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Started by Grauniad, March 16, 2012, 11:37:47 AM

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We welcome all comments that are professional and courteous in nature and are focused on the map and elements of game play within the map. Comments need be respectful of the map author; other players; and members of this forum.

Derogatory or insulting comments directed at a person are not welcome and posters making such attacks on others are subject to moderator actions ranging from post deletion to a permanent ban, depending on the seriousness of the act and the frequency of such acts.

When responding to a comment, bear in mind that there is no requirement for reviewers to post positive comments only. Negative reviews of a map; expressing dissatisfaction with an element of the map or game play; are welcome, as long as this is done professionally and courteously, without insulting the map maker or other players. Negative comments that focus on constructive criticism can help map makers improve future maps and can be of a benefit to all in the community.

Map makers should expect criticism and some negative comments when making a map - not all players will like all types of maps, and regardless of what opening comments you post, players may still attempt to play a map and be dissatisfied. When the comments contain constructive advice, it may be useful to see if the same advice is repeated by more than one player or over multiple maps, thus allowing you to form an opinion of maps that are generally liked by the community.

Map makers should also expect that the playing community will explore maps and attempt alternate solutions and strategies - this is part of the game. If players do not follow your mandate, that is their option. Complaints and insults at players doing so are not welcome.

Regardless of the above, all comments are the opinions of the original author and neither Knuckle Cracker, LLC or any of its employees bear any responsibility or endorse or support in any way such opinions as expressed here.
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