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Farsite Colonies / Custom Map #2082: Defend The Anti-Creeper. By: MeatChips
« Last post by AutoPost on July 30, 2021, 08:34:07 am »
This topic is for discussion of map #2082: Defend The Anti-Creeper

Author: MeatChips
Size: 128x80
Custom Map Comments / Re: Custom Map: ODin-ner is Served
« Last post by mfick on July 30, 2021, 08:29:00 am »
If anyone comes across this map, please provide a screenshot of how to get out from the beginning square.  I maxed out reactors on all available spaces and still do not have enough energy to use the relay to get out.  I know this is an old game, but there may be others who still play.  Thanks in advance.
This is a blast from the past - many thanks for making this PAC map!!
Many thanks for playing
Fresh video from Dr Gorgee:

Farsite Colonies / Custom Map #2081: Creeper is Friend!. By: MysteryMaster
« Last post by AutoPost on July 30, 2021, 12:22:17 am »
This topic is for discussion of map #2081: Creeper is Friend!

Author: MysteryMaster
Size: 350x187
Farsite Colonies / Custom Map #2080: Surrounded. By: GnomeErcy
« Last post by AutoPost on July 29, 2021, 08:44:47 pm »
This topic is for discussion of map #2080: Surrounded

Author: GnomeErcy
Size: 256x160
Farsite Colonies / Re: Custom Map #805: Micro wars 1. By: polgano
« Last post by hbarudi on July 29, 2021, 05:54:36 pm »
Any walkthrough for this map, very tough "csm" kind of map.
Totally different kinda map - about as straightforward and obvious as is possible, I suppose. If y'all can't figure this one out then maybe try Tic-Tac-Toe or something a little easier than that, lol.

And don't do this map if you hate using AC. You won't like it.  :P But for those of us who love AC, it's pretty cool.

Thanks for the map!  ;D
Colonial Space Map Discussion / Re: Custom Map #9614: CSM 238. By: yum234
« Last post by Johnny Haywire on July 29, 2021, 03:49:17 pm »
Yum - what can I say? As brilliant and enjoyable as your maps have always been, somehow you manage to make them even better. Totally blows my mind how balanced this map is, especially at the first. I'm sure there are smarter ways to approach these maps but it's sooo enjoyable to just poke around and see what there is to do. I really love the idea of capturing the boss emitters and being able to use their bonuses too. Makes it more crucial and beneficial to attack them.

The spores are a nice touch. They're not overpowered but they do seem a bit stronger than in other maps (?), which makes them actually functional.

This map is YUMasterpiece!

Thanks for the map!  ;D ;D ;D