Is it normal , that spore can go inside wall or crazonium wall?

Started by Builder17, December 06, 2015, 10:14:45 AM

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I was playing my own custom map and spore landed into crazonium wall.
This image under does not show my mouse position but it's inside crazonium wall.


Spores target anyhting within a range of a few tiles from any unit, that includes walls. It has even been used intentionally on a map called tower defense (or something like that) to distract mortar fire.

edit: here's that map:


I assume the spore was coming from the bottom left of the map and hit the first crazonium wall from the bottom up on the left hand side (where there's a storage and an uncollected patch of land)?

And I assume the issue is that the spore "failed" (i.e. did not release its goo)? I think I've seen quite a few "failed spores", not only when hitting crazonium... perhaps also when hitting the edge of a block... map looks good though, when are you going to release?

edit: wow J, thanks - very interesting (and fun) map! It appears crazonium absorbs creeper (which mortars detect, but blasters (no LoS) do not).... _and_ that mortars (presumably also drones/mines) can "clean" creeper infested crazonium (not that it's going to go anywhere) given enough time....