CW3 Startup doesn't work

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on: March 06, 2021, 11:10:14 am
My CW3 isn't working, so I was told to post the output file to the forum.


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Reply #1 on: March 06, 2021, 11:52:58 am
Finally, success :)

I had a look at the file, you're crashing somewhere in Windows, I can't tell for sure where. The stack trace is missing.

It also seem that your Nvidia drivers are of the 2018 vintage, coming up for 3 years since last update?

FYI, this is what the log says your driver version is: 391.25,  ANd this is what Nvidia says about that drier version: Release Date: 2018.3.27

So steps.

1. Try to update your display/graphics drivers to a more current version.
2,  Uninstall the game and delete all the files relating to CW3 in the Steam folder.
3. Download the game again and see if anything changes.

If not, by then hopefully the dev will be around with a few more suggestions :)

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