CW2 Map maker/editor 'install' error

Started by Jenicke123, March 31, 2020, 04:52:13 PM

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The installer for the map maker/editor WONT work. Here's an image.


I do have the same issue though... My boy wanted to play with the CW2 editor but Adobe Air is outdated, and Harman ( updates the air runtime now. Probably some incompatibility got introduced over time?

So "WRONG FORUM", as in? You didn't experience this with this CW2 editor installer?
I do... and I don't have a solution.

Does anyone else have a clue on how to solve this?


Adobe now removed the post on their forum how to resolve the issue.

I think the only solution now is to put your PC's clock back to 2017 or 2012 and attempt the install then.

Ah!  read the "Custom maps section here: