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Started by knucracker, October 01, 2016, 08:54:39 PM

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This is my list of things I'm working on in the short term.  Things that will come in the next few builds. Each item will be marked when DONE, and marked with a version number when a build is made available with that feature/fix. Items may not get cleaned up and be descriptive until they are addressed. So you may see some copied text from a post, or a link to a forum post as an item - until I have a chance to address the issue and better clarify it.
Document list and accessor notation in PRPL

You can initiate a box select off the map, but not if the cursor is past the left edge.

If when I make a new ship and after I start to edit it, I resize the PF window, all progress in lost and the ship reverts to the CM only.

Whenever you pick up the CM in the ship editor then while still selecting the CM click the Hull editor, it poofs. I know cancel reverts everything but its slightly annoying when making ships all in one go.

Bring up the save/load menu mid-mission and mouse interaction with the mission still works. Some keyboard shortcuts still work (build omni, slide ship) but others don't (destroy, cancel)

Fleet presets

Play history

In Version 1.1.5
DONE: . Added extra error checking in PRPL apis that set/get particle attributes.

DONE: . Added extra checks for particles that are out of bounds.

DONE: .  Fixed null pointer exception with GetSlotFromShip

DONE (workaround):

DONE (no repro):

In Version 1.1.4
DONE: Fixed bug that made Ticon Defense Gun's not be in the "Structure" group for lathe targeting.

DONE: Fixed issue where enemy Guppies would not launch if there was no player HQ on the map.

DONE: Fixed issue with missiles being double destroyed in the same frame which could lead to exceptions.

DONE: Added key (Shift-O by default) that selects all omnis on the map.

DONE: Added error handle to mission loading to protect against null queued conversation messages.

In Version 1.1.3
DONE: Changed ship filters to be radio buttons.

DONE: Fixed a different (upper bound) issue with ship filters in the ship browser.

In Version 1.1.2
DONE: Fixed update issue when creating a new ship and the list is alphabetically sorted and there is more than 1 page of ships.

DONE: Make sure the custom and online filters don't show when viewing stock ships.

DONE: Fixed issue with online ship size filters that made the min size always be 0.

DONE: Ensure dynamically created Energy Sources have the correct object name.

DONE: Make PRPL SetUnitHasHealthBar work correctly when removing health bars.

In Version 1.1.1
DONE: Changed HQ alarm interval to 90 frames (3 seconds). Also added "hqAlarmInterval" to the gamesettings.xml file (so it can be manually edited if desired).

DONE: Fixed issue with prplcore z coordinates when exiting screen mode on the core.

In Version 1.1
DONE: Fixed handling of text for cores in screen mode.

DONE: Fixed bug in RandCoordsInRange PRPL function.

DONE: Added to PRPL SetStruc(int x, int y, bool enemy, int type, bool built); SetStrucBulk(int x, int y, bool enemy, int type, bool built, int range, bool square); bool GetStruc(int x, int y, bool enemy);bool GetStrucBuilt(int x, int y, bool enemy)

DONE: Fixed issue with Amp Gem conversations not properly applying.

In Version 1.1b4
DONE: Make port modules update range as soon as an amp gem is applied or removed to the ship, even when paused.

DONE: Improved logic for preventing moving omnis off the map.

DONE: Added MireLand2 to prpl.  Pushes 1 or 0 to stack based on whether it mired or not.

DONE: Added black backgrounds to ship preview images on the forum.

DONE: Allow cores to be set unselectable with SetUnitSelectable(false) in PRPL.

DONE: Increase HQ alarm interval from 1 second to 10 seconds.

DONE: Make SetEmitterParticleHealth be actually hooked up. If called with a non zero value it overrides the particle health created by the emitter. If set to 0, the particle type determines the particle health.

In Version 1.1b3
DONE: Fixed issue where energy store bar would remain visible after an energy pod was destroyed.

DONE: Added SetTextAlignment(string), SetTextPivotX(float), SetTextPivotY(float) to prpl.

DONE: Fixed issue with creating emergents from PRPL by removing it from CreateUnit and adding CreateEmergent(X,Y,Enemy) API instead.

DONE: Fixed issue with cannon shots being double destroyed and causing exceptions.

DONE: Added ability to edit an uploaded ship (only the owner can).

DONE: Properly handle ship editing when there are no CITG entries.

DONE: When setting a CITG on a new ship, default the designer field of the ship to the CEO of the CITG selected.

DONE: Fixed issue with a ship having two command modules in the editor after uploading a ship.

DONE: Refactored ship definition to include reference to CITG data, rather than a copy of the data.

In Version 1.1b2
DONE: Fixed issues with ship editor when applying (regression caused by recent additions).

