From a Linux user and Steam hater: thank you

Started by DoomFruit, June 08, 2023, 03:18:34 AM

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Having watched part of a Let's Play of Particle Fleet, I found myself saying "no no no, why are you doing this, do that instead, stop it" and wanted to try it my way. I didn't see the game on GOG and so assumed that it was only available on Steam (something whose existence I've despised ever since it first came about in 2003), but checked the website out of curiosity. Direct download? Cross-platform? Sounds good to me. After a little faffing around with uBlock Origin (which hid the "check this box to accept the terms and conditions" bit on the payment processor's website), I bought Particle Fleet, downloaded it and started playing.

It feels strange to say it, but it's so rare these days to find something like that. Not tied to Steam, no DRM and more than that, you went through the trouble of making a native Linux build.

So thank you. Really. Steam-hating Linux users aren't exactly a large market, but I appreciate it all the same.


hey dude, i don't often look at the forum main page but spotted this post and didn't want it to go unacknowledged.

V, the man behind KC, is a legend i agree, this series of games is awesome, the fact we can direct download and actually possess the games data is excellent...

and yes, he went to the effort of making linux and apple versions...

good chap all round i agree!

welcome to the forum community and feel free to ask questions about any of the games, even the older ones like CW2 and CW3 have maps still being made!

take it easy dude!
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