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Started by J, December 12, 2011, 02:43:04 AM

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Before you start reading this guide, you should make sure understand allmost everything about fields and gravity from this topic, if you're still not good enough at creating fields you should read this guide.


I might add how to create puzzle games once I created one, tell me if you want me to do that.
Tell me!

Important information you need to know before reading:

Field strength: (Please don't start studying this list, use this when you're using the editor to calculate creeper/field strenght needed)
moving pin field lvl1: 5 000
directional field lvl1: 15 000
diagonal directional lvl1: 10 000 (to both sides)
moving pin lvl2: 50 000
directional lvl2: 500 000
diagonal directional lvl2: ~350 000
moving pin lvl3: 500 000
directional lvl3: 5 000 000
diagonal directional lvl3: ~3 500 000
moving pin lvl4: 5 000 000
directional lvl4: Any amount
diagonal directional lvl4: Any amount
not moving pin field: Any amount

How to create field actions (<-- very important) All buttons are explained in the attachment in the first post of this topic. (page 27-33)
If you can't see it, this guide might help.
A directional field facing to the lower right pushes the creeper downwards and to the right (strength decreases but it pushes to 2 directions)
1 in-game second = 30 frames

In this topic you can find:

How hard is it to create fields?
Some basic field action (combinations)
Everything about gravity
How creeper will react when there are fields and gravity
How (moving) creeper will react when there are multiple fields
How to create dripping/teleporting creeper
How to create large static fields
When creeper becomes AC and vice versa

Sometimes I'll use one of my maps as example
(Allmost) everything I post here is made from my own experiences, if you can prove me wrong, please post it and I'll edit it in this post!

How hard is it to create fields?

Good fields are very hard to create, only a great story might be a little bit harder to create :P
I'll put them all on a scale from 1-10. 1 is the easiest, 10 the hardest. Tell me if this list need improvements!
If you want to make them larger it will be a bit harder.

Static pin field with creeper in it: 1
1 row of lvl4 directional fields stopping the creeper: 1
Basic field action:2
Randomly moving creeper: 2-3 (depends on how perfect you want it to be)
Large static fields: 3
Multiple fields working together: 3-7 (denpends on what you are creating)
Triggers: 5-9
Creeper effects: 10 (could be lower, depends on what you are creating)

If you are looking for a challenge try to create the effects on ATF2

Some basic field action (combinations)

In this topic, I will type in for the change state action: on / off rotate fields action: rotate field (by .. degrees / left/right) move field action: move (towards: / in .. frames).

1 drip (pin field(s)): on, move in [distance] or [distance*2] frames, off, move towards start position
2 teleport (pin field(s)): on, move in 1 frame, off, move towards start position
3 randomly moving creeper (randomly placed directional fields): rotate field by 135 degrees with end delay 1-300 frames


In the creeper tab in the editor you can enter a number to set the gravity. Divide this number through 500 and thats the number that will be showed in-game. Multiply this number with 5 and you'll get the amount of creeper needed to move upwards (with downwards gravity) (don't know exatly because when I put in 500 it can hold 5*500 (=2500), when there's 1000 gravity it can hold 1000*5 (=5000) and when I put in 3000 it can hold 8.3333*3000 (=25000). Mostly you have to multiply with 5).

To explain what happens in combination with fields I use an example: There is 6G gravity down (you have to type in 3000 and it can hold 25000 creeper). With a lvl1 directional field facing upwards the creeper should react normally. Without fields it should go down and with a lvl2 directional field facing upwards the creeper should go up. Maximum gravity is 20G, lvl2 directional field is stronger.

How to create dripping/teleporting creeper

Example map: The rain

When is the creeper 'dripping'? If a pin field carries the creeper to a place and releases the creeper there. Moving must take at least 2 frames.
If it takes 1 frame, I call it 'teleporting'.
How to create? On, move, off (could also move into a solid block of ground), move (mostly back to the starting position in 1 frame and an end delay to delay the next drip).

It can't move creeper into ground (or shields) but it can take creeper out of it!

Drip mode (under initially off): When the field turns on, it could not carry any more creeper than the creeper in the subcell where it currently is. It could pick up creeper when there was no creeper in the subcell where it turned on!

How (moving) creeper will react when there are multiple fields

First, a moving pin field allways takes the creeper with it when it moves.
Second, directional fields overrule static pin fields
Third, a directional field can push creeper out of moving pin fields!!!!! (a lvl1 directional field can't do this when there's more then 6G gravity in the other direction)
When there are 2 directional fields of the same lvl facing to opposite directions the creeper reacts normally (no field). Doesn't hold creeper out of it!
When there are 2 directional fields facing to random directions you should experiment with it, if they have the same lvl the field lvl goes up sometimes.
When 2 moving pin fields meet each other the one that moves out of the subcell first takes the creeper. I don't know what happens if they move at the same time.

How to create large static fields fast

Example map: Day 21: A second base

Top part of the map (pipes): Fill with ground, remove the ground where you want the creeper to move and add the fields.
Lower part of the map (giant tentacles): First mark the path (where you want the creeper to move) with static creeper, then add the fields around it. After that test if the creeper stays in the tentacles. Remove the creeper and you're done!
In short: Mark the path, add the fields, remove the marks you don't want in your map.

(Important) hints and tips:
1: Know your restrictions! There must be 2 empty subcells between 2 tentacles of creeper. (or you're not able to keep the creeper in the tentacles, only if you want the creeper to move)(field are not able to block the creeper from 2 opposite sides)
2: Know what you have to do! Creeper can't move diagonally. (make sure each spot is connected horizontally or vertically)
3: Create your fields step by step! Do not try to do everything at the same time. (You could try, but there's a high chance everything gets messed up)
4: When things are not doing the things you want them to do you should try taking a quick nap or try again next day, when you start doing many wrong things there's a high chance it's impossible to fix and you'll have to start over

When creeper becomes AC and vice versa

If there's more then 2147483648 (2^31) creeper in a single subcell the creeper (in that subcell) will become anti-creeper and vice versa.
How to create:
4 (or less if it's next to the ground) lvl4 directional fields facing to the same subcell (the ones diagonally facing to it aren't needed to create this). If you want the flipped creeper to flow out you should uncheck creeper or anti-creeper when creating the field.
When there is extremely much creeper on your map even the gravity could do this.


Only use these when you could easily add, clone and edit fields or it could take hours to create this part of your map because this is one of the hardest parts.

Ground trigger: Teleport the creeper from a 1 cell small room into the ground and the next frame in the game (or leave it where it is). The ground the creeper goes to must be dug out by the player or a nexus explosion before the creeper is taken with the field.
Why does this work? Fields couldn't take creeper into ground, but when it's removed, the field can teleport the creeper!

Anti-creeper trigger 1: Used in Transporter (VirgilW, map ID: 3). Teleport the creeper from a specified place to a closed room filled with creeper. You could also allow the creeper to be transported but when there's too much creeper telepotated it could make the map 1: impossible 2: extremely hard 3: a long and boring slog

Creeper trigger: Teleport the creeper to a closed room in your map and put a block of decayable terrain in that room (mayby some fields to stick the creeper around it and some anti creeper). Teleport (anti-)creeper from another closed room (1 cell small) into the ground and the next frame into the game to activate a nexus, help the player or throw in a few ton creeper. Make sure you remove the creeper when the mission type is obliteration.

Anti-creeper trigger 2: Same as the creeper trigger, but this time you have to teleport the anti-creeper into a subcell with 2147480000 anti-creeper (surrounded by lvl4 directional 4 facing towards that subcell, holding only anti-creeper) with should flip over to creeper when there's more than 2147483648 anti-creeper in it and flows towards the decayable block. This gives you one problem: There are millions of creeper there. This could be solved by: 1: changing the mission type to acquisition 2: putting a nexus near it (may be triggered by this trigger) 3: moving it into a small room with an anti-creeper emitter 4: using that creeper to be teleported into the game (you don't need decayable terrain for this, but you can use it to make sure the map can't be won before the AC is converted)

Emitter trigger: Teleport 5000 creeper to a closed room on the map from a emitter everytime it emits creeper (doable with 1 lvl1 pin field). Create an AC emitter with density 5000 and the same start/interval times the creeper is teleported from. Once the creeper emitter is destroyed the AC will become available and that can be used to create the AC trigger 2. (thanks to Ebon Hearth)

I posted a map with some emitter/ground/AC2 triggers. When the emitter is destroyed the AC will move into 2146M AC. That creeper is used to remove the decayable terrain and then it is moved to a subcell with some creeper to flip it again. That AC is teleported into the game and the AC from the emitter is also teleported into the game (first it couldn't because of the decayable terrain).

