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These documents are raw extracts from the code. Some have been formatted for inclusion in a HTML pre-processor that may be used to either create wiki documents or a HTML Help document.

Readme - Don't try this at home, it's not working as described in current builds. Here for completeness.Does describe what goes in each element of the template.

Constants - list of all Statements in the API, as well as some constants and attributes
Template - the template for how to apply markup to the various API statements

prpldocindex - high-level “grouping” document. The HTML pre-processor will look through this file and for every line in this file, include a file with that name in the output.

Current command groups.

Vars and Functions
Built in Functions
Logical Operators
Program Flow Control
Stack Manipulation
Input - empty
Everything Else - obsolete, won't apply more changes.
Everything Else2

The following page is a hack. I made it simply to highlight differences between GoodMorning's PRPLDoc compiler and mine. I know I can use Windows command “FC” or Linux “Diff”, or Total Commander, or …

prplDocCompiler compare

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