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Dial Map Device

The DMD (Dial Map Device) is a map generation tool for Creeper World III. By specifying a number of parameters, the user can create a fun, playable map in almost no time at all. Beating the map confers naming rights and allows other players to find the map in an online database.

Even if the map is not named, the map generation code is available and can be shared between players so many people can play the same map.

Here is the default DMD home panel.

There are 4 main areas for customization:

Each of these deserves a separate page for a full description - some may run over several pages. :-)

Quick Start

Fortunately, you don't have to study anything to generate a map. When you open it, you will get the default map as shown in the thumbnail image in the DMD pane. Pressing Launch Mission (at the bottom of the screen) will get you to play it. You can always return to that map by pressing the Reset to Defaults button near the top of the screen.

To try out different maps, simply press the I Feel Crazy button next to the aforementioned button. Be careful, though! Once you click on it again, you can never return to a map - unless you randomly get the same map again - and the odds are small, as there are literally billions of possible map combinations.

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