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 Creeper World 4 Wiki

The eternal harvester of galactic empires has returned! Witness massive waves of Creeper flood across the 3D terrain in this real time strategy game where the enemy is a fluid. Build out your economic base with energy and mined wares. Assemble your forces and struggle against the creeper on all fronts as it floods and fills the map. Take the high ground with your forces to avoid the creeper as waves crash around your base. Increase your lines of sight and range on high ground, but beware the aerial units. And, if you last long enough, launch orbital weapons and call down devastating strikes on the enemy.

Creeper World 4 continues the iconic and well received Creeper World RTS franchise, expanding into a new dimension of strategic possibilities and threats. The galaxy once again finds itself culled and utterly in ruins. Guide a scientist and cohorts through the ultimate test of survival and restore hope to the galaxy… one world at a time. Play small maps casually, while pausing and issuing orders. Alternately, play massive maps in real-time with full save support. The choice is yours. Play the story missions, the community crafted missions, or use the built in mission generator for infinite possibilities. Use the map editor to make your own maps for fun and sharing. Create custom units, or even custom game play modes, and share those as well.


  • 3D Terrain with numerous strategic options.
  • Enhanced graphics
  • Physics-based flowing 'Creeper' enemy with wave mechanics.
  • Land, Air, and Orbital weapons.
  • Custom unit support with scripting.
  • Online map database.
  • Story/Campaign missions.

Creeper World 4 released on Steam and on Good Old Games (GOG) on December 3, 2020.

If you're not ready to commit now, you can add the game to your Steam Wishlist to be notified when the game is on sale, for instance.

You can also buy the game direct from the Developer.

If you are interested in following along, the developer, knucracker, posts infrequent videos on his YouTube channel. Some updates are shared via Twitter.

There is an active Discord community and a Steam community. The forums frequently serve as a source of information and commentaries on community contributions.

Some questions are asked more often than others, here are answers to some of those:

General Information

Coming when ready

Placeholder for Auto-Gen Maps

Coming when ready

Custom Maps

The Creeper World series flourish on the many maps made by members of the community. Making a map and sharing it with the community can be as easy as making an interesting terrain map, or it can be as complicated as inventing an entirely new play-style. In between, it is possible to use the built-in scripting language 4RPL to modify some aspect of the map, or to create entirely new player or enemy units.

If you are interested in making your own map, or perhaps even your own units, then this is the place for you to start!

Alternate Play Modes

Some map makers are keen to alter the traditional mode of play (you vs Creeper). When they develop such a scheme, they will provide some guidance for both map makers and players who are interested

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