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Examine Map Resources

You can open any map in the editor to view its CRPL scripts and graphics resources. This can be a great learning tool in order to discover how another map performs some function you may wish to use or modify in your own maps, or just to discover how things work.

  1. First you need to create an empty project of your own. Map size and name does not matter.
  2. Next, delete the save.cw3 file in your project's folder (location would be the following folder in your Documents or My Documents folder: CreeperWorld3\WorldEditor\«Project Name»).
  3. Take the .cw3 file from the map you wish to inspect. This can be the downloaded .cw3 from a Colonial Space map, pulled off the forum, or even a save game file from a mission in the game you're playing. Copy this file into your project folder and rename it to save.cw3.
  4. Open the project, and all the scripts in the map will be extracted into a scripts folder in your project folder. In addition, while you have the terrain editor open, pressing the i key will cause all the custom graphics images to be saved into an extractedImages folder in your project folder.


CreeperWorld3\ColonialSpace\maps - Colonial Space downloads
CreeperWorld3\WorldEditor\<Project Name> - Your editor projects
CreeperWorld3\data\sectors\DMD - Dial Map Device maps (generated, no CRPL)
CreeperWorld3\data\sectors\internal\ - Built-in maps
	1 - Arc Eternal
	5 - Credits mission
	100 - Prospector Zone (generated, no CRPL)
	200 - Tormented Space (generated, no CRPL)
	500 - Alpha Sector
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