In Version 1.1b1
DONE: Added IsOmni to PRPL. Also made sure IsEmergent didn't return true when passed the vparticle of an omni.

DONE: Make PRPL IsPaused return false when the game is paused but advanced a single step.

DONE: When PRPL SetCMBuiltAmt is called make sure the ship finishes building without requiring a final packet

DONE: Fixed exception in PRPL when calling AddCustomShipToInventory and passing in invalid ship data.

DONE: Fixed problem with emergent loading in some scenarios that could cause an exception.

DONE: Fixed problem that would cause packet loss on mission load (regression recently introduced in beta builds).

DONE: Refine meaning of "build off" on a ship. Now it only prevents building hull and modules, not the operation of already built modules.

DONE: Implemented online uploading and browsing of ships.


DONE: Red tint enemy missiles.

DONE: Added error checking on PRPL SetParticle apis. Do nothing if the UID isn't actually a particle.

DONE: Omni super stack:

DONE: Fixed case issue with screenshots directory. Would cause problems taking screenshots on OSX and linux.

DONE: Added "Designer" and "CITG" fields to a ship design (anyone can set a designer string, CITG key holder can also stamp a ship with their logo/company/CEO info).

In Version 1.0.3b2
DONE: Replaced ship info list with a mini visual representation of the ship.

DONE: Make spawner structures completely disappear when set to invisible.

DONE: Disallow characters in map names that are illegal to use in file names.

In Version 1.0.3b1
DONE: Unintentionally fixed bug that allowed auto scrolling to HQ when clicking on the HQ build button (that doesn't happen often).

DONE: Show some indicator that HQ loss is permanent.

DONE: So, I cloned a new PRPL unit that has its variables different than the original scripts default. When I use the cloned PRPL node, it behaves as per the default rather than the cloned variables. However, if I go in the unit settings and click the PRPL script that cloned in the unit, and then click apply. The cloning now works.

DONE: Range 0 mines are wonky:

DONE: Don't allow unbuilt CM modules (on custom ships) to cause mines to activate.

DONE:Enemies set to be damaged by particles will nuke omnis flying over them and take some damage. Very easy to reproduce with the turrets on story mission 9.

DONE: Fixed issue with unbuilt omnis interacting with struc.  Also removed explosion effects when unbuilt omnis interact with particles and virtual particles.

DONE: If Omni reactors is at 100% and I make 10 Omnis, when they are built and self charging, the power consumption skyrockets to 340. Not a big deal, just wanted to make this known.

DONE: Implemented popup ship over display.

DONE: Added % indicator on ship build button to show percent complete building of the hull.

DONE: Added % indicator on ship build button to show percent complete building of the command module.

DONE: Fixed exception issue when loading a game that has a dead emergent persisted.

DONE: Fixed prpl acnessor notation when assigning constants.  Was leaving data on the stack.

DONE: Added MapCellWidth and MapCellHeight to PRPL.

DONE: Limit max string size to 512 in PRPL trace output.

DONE: Prevent call stack overflow in PRPL when a list contains itself and is coerced to a string.

DONE: Fixed issue with ClearMessages PRPL call failing when not in the editor.

DONE: Make the "Reset Time" button in the editor also reset a lost HQ.

In Version 1.0.2
DONE: Fixed bug where a mission load could fail if the mission was saved on the frame packet source(s) were destroyed.

DONE: Fixed problem with some fonts disappearing at various scale settings.

DONE: Fixed problem with emitter editor not fitting in 720

DONE: Fixed problem with exchange carousel resetting to first map after submitting a rating.

DONE: Fixed issue where enemy units would count towards energy consumption calculations.

DONE: Fixed bug where benign emergent would get stuck under omnis.

DONE: Make omnis report energy usage properly when they are transitioning from packet power to omni reactor power.

DONE: Revert to Unity 5.3.6

DONE: Add a start time delay to the emitter.

DONE: Allow the health of each particle type to be specified in the editor.  Default health is 1,2,3

DONE: Add a new General setting that allows the max particles to be set for a map (0-6000 with a default of 3000 on a newly created map).

DONE: Change some defaults on emitters.

DONE: Properly persist a custom recall range on an emitter.

DONE: Fixed a few cases of fuzzy text (thanks Unity 5.4!)

DONE: Change GameSettings to use an integer to store the UIScale.

DONE: Fixed a bug with setting the locale.  Affects linux in locales that use a decimal comma rather than a decimal point.

DONE: Added a Latest Changes dialog that shows when the game is launched (can be told to not show again, until a new build is released).

DONE: Added a Mute Music toggle to advanced settings.  Prevents music from playing at all and can help improve performance on low end machines under load.

