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Started by knucracker, September 15, 2016, 02:15:58 PM

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Sep 29, 2016: Version builds 1.0 on steam and fastspring (the rocket is on the launchpad).

Sep 28, 2016: ==============Published Version 1.0=====================
Sep 28, 2016: Fixed typos in help.
Sep 28, 2016: When resizing the window to an even size, the log message reporting the new size was being printed too early. Corrected, so it shows the actual new size.
Sep 28, 2016: Corrected wrong names in epilogue.
Sep 28, 2016: Show an animated arrow that points to the HQ button in story mission 2.
Sep 28, 2016: If game can't write to its settings directory, log a message to the game log and exit the game.
Sep 28, 2016: Codex and epilogue panels visible on new install.
Sep 28, 2016: After final mission, carousel jumps to mission 1.
Sep 28, 2016: Can't submit score at end of final mission.
Sep 28, 2016: Bertha cannons too deadly in final mission. Need adjustments.
Sep 28, 2016: Review and spellcheck final mission text.
Sep 28, 2016: Go through list of typos for remaining story missions and remaster missions.

Sep 27, 2016: ==============Published Version 0.91=====================
Sep 27, 2016: Reviewed and updated text from prologue through mission 5.
Sep 27, 2016: Fixed bug that would overwrite a prpl script if it already existed (click "create" again rather than "compile", for instance).
Sep 27, 2016: Fixed bug that allowed the omni creation key to be in effect when the mouse was over edit UI.
Sep 27, 2016: Fixed bug where emitter control text would still be shown if less than 100% and tech was removed.
Sep 27, 2016: Completed epilogue panel.
Sep 27, 2016: Completed mission 16.
Sep 27, 2016: Fixed bug in PRPL SetUnitCoords and SetUnitPixelCoords (was popping too many things from the stack)
Sep 27, 2016: Show "Not in Demo" indicator on missions in demo rather than "locked", to avoid confusion.
Sep 27, 2016: Make demo badge be a button that brings up
Sep 27, 2016: End of beta and switch to release versioning (0.9).
Sep 27, 2016: Fixed issue in demo that prevented included inception missions from running.
Sep 26, 2016: Updated game credits.
Sep 26, 2016: Added general settings that allows mission failure on HQ loss.
Sep 26, 2016: In the prpl core editor pane, show the UID for the core.
Sep 26, 2016: Completed build system and ifdefs for demo.
Sep 25, 2016: If omni reactor upgrade is at 100% efficiency, don't have the omni request packets to fill up ammo store (it still must request packets to initially build).
Sep 25, 2016: Don't create a game event when an omni is destroyed by the player.
Sep 25, 2016: Allow keyboard scroll to work when mouse is over UI elements, unless in edit mode.
Sep 25, 2016: Allow bumpscroll to work when mouse is over UI elements.
Sep 25, 2016: Fixed issue with rounding coordinates that made odd values of zoom or scroll rate produce faster left/down than right/up scrolling.
Sep 25, 2016: Changed keyboard and bump scroll ranges from 0-32 to 4-64.
Sep 25, 2016: Pause the game when entering the menu (if not already paused) and restore the pause state when closing the menu.
Sep 25, 2016: Allow the map to be panned outside of its bounds so that the edge/corners can reach the mid point of the screen.
Sep 25, 2016: Integrated final mission music.
Sep 24, 2016: Call Cancel() when clicking the Build Omni button.
Sep 24, 2016: Added buttons to add or remove an energy mine on an energy source when in edit mode.
Sep 24, 2016: Make targeting of particles, emergent, and stunners ignore totally unbuilt ships.
Sep 24, 2016: Make sure the HQ ship and enemy ships have command modules that have builtAmt set to BUILD_COST.
Sep 24, 2016: Fixed bug where prplcore would report the x scale for the y scale on an image.
Sep 24, 2016: In edit mode, paint a line of land from last click point if ctrl is held down.
Sep 24, 2016: In edit mode, allow land to be erased by holding down shift. (You're welcome).
Sep 24, 2016: Fixed issue where omnis built in space would not occupy the map after they were built and "took off". Would allow stacking of omnis in space under certain circumstances.
Sep 24, 2016: Fixed issue with dropdown controls in the editor getting 'stuck'. Would be invisible, but still there and could cause strange problems.
Sep 24, 2016: Updated from Unity5.3.6p2 to Unity5.3.6p6
Sep 24, 2016: Fixed problem that would make it difficult to click on the show enemy struc checkbox.
Sep 23, 2016: Added locking panes to everything but the story.  Auto unlock after 5, or 10 story missions (depending). There is an override button with confirmation, if the play really wants to force unlock.
Sep 23, 2016: Completed story panel 'Codex'.
Sep 23, 2016: Make emergent on omni damage be equal in both directions.
Sep 23, 2016: Updated story mission 5 to show the appropriate conversations regardless of the order the ship grabber pickups are obtained.
Sep 23, 2016: Fixed typos and made other small updates to story mission 15.
Sep 23, 2016: Updated mini help for Emitter Control to indicate it comes online slowly as the efficiency approaches 100%.
Sep 23, 2016: Make game events show scrollbar at 3 events, not 5.

