Large-scale move of topics and even posts

Started by Karsten75, September 30, 2016, 12:06:37 AM

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With the full game now available, tomorrow 30 Sept., Virgil will make this pre-release forum read-only.

He will also create boards for Particle Fleet in similar fashion to existing boards for other games.

Soon after that I will start moving threads that require attention (bug reports, requests, etc.) out of this forum and into more appropriate forums.

I will also split topics - For instance, the Mac/Linux topic will be spit into separate Mac and Linux topics.  Other threads may similarly be affected. I apologize in advance, I've been doing a fair bit of that lately and I don't really like doing it, but exigent circumstance.  If you can't find a topic or thread you posted on, check your profile and look up your post history to find the post you made.

By and large this is now accomplished. If I have left a topic if yours here that you would like to post on, please let me know.