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Rated 3.02/5 (41 Votes)
Title: Tower Defence
Difficulty: Easy
Author: deathsandwich
Post Date: March 10, 2010 1:50 pm
Downloads: 610
You are the king of your castle but the creeper has come to claim it. Push it back off your land for victory! This map doesn't offer many techs so use the weapons given to you carefully.

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RankPlayerScoreTimeTotal Missions
1Saca833112 min 1 sec2
2Bort826312 min 36 sec1
3snowmaker (JM)820613 min 7 sec1
4LeTruc802714 min 44 sec1
5chexmixtoon777217 min 12 sec1
6Mimoune757119 min 14 sec1
7Mastro754419 min 32 sec1
8John753619 min 37 sec1
9cvtfwlbt752019 min 47 sec1
10mijinco747320 min 17 sec1
11nom nom742020 min 51 sec1
12http://www.yout735121 min 37 sec2
13AnonymEus734721 min 39 sec1
14Hiredgun733521 min 47 sec1
15Jason726222 min 37 sec1
16MRT721023 min 13 sec1
17Mr.Grumpy717023 min 40 sec1
18DDUNG715123 min 54 sec1
19Cap'n Trey712324 min 14 sec1
20Eatmecack705025 min 6 sec1
21roccologic697825 min 59 sec1
22Mladen691926 min 43 sec1
23deathsandwich690326 min 55 sec1
24b33688227 min 11 sec1
25steve679528 min 18 sec1
26Ziggaro673929 min 2 sec1
27Anonymous669029 min 41 sec2
28Toro667629 min 52 sec1
29Karsten75666530 min 1 sec1
30Anton665030 min 13 sec1
31Allan661530 min 42 sec1
32harvey647532 min 39 sec1
33KGC644933 min 2 sec2
34raspeh642433 min 23 sec1
35TT636234 min 18 sec1
36xyz1635534 min 24 sec1
37Luke613137 min 51 sec1
38edgeopnjk611838 min 4 sec1
39freeman2206608538 min 36 sec1
40me607938 min 42 sec1
41Kees602639 min 34 sec1
42SlawDawg598140 min 19 sec1
43nomistic595440 min 46 sec1
44peter593941 min 1 sec1
45Soda Master592541 min 15 sec1
46Stealth747589941 min 42 sec1
47Skotty589341 min 48 sec1
48ejona573744 min 35 sec1
49fitz558347 min 28 sec1
50Lord Taylor III547449 min 36 sec1
51groia541550 min 48 sec1
52Daddy538051 min 31 sec1
53[K9] Hangdog536251 min 53 sec1
54cquante531352 min 55 sec1
55Crush467368 min 23 sec1
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