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Title: Nice Job 12: The Collector
Difficulty: Hard
Author: UpperKEES
Post Date: May 27, 2010 11:32 am
Downloads: 614
During the initial phase you will have to retreat after picking up the items of your preference. Defending this position will be the hardest part and might cost you a few tries. Once established you'll be able to advance rather fast. From that moment moving to the 2nd page will be the toughest job.

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RankPlayerScoreTimeTotal Missions
1mthw2vc816313 min 30 sec1
2snowmaker (JM)779616 min 57 sec3
3sora761918 min 45 sec1
4UpperKEES755719 min 23 sec1
5laguna2008730822 min 6 sec1
6mjn730222 min 10 sec1
7Miss Melissa713824 min 3 sec1
8saca706724 min 54 sec1
9TruckerAsh699625 min 45 sec1
10Serg698125 min 56 sec1
11JM685627 min 30 sec1
12bartekltg683727 min 45 sec2
13DDUNG683627 min 46 sec1
14bingoair680928 min 7 sec1
15Buck679528 min 18 sec1
16Vexsin677328 min 35 sec1
17Mandy669529 min 37 sec1
18Norman Rorqual668529 min 45 sec5
19Richie Rich660530 min 50 sec2
20mijinco652631 min 56 sec1
21pamadapa647732 min 38 sec1
22Anonymeus642433 min 23 sec1
23pizza_steve636534 min 15 sec1
24Alex632434 min 52 sec1
25Sunda620236 min 44 sec1
26Mykul619236 min 53 sec1
27Neilos618736 min 58 sec1
28Tnosrac614337 min 40 sec1
29xarxa613537 min 47 sec1
30Tasonir611538 min 7 sec1
31hehehe609938 min 22 sec1
32Talbot601739 min 43 sec1
33xtra597040 min 30 sec1
34RockyRaccoon594640 min 54 sec1
35the Fly N Tim593241 min 8 sec1
36VDog589941 min 42 sec1
37mercan588341 min 59 sec1
38Ryleem582243 min 3 sec1
39Luke576644 min 3 sec1
40NNR_Alex575544 min 15 sec1
41blackraven1425573344 min 39 sec1
42FackAff560547 min 2 sec1
43zz550249 min 3 sec1
44TommyCogs532452 min 41 sec1
45DethbyIT501259 min 42 sec1
46Goon Squad495161 min 11 sec1
47Palsh490862 min 14 sec1
48SirDuck36462869 min 38 sec1
49splejx462669 min 42 sec1
50dmtheorist435077 min 55 sec1
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