SSD performance over time

Started by Karsten75, February 17, 2016, 08:32:06 AM

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I was reading about the new, budget-oriented Samsung 750 SSDs. In the article the authors mentioned issues with the 840 Evo series that were fixed by a series of firmware fixes. SO for grins and giggles I looked at the Samsung stats for my 840 Evo that I installed in June/July of 2013.

The Samsung Magician program  told me that over that time I've written nearly 5TB to the drive - I've been careful, making sure that a lot of random stuff goes to my HDD and not to the SSD.

It also remembered the performance benchmark I ran way back then:

I decided to ran a new benchmark:

Of note is that the drive's performance took a significant hit in serial performance - but that somehoe, back then, that drive was faster than the "up to" numbers of the benchmark stated.

Random performance remained roughly the same. I guess I have a few good years left in that SSD. :)


About SSD lifetime, there is an oxide layer over each transistor that holds electrons above it to store data. Over use of the storage units will get electrons stuck in the oxide layer and damage it. That is why the the amount of writes to a single unit are limited. While Hard Disk Drives usually either suffer mechanical issues or disk surface scratches, ssds, have this issue with their data units. Try to get the better somewhat more costly 3D V NAND technology SSD since they made the oxide layer stronger on those and their price is not that bad considering 1TB and 2TB versions of the Samsung 850 EVO 3D V NAND are available.