeper in its path. While the Nexus is impervious to this weapon, the sudden advantage allows Odin City, with the operative now at its helm, to clear its path to the totems and activate the rift.

Without a clue on where to rift to next, Odin City is stuck. Unexpectedly, Skars sends a message to the operative to activate the rift to a set of coordinates. Having trust in Skars, the operative opens the rift, revealing an entrance onto the black hole in the galactic core. The massive amount of gravitational attraction coming through the rift slowly sucks in and destroys all of Odin City's forces, together with the Nexus.

In order to prevent the destruction of Odin City, Skars steers the Thor into the rift with the intention to detonate the ship's power source at the event horizon, sacrificing himself. At the last moment, Skars is pulled out of the ship by Platius. The Nexus is defeated, Skars lives and the Odin City is saved.

In the peace that follows, Platius tells Skars that he is who Skars knows as the Old Man. Platius explains that he is the sole survivor of a long lost race that fought the Loki. The Loki was nearly destroyed, but a single Nexus remained hidden. Many millennia later, when memories of the conflict were all but forgotten, the Nexus emerged again to destroy the new life that emerged. Platius says that the Earth held great potential for fighting the Loki, and that he would send encouragements along the way in the planet's evolution, leading to the emergence of humans and to the path they walk now.

Skars must now lead his people in the millennia that come and return to greatness, and perhaps one day the galaxy will stand in victory over the Loki.

New Human Alliance, 30 Years Later

Following the defeat of the Creeper Nexus, the remnants of the human race set forth to retake what was lost. Despite this victory, remains of Creeper still plague lost worlds and must be eradicated. The now called New Human Alliance (NHA) had set up a new base of operations on Colony Prime and constructed a fleet of Liberation Ships. With nearly a hundred of new commanders promoted at the Central Command (CentCom) Academy, the ships are to set forth to the many planets destroyed by the Creeper and retake them.

We begin the day by observing a Liberation Ship simulation performed by Commander Dax Joven, and learn the ship's basic capabilities. Thanks to the late Dr. Aliana Abraxis, the now Admiral Skarsgard Abraxis' daughter, Liberation Ships are fitted with crucial new technologies – the Maker which can create Anti-Creeper, the opposite friendly version of Creeper, as well as the Nullifier, which makes it possible to destroy Creeper Emitters.

Following the simulated battle, we follow the events of Commander Dax Joven and Lieutenant Varro Hale as they rift to worlds provided by CentCom, marked for Creeper cleanup.

When talking to Varro, Dax criticizes CentCom's dismissal of his battle report reporting unusual Creeper activity. This is accidentally broadcast to CentCom as all commanders are closely monitored. Later, Dax is contacted by Skarsgard saying the Command Council wanted him relieved of duty, but was persuaded to reconsider. Admiral Skarsgard gives Dax a new list of worlds to cleanup that are with little significance to the NHA.

The first of these worlds – UC 1004 – contained a technological remnant, despite the planet never having been colonized. CentCom refused to respond to this finding. On the world that follows, we find an encrypted message left specifically for Dax by Admiral Abraxis. In it, he explains that he's long suspected that the Command Council hid a message from Dr. Aliana Abraxis that she had to have sent before succumbing to Creeper on her mission. Aliana always believed that the various anomalies in Creeper behavior that she found did not seem right. Admiral Abraxis tells Dax to violate orders and jump to UC-1339, a world Aliana had been watching.

Following the jump, the ship suddenly finds itself stranded on UC-1339 as Rift Space signal appears to have disappeared. On an old sub-space channel, we intercept a looping emergency message from Admiral Abraxis that Colony Prime is about to be attacked by Creeper from over 1,000 worlds and that we should not return.

On this planet, we find a Holocube containing a slightly altered frequency that can be used to access Rift Space, however without proper calibration we can only jump to random worlds.

As we jump random worlds, heavy Creeper manipulation is observed. We find and scavenge wreckages of other Liberation Ships which fell to the unexpected threat. The worlds themselves appear to be various facilities with unknown purpose. Dax remarks that the Command Council sent probes to all planets in range, so it is unlikely they didn't know about these facilities.

At some point we are contacted by an unknown race going by the name of the Styglek Consortium, who aren't pleased about our interference. It appears that they are the ones building these facilities and manipulating Creeper. In some of these facilities we find capsules used to house humans, and in one we find a device capable of manipulating the human brain. We rescue a woman from one of these capsules, who hinted as having been part of Aliana's crew before passing away.

The Styglek Consortium grows increasingly frustrated with our continued presence and unforeseen ability to survive through their defenses. Eventually, we stumble upon messages left for us by a member of the Consortium – Thrade. He explains that he is part of a rebellion that wishes to free the Consortium from the influence of the Loki, and is willing to assist us as an opportunity to advance his cause. We learn that the Consortium was thrown into disarray after the defeat of the Nexus, as it was their only means of communication with the Loki, and that their mission was to rebuild the Nexus should it ever fall. Thrade also claims that Aliana Abraxis is alive and provides us with her location. The message also contains instructions on calibrating our Rift Engines to the new Rift frequency, so that we no longer jump randomly.

It turns out that the Styglek Consortium was aware of Thrade's efforts and managed to capture him, and the world given to us by Thrade is a trap. They also explain how they have just been able to breach Aliana's mind, gaining significant amount of knowledge about Creeper. Nevertheless, we go through the Consortium's defenses and rescue Aliana.

