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PRPL reference

PRPL Doc Src

FIXME note: I just started this, it's still a mess. Feel free to clean up or alter.

This reference is divided into two major sections with many subsections in each of those. The purpose of this reference is to provide an index to all commands in the language, and define the input required and the output produced by each command. In many instances a short example of the use of the command is provided.

The Language API (Application Programming Interface) is related and common in many languages - these are used to control program execution and are part of the core language. The language API is almost identical to the CRPL language APIs - by reference those are included here. There are a few extensions and syntactic differences, notable for global variables (which do not exist in CRPL) and list element access (square bracket notation). Unit attribute modification has also changed format.

The rest of PRPL is contained in the Platform API and is game-specific. These govern the behavior of objects in the game.

To get started, review the CRPL overview and the programming tutorial.

There is also an alphabetic list of commands in the language. In addition, you can examine map resources from other maps and missions from the game.

Table of Contents

External references

Platform API

For now, refer to the Alphabetic List of Commands until someone classifies them

Unit Attribute Constants

Platform API

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Type Description

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