Sep 22, 2016: ==============Published Beta 21=====================
Sep 22, 2016: Included story mission 15.
Sep 22, 2016: Changed virtual particle on unit damage model.  Definitely affects emergent on omni collisions.
Sep 22, 2016: Added a new game mode, COLLECT_ITEMS.  Mission victory only requires collection of  tech and caches, not destruction of all enemies.
Sep 22, 2016: Remasterd story missions 6+ to require amp gem colletion.
Sep 22, 2016: Added checkbox to ampgems in editor to toggle required collection status. Amp Gem Factory created amp gems do not require collection for mission victory
Sep 22, 2016: Prevent multiple game event messages from a destroyed energy mine.
Sep 22, 2016: Ha... preemptively fixed the map exchange ID problem on the quick load and on end of mission restart. Curse default parameters.
Sep 22, 2016: Fixed another issue where the exchange map ID wasn't passed along and the game would be saved based on mission hash. This one was when loading a save from the panel/grid load menu prior to mission launch.
Sep 22, 2016: Fixed bug where a flip emitter would maintain the lathe for whatever side it started on, after it was flipped.
Sep 22, 2016: Fix problems with exceptions if a mire spawner was moved outside of the map while the game is running.

Sep 20, 2016: ==============Published Beta 20=====================
Sep 20, 2016: Fixed big time bug where some enemy structures would not count towards goals in simulacrum missions (order of isEnemy and isGoal were backwards).
Sep 20, 2016: Hide FPS by default. Click where it used to be to toggle it on/off.  Changed to updated ever 2 seconds rather than 1.
Sep 20, 2016: Added option when painting plasma to not paint under land (that is the default now).
Sep 20, 2016: Fixed issue in particle when acquiring a ship target. Could pick the wrong ship when there were enemy and player ships on the map.
Sep 19, 2016: Fixed issue on game start where synced steam stats to local stats would not stick until after a mission had been played again.
Sep 19, 2016: Fixed issue when syncing with steam stats where game would get into a loop showing the local CEO progress achievement.
Sep 19, 2016: Fix bug where destroy button in ship control panel was actually wider than it appeared (and you could click on it by accident).
Sep 19, 2016: Rearranged buttons the bottom of the ship editor and added a confirmation dialog to the cancel button.
Sep 19, 2016: Prevent text from flashing in ship editor panel when it first comes up.
Sep 19, 2016: Fixed issue in ship editor that could make a module in the very lower left of the maximum build box turn red after placing a module some other place on the ship.
Sep 19, 2016: Don't allow ship ghosts to wrap around when attempting a group movement of ships with default parking algorithm outside of the map bounds.
Sep 19, 2016: Make mine dischargers not target stunners with the same enemy status (on the same side).

