Evermore Hard Mode

Started by lirtosiast, November 03, 2016, 07:09:29 PM

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I've started to find most CW:Evermore maps easy, so I added constraints:

- Collectors can only be placed on low ground (2 or lower)
- Drones and reactors can only be built next to a charged totem, one drone or reactor per totem.

This severely restricts energy use, since production is limited and drones (by far the most efficient weapon) are rare.

Some maps are made impossible, but others are challenging in interesting ways: I couldn't do the Wednesday, November 2 map without building two storage, using a drone on the pool, and activating a mortar instead while the drone charged. On another map the only way I was able to advance was to build about ten blasters and rotate them to keep a distant emitter capped.

Thoughts? Which maps in the regular game are possible with the constraints?