DONE: Updated CITG page to allow paging and random/vs most recent display order.

DONE: Make sure mission completion state and stats are reset when finalizing a map.

DONE: Fixed issue with ghost Command Modules (built command modules with no hull).

DONE: Remove struct editing arrows since they weren't implemented.

DONE: Fixed typo on Exit Mission button at the end of a mission.

DONE: Only return up to 100 score records from the server when filtering on a user not found in the score table (Change made live on server on Oct 14,2016).

DONE: Make sure posted map images (by autopost) limit to a width or a height based on maximum extent of the image. (Change made live on server on Oct 14,2016).

DONE: Reduce textures loaded into GPU memory on main menu.

DONE: Force the locale at the start of the game. Seems to only matter for linux. Should fix issue with tutorial and other issues not working on linux systems not set to a locale that uses a dot for the decimal character.

DONE: Double clicking in save/load menu mid mission issue:

DONE: Default save file name:

DONE: Add synchronous scene loading option.

DONE: A mine discharger doesn't know the energy mine is stunned, so it will request energy from another source.

DONE: The "Fav" check box in the details of a map does not carry over to the main list.  If I check mark the "Fav" on the main list it shows up under details.  However, if I do the reverse the same does not happen.

DONE: Lathe settings not working as expected. Made emitters have priority over enemy mines.

DONE: Add a universal unlock option.

DONE: Ensure the exchange works when there is no network connection (show cached results).

DONE: Improve the exchange carousel's memory of which panel to return to.

DONE: Properly connected Plasma settings in the editor.

DONE: Fix problem that prevented viewing the times table when clicking the "Times" button on an exchange carousel panel.

DONE: Add a red collapsing ring to indicate when emitters are in particle recall mode.

HOLD: Investigate issue with differing fonts. (Probably missing Arial on some OSX systems)

In Version 1.0.1
DONE: Changed OSX to use the new unity renderer.  Should fix the multi monitor crash issue without the need for a command line switch.
WAD, I think:
DONE: Issue with moving CM on built ship in mission editor and exception that ensures.
FIX is worse than problem: If you have enough saves, choosing "load saved mission" gives you a selection with a scroll bar. Fair enough... but if you scroll with the mouse wheel it spins the carousel, and dragging the scrollbar also drags the carousel.
DONE: Omni gets stuck on energy source:
DONE: Ship overlap with groups at edge or corner of map:
DONE: Placing the HQ right on top of the spot where it is supposed to go towards the end of the mission, creates the defeat screen instantly (As expected), but the text messages trigger, the artifact gets picked up, the "laser" detection activate, you wait 10 seconds according to the briefing and the text continues all the way to the end and keeps triggering events (Like the emergence coming out of rift space etc). Thankfully you cannot force out a victory condition this way, so this isn't listed as a [BUG], and is therefore merely for polish sake.
DONE: I'd like to join strigvir on his point. I have the same setup, and I did this with Creeper World 3 as well. Right click is bound to cancel/deselect there as well. When I terraform with terps, right clicking cancels the terraform. When I rockburn, right clicking deselects the unit instead of canceling the rock burn. So this is an inconsistency, I'd suggest the "cancel/deselect" to only cancel the rockburning area while in that mode, and not toggle the rockburning feature off.
DONE: Review all main menu panels that unlock and make sure what they say and what is required match (simulacrum has a problem for sure).
WAI: Make sure keys are trimmed and case normalized upon entry. One person said they had to type it in manually and all upper case. 
DONE: If mission failure is set for death of HQ, it will show ending conversation the same as it would during winning of mission.
PASS: Resolution of thumbnails made in exchange and simu are different.
DONE: Add setting to make conversations appear instantly.
DONE: Game compiles all files in scripts dir, not just prpl files.
DONE: Add option to not default filter a score table on the user name.
DONE: Omnis take map space while moving:
DONE: When an energy mine is stunned, a guppy can fly past it to resupply but the stunned mine resupplies it. You can reproduce this, not hard to do.
DONE: Editor module filter typo:
DONE: Switch OSX build to use openGLCore as the default renderer. This is unity's new renderer and it has to be forced on. But it fixes the multi monitor crash issue.
DONE: GrowStruc always grows red struc
DONE: Removed debug message: "Destroyed Enemy Doppel"
DONE: Corrected numbering in upload license.
DONE: Fixed problem that caused destruction explosion and game event message when placing an Omni directly onto enemy land.
DONE: Prevent an exception in GrowStruc when attempted out of the map bounds.
DONE: Added bounds checking in ShipPlan.GetModule in case things go haywire with a ship plan.
DONE: Fixed NullReferenceException at EmitterController.OnDisable () under certain situations