Images of various units?

Started by Binz, June 17, 2020, 03:16:03 AM

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I'd like to get my hands on a set of small preferrably PNG images of various units in the game (gateway, bunker, crystal, reactor, etc.) for a map idea I have. I haven't found such a set on this forum or in the game files on my hard drive. I tried screenshots from Archangel8's CW2 manual, but the outcome was too low-res for my purpose.

Is there somewhere where I could download a unit image set, or is there a method to do so that doesn't involve screenshots?

Thanks in advance!


This is the best source I know of, I hope it helps.

Edit: (Oh, I forgot to paste the link ... oops.)
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Those are the ones, cool! Thanks!
Though I seem to be missing a few still, like the various collectibles (pod, nanochips, bunker,...).

But that's okay. Meanwhile I started screenshotting the ones I need after all, as I managed to find an acceptable way of getting them from the map editor.
I discovered that my operating system has a zoom capability. So I started putting units down in the editor, then zoomed in on my screen to a 1000%, and then took the screenshots for each unit separately. It'll fit my needs.

Thanks for replying!