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Creeper World 3


In Creeper World 3 you play as Admiral Skarsgard Abraxis, the sole survivor of everything FIXME . In this world, civilization has been all but destroyed by the Creeper, a blanketing ooze which consumes and destroys all in its path. Billions of years after the fall of the final human empire, Abraxis awakes to this bleak reality, accompanied only by Lia, the artificial intelligence in command of his vessel. Together they travel from world to world, fending off ever-more advanced attacks by the Creeper while piecing together the mystery of the Creeper and Skarsgard's presence in this forsaken time.

Victory conditions

There are several ways victory on a map can be achieved. Usually this is determined by the map maker. It is displayed in the FIXME for the map.

The list of victory conditions are:

  • Destruction of all enemy objects
  • Destruction of Warp Inhibitor

The Power Zone

When an enemy unit is destroyed, a Power Zone (PZ) is left in its place. The power zone is (FIXME rationale).

When a structure is built on, or a unit is placed on a PZ, Special benefits accrue to that object. This is a summation of these effects:

Object Rate Range Other
Collector 3x 3x connection range to all units, 1.5x energy generation per terrain unit
Relay 2x connection range to other relays
Reactor 10x energy production
Shield 2x 2x force to hold creeper back
Ore Mine
Terp 3x 2x 1/3x energy/cell
Guppy 2x storage, 2x request rate, 3x move speed
Cannon 4x 2x 1/3x ammo/shot
Mortar 3x 2x 1/3x ammo/shot
Strafer 2x Double shot, 0.5x ammo/shot
Bomber 2x 4x AC storage, 2x move speed, 2x turning rate, double shot, 4x ammo/shot
Nullifier 2x
Sprayer 2x 2x increased ammo request rate
Sniper 2x 2x 1/3x ammo/shot
Bertha triple shot, 0.5x ammo/shot
Command Node 2x connection range to all units

Tip - The range of a Nullifier on a PZ is the same as normal Relay link. To see if a Nullifier will be able to reach it's intended target from PZ created by destroying an enemy, you can use a simple 'ruler'. Select a 'Relay' unit, click and drag from the enemy unit you intend to turn into a PZ towards it's intended target. If the relay range is greater than the distance, your Nullifier will have sufficient range.

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