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Enemy Units and Structures

In Creeper World 2 there is greater variety of enemies as well as even greater increase of different enemy behavior.

Enemy Structures


Emitters in Creeper World 2 behave exactly as emitters form Creeper World 1. They emit creeper in set intervals. In Creeper World 2, emitters apart from strength and interval have another statistic, health. Health describes how many nullifier shots are needed to destroy the emitter. The default value is 1, and usually there is no point in increasing it as most of the times if player can build 1 nullifier it is possible to build as many as needed. Additionally in Creeper World 2 creeper can destroy terrain. Terrain that can be destroyed by the creeper looks this way:

from left to right: Decayable Fast, Decayable Medium, Decayable Slow.


Gateways are new type of enemy structures introduced in Creeper World 2. They can have up to 3 different functions, spawn drones, spawn phantoms and send out dig packets. Terrain that will be dug by gateways is marked by a blue x. Like emitters gateways have set health.

Enemy Units


Phantoms serve a similar purpose as spores in Creeper World 1. They target random structures and deliver a creeper payload. Phantoms pass trough terrain and are only damaged by Phantom Coils.


Drones are a new unit introduced in Creeper World 2. They are spawned by gateways, and target random player structures and move to them. Drones can only move trough tunnels, so while they are confined underground they pose no threat to the player. Drones have set health and revive damage from blasters, anti-creeper, and colliding with all player structures(they destroy the structure in the process). As of patch 0327 drones can also carry a creeper payload.

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