Sep 18, 2016: ==============Published Beta 19=====================
Sep 18, 2016: Officially include story mission 14.
Sep 18, 2016: Updated name of 14th story achievement on steam from TODO to "The 145th".
Sep 18, 2016: Fixed typo in the end conversation of story 14 (I can't type "director"... it always comes out "directory".  I wonder why...? :) )
Sep 18, 2016: Added a cover screen to the ship editor that doesn't allow interaction unless you select a ship or create one first.
Sep 18, 2016: Allow fractional camera orthographic sizes on directx9 (windows builds).
Sep 18, 2016: Don't draw gray hookup lines from enemy ports to green ship movement ghosts.
Sep 18, 2016: Fixed problem that would prevent a ship spawner or doppel spawner from creating a microtank ("relay" was in the dropdown, and would cause an exception when chosen).
Sep 18, 2016: Fixed issue with loading an exchange mission (while in mission) causing the mission ID to revert to GUID. Would cause subsequent saves to go to the wrong directory.
Sep 18, 2016: Don't show invisible indicator sprites for units that are set to not be visible in the thumbnail created during finalization.
Sep 18, 2016: Don't show translucent white boxes around prpl cores in the thumbnail created during finalization.
Sep 18, 2016: Persist unit width and height when either is not the default of 3.
Sep 18, 2016: Make starting window resolution on a fresh install be 1024x768 for any display > 1024 wide and 1024x720 for any display <= 1024.
Sep 18, 2016: Fixed issue with score submission on map with a title that has unicode characters (exchange map 3).
Sep 18, 2016: Fixed issue that made some save games go into the wrong directories when playing exchange missions (probably only affected exchange missions that started life as simulacrum missions).

Sep 17, 2016: ==============Published Beta 18=====================
Sep 17, 2016: Unlock the prologue achievement after watching the prologue.
Sep 17, 2016: Flunked grade school math and forgot to compensate for non square image containers when calculating exchange thumbnail width and height. Reviewed simple division, ratios, and corrected problem.
Sep 17, 2016: Fixed a race condition in the checkboxes on the controls menu panel.
Sep 17, 2016: Renamed ship control panel button from "Build Hull" to "Build".  Now controls, hull, modules, and command module construction.
Sep 17, 2016: Properly clean up the discharge gun on a mine when the mine is destroyed.
Sep 17, 2016: Make the IQ combobox in the ship and doppel editor pane be taller so the 'patrol' option shows without having to scroll.
Sep 17, 2016: Hide any patrol lines and token on ship/doppel spawners when finalizing and taking the thumbnail screenshot.

