New Map Submissions Rules

Started by knucracker, July 11, 2010, 02:32:36 PM

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I've implemented a change on the submit map page that checks to see of a score has been posted on a map before it will allow a map to be uploaded.  This means that all of the fantastic map authors (and those aspiring to be such:) ) will need to play their maps at least once and post a score.  Once that is done, the map can be submitted.

This has the advantage of providing an initial score on new maps, and initial scores tell players what to expect and improve the download rate for new maps.  Initial scores also help map approvers by removing doubt that a map can be completed.

Note that to post a score on a map, you must import the map you have created into the custom games page of CW.  Once there just play the game and at the end submit a score.  The score won't show up online until you have submitted the map and it is approved.  Once approved, your score will be the first one in the list.

Additionally, each author may only have 5 maps in the unapproved state.  This means that if you have more than 5 maps to upload, you will need to wait for some of the maps to be approved before you can upload them all.  This will help pace things so that map moderators don't get swamped all at once.  Note that only 2 maps per author per day will be approved.

Lastly, the number of maps has grown into the thousands and continues to grow.  The community response to custom maps has been extraordinary and the uniqueness of the maps has completely blown me away.  There are some excellent maps that truly show the creative potential of their authors.  I look forward to many more as experienced authors get even more experienced and new authors discover their talents.


Here is a tutorial on how to submit a score for your map. Ask questions in that thread, please.