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There are 5 weapon types in Creeper World, each having a designated role. The 4 basic weapons are: Blaster, Mortar, SAM and Drone. The fifth weapon Thor is a super weapon used only in the last story mission and some custom maps.

The range and damage of weapons will be measured in squares and ccc(cubic creeper cells) which means a square with 1 full layer of creeper on it.

Weapon Maximum Damage per shot Ammo usage Maximum Damage per packet
Blaster8 ccc 0.2 40
Mortar 144 ccc 3.4 42.35
Drone 200 ccc 1.6125


Blaster is the first weapon the player gets. It's main purpose is clearing large areas of shallow creeper. Blaster is one of the most versatile weapons in the game and the only one that allows to efficiently capping an emitter.

Blaster Normal Upgraded
Range 6 7
Firing speed 6 shots/sec?
Damage 8 ccc
Cost 25 packets 22 packets
Energy per shot 0.2 packets
Ammo capacity 10 packets

Blaster firing mechanics


Mortar is the second weapon the player gets. It's main purpose is destroying deep pools of creeper. A Mortar always fires on deepest creeper in range. Correct use of mortars can often mean a difference between life and death.

Mortar Normal Upgraded
Range 9 11
Firing speed 1/sec ?
Damage 144 ccc
Cost 50 packets 45 packets
Energy per shot 3.4 packets
Ammo capacity 30 packets

Mortar firing mechanics


Surface to Air Missiles only purpose is to shoot down spores. They fire homing missiles at spores in their range, even if their target is destroyed (either by another missile or having already struck the ground) the missile will immediately seek out another target if there is one on screen.

SAM Normal Upgraded
Range 9 11
Firing speed 1/sec ?
Damage 1 spore
Cost 20 packets 18 packets
Energy per shot 4 packets
Ammo capacity 8 packets


Drones are your bombers. They fuel up on ammo in the hangar, you select a target for them and they launch off to bomb the target area. Their bombs are much like mortar shells in that they cut deep into the creeper and have a wide blast radius. There's no limit to targeting, a drone can be launched from one side of the map to bomb a pool on the opposite side.

Drone Normal Upgraded
Range 9 11
Firing speed 0.9/sec ?
Damage 200ccc
Cost 50 packets 45 packets
Energy per shot 1.6 packets
Ammo capacity 24 packets

A fully armed drone can drop 15 bombs. The damage mechanics is the same as for mortars except the fact that they damage up to 50 squares for 4ccc each or 49 with 8ccc damage to the square the shell hit.


Thor is a super weapon, it doesn't need energy to operate and can fire both on creeper and on spores.

Thor Normal Upgraded
Range 12 13
Firing speed 6/sec ?
Damage 800ccc
Cost 160 packets 144 packets
Energy per shot non
Ammo capacity non
Missile range infinite
Missile firing speed3.6/sec
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