Started by WreeperCorld, May 15, 2011, 10:53:44 AM

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Installing CW2 works perfectly the same way as installing CW1,  no problems for linux users.
The old CW1 installation guides are here:

I use Kubuntu 10.10 and CW runs native on my system, no WINE needed (ecxept if you have troubles with the Adobe Air installation).

In a nutshell:
-You need Adobe Air. This one runs very smoothly on linux systems, for a change ;-)
The official website auto-detects your OS and will offer you the linux version.
If you have any installation trouble, switch to the windows version and install this using WINE. Both ways work for me.
-You need to open the CW2 exe installer file with an archive manager (in my case, ARK).
If it does not auto-detect the format, simply choose .zip from the list, no 7zip or bzip or whatever.
-Inside, you will find an .air file. You just copy this to your desktop, click and let adobe air do the job.

YAY CW2 is installed and running on my system now!


I'm glad it all worked out for you! Thanks for posting your findings. Also good to know CW2 can be played on almost any platform. :)

See you in chat next time....
My CW1 maps: downloads - overview
My CW2 maps: downloads - overview


Cheerio :)
I played a couple of missions and I can add that CWII runs smoothly on my system, and I have limited resources.
No glitches or slowing down so far, good job!


Glad to hear it runs well on linux.  AIR has come a ways in stability on linux over the last year.


hi there,

first of all i want to thank virgilw for cw1+2, time at work has never been so much fun  ;) . I can also confirm cw2 is running fine on linux and wanted to add some ubuntu-specifics to the first post, as installing with wine 1.2 did not work for me (Ubuntu Maverick). As I am more of a 'use the shell'-dude, this manual is more shell-specific but works as well as WreeperWorlds guide.

Install CW2 on Ubuntu (Lucid/Maverick/Natty)

First download the M$ Windblows version of CW2, then open a console (konsole, gterm, xterm, etc.)

Ubuntu provides a Adobe AIR 2.6 package in the 'partner' repository, add this in your '/etc/apt/sources.list' and replace <release> with your Ubuntu release:
deb <release> partner
deb-src <release> partner

Now update your package list. 'aptitude'-users replace 'apt-get' with 'aptitude'.
apt-get update

Now we can install the packages.  Note: I also install 'unzip', we will need it in the next step to extract the CW2 application package
apt-get install adobeair unzip

64bit users at least need to install the following packages, possibly others too (i have no 64bit system to test this at the moment):  (thx to krazykit)
apt-get install ia32-libs ia32libs-gtk lib32asound2

Next we extract the CW2 Adobe AIR package. Switch to the directory where the CW2 Installer is located (normally this will be '~/Downloads') and run:
unzip CreeperWorld2-0212.exe CreeperWorld2-0212.air -d /tmp

Now we have extracted the CW2 Adobe AIR package to the directory '/tmp'. Next we start the Adobe AIR Installer, point it to the package and it will install CW2 for us. Note: needs to be run as root, if installed as normal user it does not finish correctly.
sudo /opt/Adobe\ AIR/Versions/1.0/Adobe\ AIR\ Application\ Installer

A dialog will pop up, asking which package to install. Just point it to '/tmp/CreeperWorld2-0212.air'. the installer will take you through some steps and by default will install to /opt/KnuckleCracker/. After the installation finished we need to chown the directory to your user
chown -R <user>:<group> /opt/KnuckleCracker

Finally we can start CW2 (now running as normal user, not root)
/opt/KnuckleCracker/Creeper\ World\ 2/bin/Creeper\ World\ 2

Just create a desktop shortcut with this path and you don't have to type it every time you want to play. Icons to beautify the shortcut are located in /opt/KnuckleCracker/Creeper\ World\ 2/share/icons/.

greez and good luck besting the blue soup,


Yeah born2chill, I'm only just getting started with Linux. The last time I used commands was on my dad's 386 (and probably some DOS stuff later when it was still possible) :-) I do enjoy finding out new stuff though and solving the little riddles (Installing CW1 took me a week back when I got it, because of a tiny little mistake I kept making..).


On 64-bit systems, you'll need to install the 32-bit libraries for Adobe Air. On Debian (and probably Ubuntu), you'll want ia32-libs, ia32libs-gtk, lib32asound2, and possibly others. If you run from the console, you'll see complaints about GTK being the wrong ELF class, but it doesn't seem to cause any issues.


I did this easily without reading this on Ubuntu 11.04 x64.  Just installed Air x32 windows version inside wine, and then copied the CW files from windows :P


Newer versions of Creeper World based on Adobe AIR SDK 2.7 will not install on Linux using the instructions by born2chill, because Adobe does not support AIR versions after 2.6 on desktop Linux.

I have also not succeeded in installing the current version of CW2 under Wine using wine 1.0.1-3.1 (Debian Squeeze), 1.3.28-0.5 (wine-unstable on Debian Squeeze), or 1.1.42-0ubuntu4 (Ubuntu 10.04).

I enjoyed my playthrough of CW2 version 0212, but I'm disappointed that I can't play a newer version with features like custom and code-word maps :(


The last version I found that works with Adobe Air 2.6 is the 0244, you can get it here :


saw this and breathed a sigh of relief. so many games I used to play on windows don't work on ubuntu, even with wine ;m; air downloaded fine and runs with no problems. gonna buy CW 1 & 2 and start playing now.