Questions you may want to ask:

Q: How should I make my fields if I want some (sub)cell(s) without gravity.
A: Horizontal or vertical: 3000 (6G) gravity, lvl1 directional field in the other direction. Diagonally: 2000 in 2 directions (5,65 G diagonally), lvl1 directional field facing in the other directions (diagonally).
Example: 6G down
132     1: lvl4 ->            From 3 the creeper will go down
142     2: lvl4 <-            From 4 the creeper could freely flow to 5 when 4>5
152     3/4/6: nothing     From 5 the creeper goes up if 5>4, same with 6
162     5: lvl1 up            From 6 the creeper will go down

Q: I want to learn how to create creeper effects but why can't I find anything about them in this topic?
A: There is no specific effect to explain, there are many different effects you can create and I'm not able to explain them all. I could only give one tip: Don't be scared to create many fields.

Q: I want to create a map with lots of creeper flying around everywhere. Why couldn't I find anything about that here?
A: Those maps it's pretty hard to give tips for because it differs in every situation, but I can give some hints:
Create your fields in such order that you can duplicate most fields.
Give you fields names! If you have many fields with the same name, give the first and last one in the list the name and put the rest between them, doing so you can create groups.
Think ahead before losing control!


(18-1-2013) Added link in Important information you need to know before reading
(14-11-2012) Added stuff to QYMWTA
(10/10/2012) Changed: How hard is it to create fields?
(13/3/2012) Changed: TODO, QYMWTA, Triggers, How hard is it to create fields?. Added: Changes
(28/3/2012) Changed: Triggers

If you want I add more information/tips, ask me!
If you can prove this information wrong, tell me and I'll change it!

Looks like everything is fine, still haven't got any mail about this guide :)


Is anyone interested in an advanced field/gravity guide?


YES.  I could really benefit from being able to understand fields more then just to make a little thing move.
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I'm working on it. Please tell me if I did something wrong or if you want I add something you still don't know.
If a mod wants to sticky this I won't stop it.


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Ebon Heart

I'll make a link to this in my guide. :D
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Could you be a bit more specific about:
Quote1: Know your restrictions! There must be 2 empty subcells between the creeper.
Best of luck with your game,

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Quote from: SmileyCoder on December 13, 2011, 04:46:09 AM
Could you be a bit more specific about:
Quote1: Know your restrictions! There must be 2 empty subcells between the creeper.
CFC           CFFC     Fields can't bock from creeper on 2 opposite sides
CFC   -->   CFFC
CFC           CFFC     C are the tentacles, F are the places where your fields are

I think I allmost completed my guide. If there are still questions about fields and gravity tell me!

Ebon Heart

This is now linked to in my guide, :D Great job, J!
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Added TODO and 4 triggers
Tell me if I missed something

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I'm going to come out with a tips and tricks guide soon, just for some cool stuff I've found as I've played with the editor.
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Ebon Heart

One interesting trigger is an emitter trigger. You can use it to make something happen when a powerful emitter is destroyed.  Basically, make it so that each time an emitter bursts, a level 1 field carries a small amount of creeper to somewhere off the map (it just requires 2 cells boxed in somewhere) have an anti creeper emitter with timings the same as the original emitter, and 5000 density. Have fields around the anti creeper emitter so that it will attempt to fill a subcell with 2.47B anti creeper. Basically, every time the emitter goes off, it teleports 5000 creeper to that area and prevents the anti creeper emitter from filling that subcell. If the emitter is destroyed, the anti creeper will convert that subcell, and creeper only fields can teleport it wherever you want. You can also use decayable terrain to make this more foolproof... but more complicated. (sometimes with this type of trigger, you might win the map beforee the anti creeper is converted)
When the going gets tough, the tough get going. The smart left a long time ago.
Check out the amazing A Tragedy Forgotten CW2 map series!


Thanks, I'll add it ASAP
EDIT: Done


How to make fields similar to those used in Day 16: Purpose? The one to which a emitter is attached to directly. I tried placing pin fields around the emitter with one directional field extended . But the creeper fell out of the field. (I had used 7 pin fields.)

Thank You


I don't exactly what you mean but if you want to take a look at day 16 in the editor, here's the file.
The file says day 17 but it is day 16.