Creeper World 0572 Available

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on: August 27, 2010, 01:50:36 pm
Creeper World 0572 is now available!  Read below for the details:
Get the patch here:

New Features:
- New Maps: Chronom Missions.  Over 3.6 million new maps.  One for every day over 10,000 years.  Maps are designed to be short and relatively easy.  Play a map each day and see if you can own the high score for that day.  Or, own the high score on your birthday... or pick a famous date in history and own the high score for that day... or find a really cool map and post about it on the forums and get other people to play the map for that date.

- Odin City Packet Control. Click Odin City colored control nodes to select what types of packets can be emitted.

- Double Speed option.  Bring up the options panel while in game to access this. You can also press the up and down arrows to toggle.  Really speeds up a game... but be warned, the game timer clicks down twice as fast (so you almost certainly won't get a better score).

- Visual Rework of Custom maps page.

Bugs fixed:
- Connection passing crazonium walls (LOS bug):
- Move Odin City before game starts:
- Survival pods:
- Artifact text display:
- Blasters not targeting closest creeper:
- Map sorting:
- Resubmit high scores (for custom and chronom missions):

A special note about the Creeper Nation and Chronom Maps:
There are over 3.6 million Chronom maps, one for each day from Jan 1, 0000 to Dec 31, 9999 (leap years included).  I am very pleased to provide these as a completely free patch to Creeper World and as a "thank you" to the Creeper World community and its great supporters.  I am excited to see what kinds of maps people will find.  Can you find a map that is "impossible" to beat?  Can you find a map that can be finished in under 59 seconds?  How about one that can be completed by building two or fewer collectors?  These quests along with a common "map of the day" score competition are, I hope, exciting additions that the Creeper Nation will welcome.

The Creeper Nation is over one year old now and stronger than ever.  With this update to Creeper World and the upcoming Creeper World 2 release, I only expect the community, interest, and exposure to grow to yet higher levels.  Here's to year two of the young and thriving Creeper Nation!