Dr. Aliana Abraxis explains that she's been able to manipulate the probe to work both ways, thus managing to learn a lot about Styglek. She explains that she knows where Thrade is held and that he is the key to defeating the Loki.

In the events that follow, we rescue Thrade from captivity. We go back to Colony Prime to rescue all survivors, including Admiral Abraxis, who is glad to see his daughter again. Admiral Abraxis hands Aliana her research notes from before she was captured, and with help from Thrade, quickly finishes work on two experimental weapons. Most notably, the Dark Beam has the ability to destroy any Creeper in its path, but draws its power from an alternate and dark parallel reality; the same one that originally corrupted the Loki and sent them on a mission of purity of nothingness.

We fail to reach the Nexus core in time, and the Nexus awakens – again. Dax comes up with a plan to have Thrade contact the Nexus and announce their plan. This meant that the Nexus was faced with an unknown situation, and had to send the information back to the Loki. Aliana was able to intercept the frequency that the Nexus used over the dark, parallel reality. Modulating the Dark Beam to the same frequency the Nexus uses to communicate with the Loki allowed it to deal damage to the Nexus. After a long battle, the Nexus is destroyed, and the New Human Alliance can set forth to rebuilding the civilization again. Thrade thanks Dax for saving his people.



It is known by most that perished that the Creeper is a force that cannot be reasoned with. Its seemingly only purpose is to undo all that humanity had done.

Creeper structures have a tendency of waking up when they detect new presence on a planet.


First encountered by the survivors of Odin City, the Nexus' goal was to eradicate Odin City, thus undoing all beings everywhere and achieving purity of nothingness. The first Nexus was destroyed by being pushed into a black hole in the galactic core.

A second Nexus was built by the Styglek Consortium, and was destroyed by Commander Dax Joven of the New Human Alliance, by tricking the Nexus into contacting the Loki and using that communication to modulate the frequency of the Dark Beam.

Known functions of the Nexus include the ability to communicate with the Loki. The Nexus appears to have basic programming and is able to respond to certain situations on its own, but when presented with an unknown situation, it will contact the Loki for assistance.

Odin City

Odin City was set to house 50 thousand survivors. It first launched from the world Hope.

Rift Space

Rifts allow for interplanetary travel through the Rift Space.

A common way of traveling through Rift Space is by charging Rift Totems, which open the Rift. Rift Totems are made of fractal alloy. Liberation Ships of the New Human Alliance were equipped with a Rift scope, which allowed them to jump without the need of totems.

We learn from Lieutenant Varro Hale of the New Human Alliance that Rift Space is part of the physical universe and is governed by laws of physics. Despite that, the Styglek Consortium was able to manipulate the frequencies used to access it. Heavy Creeper interference and gravitational anomalies produced by the Consortium was able to scramble the Rift scope, preventing access to Rift Space.

Notable Information

Creeper World 1

  • Ara is one of the first worlds attacked by the Creeper.
  • The Orions may somehow be connected to Platius, seeing as their military worked on the Mortar tech, specifically engineered to deal with Creeper.
  • An artifact was found on the 5th world Cetus, which contained the coordinates of another five worlds that Odin City went to. The origin of this artifact dated back to exactly the year 2010.
  • An enigma artifact was picked up on the 8th world Draco and analyzed on the 13th world Pavo. It described possible improvements to most of Odin City’s technologies through the use of raw nanobots (the upgrade system). Despite most of the tech being developed within the last five years, the origin of this artifact dated back thousands of years, to the 21st century.
  • Throughout the journey, despite having no apparent reason to know, Skars appears to slowly understand exactly what he must do, though he never shares how he knows this.
  • On the 18th world Volan, an empty survival pod is found. While this is not certain, it is possible that Platius arrived in this pod, rifted to the 19th world Pyxis to leave a message, then left another message in the 20th world Loki and dropped the Thor’s Hammer.
  • In an artifact collected on the 19th world Pyxis, Platius directs a message to Skars with the quote “(…) through all of your human history I always believed you would make it. The others were not so sure…. (…)”
  • The artifact found on the 20th world Loki contained a message that simply read: “In the end, no answer is ever as elegant as its question.” Having read this, Skars comes to the realization that everything humanity was or could be can be summed up to a single question – “why?” The Creeper’s only purpose is to end this question, and Odin City’s purpose is to ensure it never ceases to be asked.

Creeper World 2

  • Far York is one of the first worlds to have fallen to the Creeper.



In the events of Creeper World 1, Platius is seen as a crazed Old Man, prophesizing the coming of mankind's doom. He and his followers built the Odin City.

In the epilogue of Creeper World 1, Platius claims to be of a long lost race that existed from the beginning of the multiverse expanse. This race has sacrificed everything they had to beat the Loki, with Platius having been made a sole survivor. A single Nexus remained, which struck the next civilization to be. Platius saw potential in Earth to fight the Loki, and helped along the evolution of the planet which gave birth to humans and led them to the moment when they would have to face the Creeper.

Skarsgard Abraxis

Skarsgard Abraxis' first appearance is as commander at the helm of Odin City.


“OPS” is an unnamed operative who fought with commander Skarsgard Abraxis at the helm of Odin City.

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