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Page for common suggestions.

Please pay attention to the recommended raterid for each subsection. Only new suggestions need to take account of this. All existing suggestions should keep their numbers not to lose votes.

Let's try and keep them in groups, Feel free to create a group.

If the proposer for a particular suggestion creates the entry, then all others can add 1 to the “for” or “against” column to indicate support or disagreement. Discussion can be back on the forum. Your vote is not secret, since the edit history of the wiki will reveal who altered what column.

There are also preview images for units. Feel free to add your opinion.

Game Mechanics

raterid start at: 1000
Proposed by Votes
EM's need to send their energy to other EM's, either directly (range upgrades) or via ships with energy ouput modules. Forum post link J
(194) (195)
Ability to manage the energy used by player ships (points 5 and 6 from the post) Forum post link Pawel345
(191) (192)
Tech tree upgrade system (point nr 7) Forum post link Pawel345
(194) (188)
Experience gain as a way to make loosing ships bad. Forum post link Pawel345
(183) (200)
1. All upgrades are exp based. Forum post link Pawel345
(188) (198)
2. Ship upgrades are level based and weapon upgrades are global. Forum post link Pawel345
(200) (170)
3.All upgrades are global, experience increases the basic parameters of target ship. Forum post link Pawel345
(187) (191)
Web based tech tree / upgrade system (with tons of upgrades, requires more strategic planning) Forum post link J
(184) (189)
Tier based tech tree / upgrade system (with tons of upgrades, for easy customization) Forum post link J
(180) (192)
Terrain based tech upgrade system. Forum post link Michionlion
(162) (215)
A penalty for over-producing energy. Forum post link Karsten75
(189) (197)

Ship Construction Suggestions

raterid start at: 2000
Proposed by Votes
Custom Ship Design and sharing Cavemaniac
(198) (177)
Command node slot limits, tech progression tree (two, actually), and campaign fleet preservation ideas in the suggestion thread Michionlion
(188) (196)
The player gets a mass limit per map and how he uses it will up to them. Pickups can increase that limit. Some upgrades can lower the mass of a hull decreasing it's durability, or maybe some weapons that become lighter but will increase the energy cost of firing it. It could be made all in a CW3 Forge like building that you can place on a PZ instead of a Energy Mine. Ofc the mass would also make the ships move at different speeds and attract particles more.
in the suggestion thread
(267) (258)
Ship hulls (and default loadout) are only changed in the editor. In-game you can replace modules to better fit your style, but you can't change their location on the hull. forum link J
(194) (181)

Friendly Units

raterid start at: 3000
Proposed by Votes
Smarter turn angles so units keep their main engines on during route changes. Ideally I'd like to see indications of when the turns would be under full power. Karsten
(196) (197)
Waypoints for ship routes Karsten
(191) (185)
Mine Layer ship External Link Pawel345
(180) (186)
Plasma field maker/harvester link above Pawel345
(179) (192)
Repulsor link above Pawel345
(193) (185)
Command Ship that works like Odin city (point nr 3)Forum post link Pawel345
(270) (257)
More build options on the Power zones (point nr 4) Forum post link Pawel345
(198) (183)

Enemy Units

raterid start at: 4000
Proposed by Votes for
Enemy forts can shoot at fighter jets sent by the carriers (point nr 1) Forum post link Pawel345
(177) (198)
Enemy can build ships that target EM (point nr 2) Forum post link Pawel345
(190) (173)

User Interface

raterid start at: 5000
Proposed by Votes
Energy display Pawel345
(180) (197)
Ability to view the attraction between the ships and particles Pawel345
(196) (168)
Ship 'snap to' and select via sidebar
Feb 25, 2015: When clicking a ship in the inventory panel, pan the map to the ship AND select the ship.
(191) (181)
(mission heap selection screen) Drop the top and bottom quarters before calculating the average rating. Should give more fair ratings (like the median time does). J
(187) (171)


raterid start at: 6000
Proposed by Votes
Potential as terrain forums Pawel345
(173) (196)


raterid start at: 7000
Proposed by Votes
When drawing fields and space right click erases Pawel345
(176) (194)
Customizable Corporate HQ Foraz44
(173) (200)
In Editor, when building Terrain, please show how many upgrade points are contained in terrain Karsten75
(180) (186)
Configurable (in the Editor and via PRPL) energy per mine. Forum Karsten75
(196) (173)

Potential Steam Achievements

  • Build x energy mines
  • Build x of each class of ship
  • Pick up x of each type pickup
  • Go to Simulacrum and create a map
  • Destroy x emitters
  • Destroy x of each class of enemy ship
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