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Custom Units

How to

* MagicaVoxel is easy to start with.

  • It's free, and doesn't take a lot of training to get going. You can watch a 5 minute video and get the gist of it. Use version 0.99.2 until 0.99.4 comes out. 0.99.3 has an export bug that will rotate the object and mess with the origin (Author has been notified).
  • When you export, export as an “obj”. CW4 will want that obj as well as the png file that goes with it. The obj is just a text file that specified the geometry of the model and the .png is the texture to place over that geometry.
  • .vox files created by MagicaVoxel can be directly imported an in many instances result in a much smaller model with fewer vertexes - this is good for performance.

* Another good voxel tool is Qubicle.

  • The full version isn't free. It was used for the prototype units in CW4.

* Anyone could also use Blender or any 3D modeler, but if you don't know how, they can be a really steep learning curve.

* A (paid) tool that is fully supported in the game (some units have been made with this tool) is the Unity AssetForge, a 3D modeling studio with pre-built “blocks” that can be assembled and exported.


The game needs both the .obj for the actual model and the texture file (usually a .png file, so make sure you have both available for import into the C-Pack editor.

The CPACK editor can also directly import the .vox files created by MagicaVoxel and this usually results in a more efficient model. If you import the .vox file, the model and texture will both be imported into the CPACK editor.

Please don't use images that you do not have the rights to use, that are the property of others, have licensing fees or require attributions. Links to repositories that are not family-safe are not welcome. The sole right of decision-making rests with Knuckle Cracker.

Note: Some of these sites require registration.

  • Some links from the MagicaVoxel website
  • Sketchfab . Some models are free, some have rights and others need to be purchased.
  • Free3D . Some models are free, some have rights and there are premium models that need to be purchased.
  • Royalty-free images:
    • Google image search -> Tools -> Usage Rights -> Labeled for reuse

Converting units/importing unit formats

Ownership rights

Anything you upload to website, or the affiliated game servers transfers a royalty-free license to knuckle Cracker LLC. for future use in any form. You retain the copyright information, but for uses on Knuckle Cracker, and on other platforms associated with Knuckle Cracker games, the license enables us to use the model, and to transfer that license to other users for similar purposes. This may include monetization on 3rd party platforms.

Whatever the ownership rights are, it should be indicated in the relevant section of the CPACK.

Units or models that you use in your map may be one of:

  • original content - covered by the statement above
  • licensed work - this is something that you purchased and obtained usage rights for. If this is not royalty-free, you cannot use it in a map you upload to the knuckle Cracker servers. If it is royalty-free, then you may upload any number of maps using it. However, the right to use the model does not transfer to other mapmakers.
  • Attribution-required licensing - you and other players may use the models in maps, In all cases the original attribution should be propagated in the CPACK.
  • other - if no attribution is required, no restrictions to use and re-use applies.

Violation of these rules may result in a copyright strike against the Knuckle Cracker website and your content will be removed if found to be in violation.

Random notes

Mapping from MagicaVoxel (MV) voxels to in-unit size.

Each in-game grid-unit (GU) or cell (sometimes used in CRPL or in game terminology) is 10 MV voxels by default.

The size of a cannon in the game is 3x3x3. So this will need 30x30x30 MV voxels.

MV limits the size of a model to 126 voxels in any direction. In MV, you can't thus build a unit larger than 12.6 cells in either unit.

For units to align perfectly, their size in the X and Z directions should be an odd number of cells.

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