This game is too expensive for a 'B' game.

Started by Watsong, August 11, 2009, 08:18:18 AM

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For a price of 13.95 GBP with the 15% VAT added on, this game is simply too expensive.

Consider the following AAA commercial titles:

Dawn of War 2: 17.50 GBP
Command and Conquer Red Alert 3: 7.99 GBP
Fallout 3: 14.99 GBP

All are available from with free delivery.

Your 'flash' game does not compare, yet is priced within the AAA game title range.

Please consider a reasonable price reduction.


First, let me say I hate taxes too.  One of the Special Ops missions in Creeper World is even called "Super Tax-Man"... a tongue in cheek poke at the new taxes we have here in NC...

Now as for the "B" status of the game.  Let me beg to differ and classify it instead as an "Indie" title.  It should come as no surprise to anyone that Creeper World is not produced by a large studio/publisher.  It is not a formula game designed with current trend based sales in mind.

So some people look at this and don't like it.  Fair enough, I respect that.  Others see in Indie titles something edgy and different that you so very often don't see in large publisher titles.  I respectfully contend that Creeper World contributes its fair share in the best intentions of Indie titles.

Comparisons to other games (even games from months ago or last year) is fair game.  But let me also ask you to consider the price to hours of entertainment Indie titles offer compared to other things that many people spend money on such as cinemas, coffee shops, pay per views, cable/sat TV channels.

Lastly,  Indie developers don't have any real economy of scale like large publishers do.  They do their own hosting (with $$$ for bandwidth), marketing, and development... often for just one or a few titles.  Their efforts are often labors of love and something that many small developers do with little financial justification.

Now none of this makes an difference to anyone just looking for a game fix as cheaply as possible.  I get that, and I say go forth and game.  But for those looking to support independent and oddball ideas expressed in game form, I say there are places like Knuckle Cracker that have something "else" you just might want to consider....

Founder, Chief Game Designer
Knuckle Cracker


I understand you point, Sir, but it's still too expensive. I loved the demo and wanted to buy it, and I will do so as soon as the price will be set appropriately. If you recalculate the price, more people will most likely buy it.  ;)


Well, ultimately, I bought the game anyway. But primarily because I play so many computer games and was starved for something new. I still believe the price is too expensive. I have heard the old Pizza and Cinema argument before. Journalists like to write about that one too. Try some of the top games on . Some of their flash games provide hours of free enjoyment.

I'd pay you 7.50 for your game. 10 pounds at a push. After tax. I find that your game lacks depth. The same strategy works for every map. The air strikes are too weak to impact real variety in to a map. The creep is the same as water from a tap. It doesn't feel innovative. The game could be renamed 'Water World'. "God is sending the second great flood upon the earth. Use our advanced laser technology to evaporate the water and hold back the tide!"

I referred to your game as a 'B' game, since it is a low budget title. Like a low budget movie. Maybe you will come up with the next Blair Witch equivalent and get yourself a publishing deal? Like that 'Starships Unlimited' game.

To help spread the word about your game, how about contacting and asking for an advertising exchange with Cliffski? He made the excellent Democracy games and is currently working on the beta of 'Gratuitous Space Battles'.


Quote from: Watsong on September 05, 2009, 12:13:20 PM
Well, ultimately, I bought the game anyway.


I'd pay you 7.50 for your game. 10 pounds at a push. After tax. I find that your game lacks depth. The same strategy works for every map.

So you're saying you'd pay only 10 pounds but you bought the game anyway?  Sounds like it is priced just right.

The game lacks depth?  The same strategy works for every map?  I don't see a Watsong on any of the high score lists....


Firstly the "AAA" game titles mentioned there have been out for months. When first released they were each more than double the cost of Creeper World so this isn't a fair comparison.

Secondly the Cinema ticket/film purchase arguments have been thrown about by reviews (well, not me personally) a fair bit but that's because it's a fair comparison and argument.

There are many good flash games out there yes, but perhaps you've not noticed those flashy horrible things on the side of the pages that are telling you that you're the 1 millionth visitor and should click there? For some that's a higher price to pay.


No, no, I am stating that I do not believe the game is worth 14 pounds. That I ultimately decided to buy the game is not related to this belief.

No, I don't have advertisements on the screen when I play online, free, flash games. I tunnel through the page sources and play them directly in full screen. Most can be saved to my computer also. I have a small collection of my favourites.

For example, Elements The Game at:

Don't want adverts? Try:

It's free games like this that Creeper World is competing with. Java games, encapsulated in an Adobe Shockwave Flash container.

Lastly, the same strategy does work on every map. This has no relevance to the high score table.


Sites like this probably don't need you taking time out of your schedule to talk about 4 pounds being excessive.  I'm just sayin'.  Independent devs like feedback I'm sure, but good games like this don't deserve to have people chased away because you think it is a few pounds too expensive.  Everybody can make up their own mind I'm sure.

As for the same strat on every map.... if you are content with just getting through the map, you can use a similar strategy on most maps.  But you won't get the high scores if you do this.  Of course this is true for many other games as well.  The special ops maps (like chopraider) do not fall into the catagory of "sam strat" for sure.  The number of spores is crazy in that map.

In summary, everybody is definitely entitled to their own opinion.  Mine is that the game is well worth it.... and then some.

Now maybe we can end this thread?


Yeah, we've probably discussed this topic enough.