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Started by Mr.H, May 04, 2012, 12:51:48 AM

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First off, I again second the organic motion by Lurkily. The creeper are too much like a fluid-simplistic version of the Starcraft Zerg.

Second: Yet again, Chawe800, you mistake me for Lurkily. Even if it was me who was "shooting down" your ideas as you thought, it was a way of saying that initially, the idea was rather abstract from what has seemed normal to the rest of us.

Besides, the drones of 2 were inventions of the Styglek, not the creeper itself. While the Styglek may have been the ones corrupted by the Creeper, the Styglek made the designs. The creeper alone are all-organic. In fact, unless the phantoms were sentient storms that lasted much longer than they did, I did not see much organic-like potential in them.

Finally,Chawe800, falsly accuse me of anything else ever again (as this is the second instance in a short amount of time) and I anticipate things between us will not be pretty. As I have basically said to teleknotis is the personal messages, I loathe false accusations, espescially when I am the one who is falsely accused. You are not being threatened; you are being warned for the first and last time.  >:(


Quote from: 4xC on October 31, 2012, 08:05:52 PM
... from what has seemed normal to the rest of us.
The rest of us would like to form our own opinion, thanks. In the future, it'd be appreciated from my (and probably most others') side if you were a bit more thoughtful in your replies.

Now, back to suggestions for CW3 already!
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Here's a thought for people to consider: Where does it say that the Creeper is organic? To the best of my knowledge, there is very little information about just what it is. So, while it could be organic, what's to say that it isn't an ooze full of nanomachines designed to disassemble technology? Or could be a really nasty acid mixture.

EDIT: Okay, the blurb at the top of the Creeper World 1 page says 'Imagine an enemy that is everywhere and moves like a giant, organic mass across the map.' However, it says 'like', so it could be the case that the Creeper is not organic.


Quote from: Lord_Farin on November 01, 2012, 05:07:39 AM
The rest of us would like to form our own opinion, thanks. In the future, it'd be appreciated from my (and probably most others') side if you were a bit more thoughtful in your replies.

How exactly was that not thoughtful? I'm a little offended by that. I tried to put everything in perspective for other typical posters and players as well as myself when I said that. I assumed it was normal to others as well because I did not notice any specification otherwise, so I tried to reply with an attempt to put things in perspective for everyone. Unfortunately, as someone diagnosed with autism, I generally suck at it.

Anyways, I guess the creeper is closer to organic than mechanical in this case because even though it is "like" an organic mass, small connections like that could make all the difference. Maybe it is neither organic nor mechanical, but all things considered, I still think it is closer to being organic than mechanical.


As for myself, I'm going to stick with the 'really nasty acid' hypothesis. Neither organic nor mechanical, yet still flows. ;)

(Though in truth it has properties that make it questionable that it is either an organic mass or a fluid as we know it. For one thing, it lacks any observable surface tension, and for a second it is extremely compressible, as CW2 demonstrates. However, further discussion on this should take place in a new thread.)


Quote from: Nemoricus on November 01, 2012, 06:16:19 AMHere's a thought for people to consider: Where does it say that the Creeper is organic?
I never said creeper was organic.  In fact, the creeper is more like a rising tide than an actual entity.

I just meant to say that the behavior and threat represented should feel more organic, not that the enemy itself should actually be an organism.


Perhaps the word you were looking for is 'natural', as in 'like nature'?


Now wait a minute!

According to CW1, the creeper is a degenerate from of Loki who were supposedly organiclife forms that were corrupted by the dark reality. Would this count towards whether the creeper is either organic, mechanical, or acidic?

And why should the enemy not be an organism? I recall an early episode of the second season of Stargate Universe where a dispersable organism is taking over a planet and some form or part of it infected one of the characters and caused him to hallucinate for most of the episode. The organism has practically infested the whole planet and grew into large, towering plant monsters and made the area unrecognizable.

The point is organisms can take over and infest planets and people like the creeper can spread on a whole planet and kill everyone in its way.


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Quote from: Yelik on August 21, 2012, 01:32:06 PM
Slow Zone, everything (building attack rate, plane flight speed, creeper flow rate, is slower in an area the map maker can set

larger weapons cause damage to the terrain, like nukes leave a large hole

Electric Gun, fires electricity that spreads through creeper and anti-creeper, converting a limited amount

Creeper EMP, creeper somehow can disable all units in a range of a certain creeper thing that would disable all the units and buildings temporally

Ramps, allow collectors to work over hills

Line/fill drawing when terraforming

Ability to aim turrets

Units get a small store of anti-creeper that they release when they touch creeper

Solar energy, good source of energy from space

Ice Gun, freezes creeper, temporarily turning it into a wall

Laser Turret, similar range and ability to as a repulser, slowly damages creeper in the beam

Hope I didn't suggest anything already said, I tried not to
Really very nice suggestions.. I do liked your thoughts as all are new ones and effective too.


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