CW4 started crashing out of nowhere

Started by randomcrash100, September 20, 2022, 02:55:52 PM

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Hey there

I was playing CW4 yesterday just fine - I completed all the daily missions. After that I played some "PAC" or "LPAC" maps.

Today when trying to do the daily - Or replay any of the other dailies - My game crashes after a couple of minutes ingame.

How can I proceed to figure out what's wrong?
Thanks in advance!


First thing, did you reboot your computer? That usually solve 99% of issues. 

2nd, after that, post the log file here as an attachment.  So don't copy and paste it, select attachments and upload it. 


One of the few times where reboot actually seems to have solved my problem...

Thanks for the reply - It works now