Sep 16, 2016: ==============Published Beta 17=====================
Sep 16, 2016: Raised energy consumption of shield from 1 pps to 15 pps.
Sep 16, 2016: Decreased amp gem bonus to shield from 100% to 20%.
Sep 16, 2016: Don't show fields in the thumbnail image generated during map finalization.
Sep 16, 2016: Only allow drag selection of ships and omnis.
Sep 16, 2016: Fixed another low level discrepancy between a unit marked as enemy (or not) and marked as isGoal (or not). They are not related in some cases and related in others.
Sep 16, 2016: Make the graphics settings resolutions scroll faster when using the scroll wheel.
Sep 16, 2016: Make the "Details" button on Exchange panels be gray, green, or yellow depending on the play status of the mission.
Sep 16, 2016: Remember the page or the carousel panel in the exchange so it can be returned to when exiting a mission.
Sep 16, 2016: Convert any files in the missioninventory directory to .dat files on game start. (Only in Beta 17)
Sep 16, 2016: Convert any .spf1 files in the ship directory to .dat files on game start. (Only in Beta 17)
Sep 16, 2016: Don't show the exchange map rating widget unless the map has been downloaded and played.
Sep 15, 2016: Lock the orthographic size of the main camera to an even integer.  Solves the graphical line glitch problem about 90% of the way on my linux test system. It is still there at various zooms, but much less in my testing.
Sep 15, 2016: Fixed two typos in the opening conversation of story mission 12.
Sep 15, 2016: Removed press preview note, 1337 note, and green finger.
Sep 15, 2016: If particle is owned by a doppel (part of its body), then the teleport command on a particle does nothing.
Sep 15, 2016: Add an attribute to particles so they can be tagged as doppel owned.
Sep 15, 2016: Changed custom ship files to end in .dat extension rather than .spf1. Anyone with custom ships that wants to keep them will need to rename "ship_*.spf1" files to "ship_*.dat" files in the next build.  Did this for easier steam cloud support.
Sep 15, 2016: Updated minimum ship drag distance from 8 to 16.  Must move mouse further before ship ghost will start pointing to the mouse.
Sep 15, 2016: Removed particle destruction sound when the particle dies because of age or distance.
Sep 15, 2016: Increase build rate of defensive struc by 500%.
Sep 15, 2016: Make the build omni button work on mouse down rather than mouse click.
Sep 15, 2016: Prevent building an energy mine when space is occupied by an omni.
Sep 15, 2016: Don't auto advance the inception carousel after completing and exiting a mission.
Sep 15, 2016: Decreased victory music volume.
Sep 15, 2016: Moved achievement badge to center bottom of screen.
Sep 14, 2016: Make it so rock burner can't burn any land that has a unit on it that occupies the map.
Sep 14, 2016: Make it so the InfectLand call won't do anything if the cell doesn't contain land (fixes mire spawner or anything that tries to make mire in space).
Sep 14, 2016: Make all of the "missioninventory" files so that save with a .dat file extension.  Necessary for the way I have steam cloud setup.
Sep 14, 2016: Make the main game scene load asynchronously, and update the text on the loading screen.  That should complete the async loading of the heavy scenes and decrease the potential for people to think the game has locked.
Sep 14, 2016: Added cpu and os fields to osx and linux configs on steam.  Just recommendations and I put very generic stuff.
Sep 14, 2016: Turned on steam cloud stuff. 
Sep 14, 2016: Change ship build button to use pointer down rather than pointer click events.
Sep 14, 2016: Updated a slew of units to prevent multiple calls to DestroyUnit. Could cause multi-explosions, or multi-gameevents to be logged. Hope this didn't break everything on a massive scale.
Sep 14, 2016: Fixed issue where a ship with a shield would throw exceptions if hit by a stunner (MAX_AMMO went to 0 which caused a division problem when determining the scale of the shield indicator).
Sep 12, 2016: Added an asynchronous loading scene for the main menu. Shows on game start or whenever returning to the main menu. Will try this out to see how it feels.
Sep 12, 2016: When editing a prpl core, highlight the selected script that is having its input vars edited.
Sep 12, 2016: When cloning a prpl core, copy over any set input vars.
Sep 12, 2016: Added a way to set the  range and rate on an energy source created and unit destruction. Rearranged and crammed it into the existing common unit settings control.
Sep 11, 2016: Internally Published beta 16.
Sep 11, 2016: Updated the non-pulse-cannons in story mission 9 to have a lathe damage amount 100x greater than normal. Normal amount is 1/500 per frame. They need 100/500 per frame since their health is 100.  Their health is 100 so that it takes a lot of particles to damage them.
Sep 11, 2016: Added to PRPL, SetUnitLatheDamageAmt.
Sep 11, 2016: Totally reworked ship parking algorithm for maintaining original locations.
Sep 11, 2016: E = E+H, G=H, H =0. Cave will understand....
Sep 11, 2016: In prpl, setunithealth, energy, maxhealth, and maxEnergy are not allowed to be negative. For SetUnitHealth destroy unit with health is 0 if destroyUnitOnZeroHealth is set.
Sep 11, 2016: Change lathes so that they do a fixed amount of damage to a prplcore per frame.  Previously they were destroying them in a fixed TIME, not at a fixed rate.  So the health of the core didn't matter.
Sep 11, 2016: Fixed issue with finalized and mission start screenshots using an old function that wasn't as up to date as the actual screenshot function.