Unethical tactics

Started by seventyeight, March 14, 2019, 11:23:52 AM

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Largely relegated to attempts at speed or to relieve boredom with a map...

Mk7's will target unbuilt/invincible ships. This can draw their fire and drain their energy.

If you're really tired of a Mk7 ship you can teleport the HQ right on top if it. (mapmakers can mitigate this with land or an energy mine underneath, though the HQ can still do a lot of damage. They can also give the HQ one life, although this can lead to a bad experience when it's sniped from across the map by accident)

An amp gem can be used to charge up omnis and then switched to something else.

The struc built around energy mines persists if the amp gem is removed while the mine is snuffed out (not super useful but it can be).

Energy packets can be deleted if they are in the way.

Manually redirecting ships can e.g. cover a lathe, or make a wide ram able to sustain significantly more damage, or keep a ship hovered over land protected (energy ports still work over land, weapons don't).

What am I missing :)


Other than the unbuilt-ship targeting (and you may want to update if you're still seeing that, I thought it was fixed), these are "advanced" rather than "unethical" tactics.

I'll add that Omnis can use a zigzag path to throw off enemy cannons' aim.
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