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How it works

Mverse allows for up to four players to play on the same map together cooperatively. One person must host a lobby, and share a unique code with other people so they can join.

Once a game is started, each player can only control their own units. Other players' units will be shown as colored ghosts. You can see which units belong to which player by matching the color of the ghost to the color of the player badge at the bottom of the screen.

Some units in Mverse, such as Towers, Pylons, Miners, Microrifts and Refineries are shared. This means that when a player constructs one of these units, they are available for everybody to use in their own instance of the game. This part is important - all shared units are essentially “yours”, any changes you make to them (except for Destroy, which will destroy the unit for all players) will only be made to your game. This means that, for example, if you switch the operating mode on some Miners, this won't happen for other players, so you can collect Bluite, while others are still getting energy from the same Miner. There are exceptions however, for example if one player places an ERN on a Pylon, the range extension applies to everybody.

Hosting a game

In order to host a Mverse game, you must first start any map - generate one using MarkV, open a Chronom map, launch a finalized map in the Mission Editor, or launch a map from Colonies. Then, hit Escape to go into the pause menu, and you should see a “MVerse Hosting” button, which you want to press:

Before you can press “Start Hosting”, you will be presented with a few options. If you don't know which option to choose, leave it at default “Internet”. Selecting “LAN” simply means that all players must be on the same Internet network as you for them to be able to connect. Selecting “Internet” means players will be able to connect worldwide:

The next screen is a lobby screen, this is where you get a code you can send to your friends, and where you'll wait for them to join. At the top right of the screen, hit the “Copy” button to copy the code, and send it to whoever you want to play with. There is also an option to invite players directly through Steam if they are your Steam friends in the top left corner.

Once all of your friends have joined, you can hit start and the game will begin!

Joining a game

To join another person's lobby, you must be given a match code, or be invited through Steam. Once you have a code, click the MVERSE button in the title screen. Here, you must paste the code you were given and then click Join. Make sure the code does not have trailing or leading spaces, or it might not work.

Finding a map

By convention, maps made specifically for multi-player (mverse) or that other players have found as suitable for multi-player can be tagged with the `mverse` tag. This makes it easy to add this tag filer to the Colonies page and find suitable maps.

Mverse for Map Makers

Please see Mverse.


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