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one thing i noticed, when i upgraded my chip, and it made the bomb pool in my base larger, it got harder to increase the AC amount, more like,

edit. definitely noticed it now, when it got to 550depth, the pool lowered to 450 on its own, without having a leak
Emitter go broom broom
This topic is for discussion of map #9547: Cursor-19 witches

Author: TrickyCorp
Size: 160x80

Burn the witches! But not these ones, as they are willing to help you... sometimes.
Farsite Colonies / Re: Custom Map #1770: PAC - Tutorial v1. By: Shatterstep
« Last post by CS Z on Today at 10:23:40 am »
Well I've attempted this twice.  Nope.  I just don't get it.  Was hoping to actually learn something but it doesn't make sense to me and I just got overwhelmed by AC in just 10 minutes.
Making Maps, Units, and Scripts / Re: Nullifier Questions
« Last post by Karsten75 on Today at 09:59:19 am »
Most map making activity nowadays are in the Discord, you are likely to get a more responsive answer to your questions if you ask there. THe game has a link to the Discord, and at the top of the forum there is also a link "Chat".

As for nullifier overload, it has to be enabled in the game settings tab.
Please just please stop churning these maps out put some more time and effort in these maps rather then just slapping everything on it
You're not forced to play these maps, but I suppose you got a point. I myself try to do something as good as I can the first time, making some kind of balance and having something planned beforehand. Then again, people play these maps...

Having no way to downvote a map means the map creators have a hard time figuring out if their maps are good or bad, so that might also be a cause.

It could also be that this person is only creating maps for themselves to play, and don't care if others like it. Seeing how they seem to do quantity over gameplay/balancing, I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case.
Please just please stop churning these maps out put some more time and effort in these maps rather then just slapping everything on it
What do you people think of the Flippers? Should I call them converters instead? Are they a fun addition?

And more importantly, what did you think of this cursor map? Has been a while so I might have to learn how to do this again.

And now, for the most important question of all: what did you people think of the banana?
This topic is for discussion of map #9546: Cursor-18 flipper

Author: TrickyCorp
Size: 128x84

It has been a while since the last CW3 cursor map... and during that time, a new structure has arrived. It's called the Flipper, and it does exactly what you would expect. Feel free to improve my cursor maps or make your own. I will probably not always have time to create CW3 cursor maps, so if someone else does it for me it would be appreciated :P