Frame rate for the game? aka graphics rendering

Started by Karsten75, September 12, 2010, 11:52:03 AM

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The human's eyes only processes a max of like 23.7fps-ish. That's why movies are 23FPS. However, Ultra-High Def is like 2000FPS, which is massively high quality :P


As said again, i can experience pure 30fps laaging, and i can see the flicker of a flourescent tube.. which is around 40-50.

Ultra high def is not 2000fps, as that would be a waste, its just higher bitrate :P
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Quote from: UpperKEES on October 20, 2010, 04:27:22 PM
After trying to determine a few of these prime numbers I found:

- blasters fire every 7 frames (pretty sure about this one)
- mortars fire every 103 frames (could also be 101 or 107)

Is that correct?

How do you solve the +15% firing rate upgrade? Can they still be prime numbers?

Lets see....
Unless I'm reading my code incorrectly (wouldn't be the first time) Blasters look like they might indeed fire every 7 frames.  The 15% upgrade isn't really exactly 15%.... It actually just makes a blaster fire every 6 frames rather than 7.  Mortars look like they might be 105 (not prime).


Great, thanks. :)

Now we can use this for the exact firing rate data, see here.
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