Synchronize CW: Chronom and CW:Evermore maps

Started by WiseSage, October 01, 2012, 02:48:37 PM

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Hello. I've played CW:E for about an year before I purchased the game, and nothing made me so happy as Chronom. I have nostalgy for some maps, the first one especially. You know. But I couldn't find it no matter how I tried, and then... the drama: it appeared that Chronom and CWE "daily missions" are different.

May I hope they will be synchronized by the time?

By the way, thank KnuckleKracker for the brilliant game. I never enjoyed so much since 1995.


The difference is deliberate, and I believe that they should remain so, for several reasons:

1. The RNG used to make the maps is seeded with different values, so all maps would change if they were synchronized.

2. Preservation of Chronom/Evermore high score tables. Change one to match the other, and one table is rendered entirely invalid.

3. Working on this would take Virgil away from his work on CW3.


I agree, Chronom is really difficult to sit through with consecutive maps for me, but Evermore is really fun.
Maybe because a new map is generated every day?


They both uses the same code to create maps I think... But do you mean making Chronom in Evermore so you have 999999999 missions there?


The point of separate generators is to give people a reason to buy the game.  This is also about two games too late.
We have become the creeper...