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It began with the Ticon, a technologically advanced super-race of humans that built powerful machines in hopes of fending off the creeper. Much like the rest they fell to the Creeper menace eventually, but left a legacy forever to be remembered by those that crossed the universe in their footsteps.

The Sleeper Menace This legacy originated in the sector Eye of Orion where they fiercely protected one of their covert military research facilities. They would tire endlessly to develop automated construction vessels that would be capable of fending off the creeper with a deadly assortment of weaponry. In order to ensure the safety and endurance of these machines the Ticon designed them to be able to construct smaller weaponry and collect energy.

These automated machines would enter into an annual planetary orbit of a single planet, where they would periodically scan the surface and perform perimeter checks. A problem arose when these machines began dropping out of communication one by one, and disappearing. It turned out that solar power was not enough to keep these massive beasts running all year long. A clever Ticon scientist devised a state the machines could enter and not be required to operate at full power and functionality: this he dubbed Sleep mode.

Sleep mode was a highly successful endeavour, and the scientist was hailed as one of the finest in Ticon civilization. Unfortunately, their success was not meant to last, for when the facility decided to recall all currently operational machines for a routine check the Creeper struck where they least expected. Waves upon waves of Creeper rained in torrents upon the hapless Ticon researchers, and with the large machines under repair, unable to function, they stood no chance.

The facility was overrun and the Creeper took its place as heir and sole survivor of the catastrophe.

Admiral Skarsgard AbraxisIt was only millenias later that it was discovered the planet still existed by Admiral Skarsgard Abraxis and his daughter Aliana. On the planet was found only a single outdated machine of such type for which a term was coined, the Sleeper. After defeating the problem Abraxis informed the Council of the existence of the weapon, and it was determined that it must have been corrupted millions of years ago by the Creeper, though the whereabouts of any others that were constructed was unknown. Pursuit of this new technology was soon underway. However, in the event termed the Great Awakening, an activation protocol was sent throughout the galaxy by the defeated Sleeper, activating the slumbering ancient powers.

Commander MitchMany colonists met their demise after encountering this new Sleeper technology, yet one able colony Director by the name of Mitch took the situation into his own hands when his colony was raided. A quick evacuation of the populace to headquarters followed while Mitch devoted all available resources to defeat the threat. After a battle lasting several days Director Mitch emerged victorious due to his military prowess. Mitch was later promoted to a Commander and bid his time to improve the state of his colony, Eridani, which later grew into an economic trade hub.

As machines of different characteristics and power the Sleepers are capable of self-reconstruction and cloning as well as gel maintenance to repair their central operational systems. It did not take long until hundreds of thousands of planets were orbited by the sleeping giants. Now it is up to Admiral Abraxis and the rest of surviving humanity to fend off this cold, calculating threat to all of their existence.

Can humanity survive this new threat? Or will they once again be made history in the cold, deadly void…

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