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Grabz - Particle Emitters

Download Here

This CPACK adds special emitters called Particle Emitters which emit particles instead of Creeper.

Please visit the Forum Thread to learn how to use this CPACK correctly.

How to play

These emitters are just like regular emitters, except they emit particles instead of Creeper.

  • Particles flow on and with Creeper. They will slowly grow bigger until they are done, and then explode into Creeper.
  • Particles will immediately detonate if there is no Creeper under them, or if they collide with Creeper of opposite type.
  • Until a particle collides with something, it is vulnerable to Sniper fire, indicated by a blue outline. If a Sniper performs a killing shot on a particle, no Creeper will be deposited.
  • Particles will react to various Orbitals, and will be blocked by Shields.
  • Particles have a global limit (200 by default). No more can be emitted whenever this limit is reached.
  • Nullify the emitters to stop particle generation.
  • Some C particle emitters are Flip Emitters. While nullified, they will produce AC particles instead.

Reminder: Snipers deal 0.6 damage.
Having Bloom enabled is recommended for cool visuals.
Particle Emitters are Mverse compatible :)

List of Units (CMODS) in this CPACK

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