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Creeper World 4 Wiki Creeper World 4 Wiki
The unstoppable fluid enemy has returned and destroyed every world in its path! Defend against Creeper as it floods across the 3D terrain in this real time strategy game where the enemy is a fluid.

Particle Fleet Wiki Particle Fleet Wiki
Rather than discrete units for a player to fight, Particle Fleet engages the player with physics controlled amorphous blobs that create a strategic landscape unlike any other strategy title.
Players engage the particulate blobs in a highly varied simulation using partially destructible, modular, and distinctive units. Players can choose from default designs or create their own and play any mission.

Creeper World 3 Wiki Creeper World 3 Wiki
For billions of years empires rose to greatness. Each fell to the Creeper till none remained.
Now all hope appears lost. Who will stand against the Creeper? Experience this extreme and massive expansion of the Creeper World franchise. Nothing will ever be the same…
Massive maps, custom units scripting, terraforming, Gravatars? Can you handle the challenge?

Creeper World 2 Wiki Creeper World 2 Wiki
Deceptively simple… amazingly deep. Creeper World 2 thrusts you into the 14th millennium fighting and enemy that flows and oozes through the terrain. Employ advanced weapons,gravity manipulating repulsors, wormhole like rifts, and your own wit against this never yielding enemy. Excavate terrain, unearth techs, crystals, remnants and other artifacts. Face a new mechanical enemy that employs gravity manipulation against you. Join the fight to save humanity now!

Creeper World 1 Wiki Creeper World 1 Wiki
Imagine an enemy that is everywhere and moves like a giant, organic mass across the map. Imagine your base and your people surrounded by a blanket of crushing destruction from all directions. Your only hope, well what hope? Then you take the high ground and pound this enemy into oblivion. You've saved the day just so you can do it again and again. Do you have what it takes to save your great city and all of history?


Welcome! How about some Knuckle Cracker games?

Demos and Full Versions:

 • Steam (Full/Demo):
 • KC (Demo):
 • KC (Full):

 • GOG (Full):


Creeper World 3: Abraxis


Creeper World 2: Academy


Creeper World: Training Sim


Creeper World: User Space


Creeper World: Evermore


If you still have your game key(s), you can redownload the games here:

Creeper World 4:

 • FAQ: \\
 • Wiki: \\

Official Channels:

 • Website:  \\
 • Steam: \\
 • Twitter: \\
 • YouTube: \\
 • Facebook: \\


 • Wiki: \\
 • Forums: \\
 • Dev Blog: \\

Map Editors for CW1 and CW2:

Here's all you need to know about our user roles.


 • Factotum - The Knuckle Cracker Discord administration team. \\
 • Bot - Given to our trusty automatons. \\
 • Moderator - The moderation team, there to help you with any questions/trouble! \\
 • Event Mod - Members who handle server events, such as polls or competition. \\
 • Concierge - Happy to help with any questions whenever, just ping me at @Grabz! :) \\

Roles you can get by playing games:

 • Champion of KC - There are two ways to earn this role: \\
   1. Compete for the best times on various maps from KC games! See pinned messages in #competition to learn how to get started. \\
   2. Earn experience from playing maps in KC games and climb the ranks on the server! See pinned messages in #bot-commands to learn how to get started. \\
 • Master of Chronom - Users who complete the most recent Creeper World 4 Chronom maps can earn this role! See pinned messages in #competition to learn how to get started. \\

Roles you can get right now:

 • Citizen of Odin - Get it from #self_assigned_roles. Welcome to the :g_OdinCity:City of Odin! \\
 • Window Warrior, Linux Maven, Mac Master - Choose your favorite OS in #self_assigned_roles! \\
 • Preacher, Sarge, Hippie - Choose your favorite CW4 AI character in #self_assigned_roles! \\

Creeper World 4
Purchase the soundtrack:

 • On the official website: \\
 • On Steam: \\
 • On GOG: \\

Particle Fleet: Emergence
Purchase the Corporate Bonus DLC:

 • On the official website: \\
 • On Steam: \\

If you bought the DLC on the official website, the download will be e-mailed to you.
If you bought the DLC on Steam, you will find it in this folder: Steam\steamapps\common\Particle Fleet Emergence\DLC

Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal
Get the soundtrack for free here:

Creeper World 2: Redemption
The Anniversary Edition tracks are not planned for distribution at this time.
The original CW2 music is licensed and thus cannot be distributed by Knuckle Cracker. You can obtain it yourself at these places:

 • Rolling Tide:!details?id=22995217 \\
 • Pushing Forward:!details?id=22995218 \\
 • Stone Masks:!details?id=22994786 \\
 • Just Cause: \\
 • Sludge Monster: \\

Creeper World 1
The Anniversary Edition tracks are not planned for distribution at this time.
The original CW music is licensed and thus cannot be distributed by Knuckle Cracker. You can obtain it yourself at these places:

 • After the Battle:!details?id=22993754 \\
 • Blood Ritual:!details?id=22993746 \\
 • Dawn of the Apocalypse:!details?id=22995222 \\
 • Deadly Talk:!details?id=22993745 \\
 • Killing Machines:!details?id=22993742 \\
 • Ogz Theme:!details?id=22993732 \\
 • Swamp Mists:!details?id=22994785 \\
 • Take Flight:!details?id=22993720 \\
 • Arcadia: \\
 • Big Mojo: \\
 • African Afternoon: \\
 • Opera House: \\
 • Mars Attacks: unknown \\

:?: Can I use this music for projects not related to Knuckle Cracker?

 • Any questions regarding the uses of Knuckle Cracker assets should be sent to \\

Official Knuckle Cracker

 • YT:  \\
 • A special one:  \\

Right Hand Man, K75

 • YT:  \\

Game Artists

 • Finn M-K: CW3/PF music -  \\
 • @Connor Short: PF/CW4 music -  \\
 • @lumoize: CW4 art -  \\
 • @Mace: CW4 art -  \\

Special Thanks

 • @Lukahna for the awesome Discord banners used in #info.  \\

Community Channels
Want to be featured here? Add yourself!

 • Alter Old:  \\
 • @BvF7734:  \\
 • CarBar:  \\
 • @cornucanis:  \\
 • @FOXX:  \\
 • @kajacx:  \\
 • @Miksu:  \\
 • @PRG:  \\
 • @ShadeOfDead:  \\
 • @Sorrontis:  \\
 • @Strategic Sage  \\
 • @TLFP:  \\



Web APIs

Web APIs


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