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This make enemies.

Seed will change position of enemies.

Enemy placement will change direction where enemies will be laced.


Emitter count change how many emitters will be here.

Min and max emitter strenght changes borders of amt of emitters.

Min and max emitter interval changes interval of waves.


Include digitalist change if will be there digitalist or not.

Bloom frequency change the intensity of digitalist sources (the circle around emitters).

Min and max bloom size changes the borders of random size of sources.

Min and max tendrils changes random count of lines from source to some location.

Min and max tendril dist changes random distnce from end of tendril to source.


Runner nests count will change count of runner nests.

Min and max runner population changes the random max pop. of runners for one runner nest.

Min and max interval changes the random delay before spawning new runner.

Min and max runner speed changes random speed of runners.

Min and max runner health changes random runner health.

Min and max payload changes random payload od runner. Can be negative.


Spore tower count changes count of spore towers.

Min and max initial delay changes the random building time.

Min and max spores count changes random count of spores that will be launched.

Min and max spore interval changes random interval beetween spore waves.

Min and max spore payload changes random payload of spore. Can be negative.


Air exlusion count changes count of AEs.

Min and max field size changes random sze of AE field.


Include inhibitor will define if will be here infibitor.

Inhibitor strenght and interval changes amt and interval of creeper.

Inhibitor anti-AoO range change range of field of anti Artifact of Odin field.

Inhibitor X and Y set his coords in percentage.

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