VPAC CPACKs V2.12.0.2

Started by Vertu, June 14, 2022, 02:28:04 AM

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Here are the VPAC CPACKs that make the VPAC units and basic systems.
This does not include the difficulty settings and complex mission dynamics. That is in the "Role Play Controller" CPACK and is a customizable script which I constantly edit to add extra depth to the mission from difficulty settings to cut-scenes and late-game reinforcements.

You need to create an ADA message called "Display" (CASE SENSITIVE!) and give it a textbox with a background of "4". Do not put anything in that message box, the VPAC Main CPACK will handle with displaying the correct text.
Good news! THAT IS LITERALLY ALL YOU HAVE TO DO! There are some settings lurking around in all the CPACKs if you so wish to change them though everything I have set up is rather optimal in game balance, performance, and game play. I disadvise changing anything.

Play As Creeper, Vertu edition (VPAC), is a more advanced and refined variant of Play As Creeper (PAC), the opposite of Lazy Play As Creeper (LPAC).
HOWEVER! VPAC IS NOT COMPATABLE WITH PLAYER VS PAC! This is due to just how it is not considered and how the NEXUS.IOUS V.S can be selected via the displayed message next to the build tabs. Not that PvP has seen much light anymore sadly. However...
VPAC is actually MVERSE COMPATABLE! At least as far as I know. With how MVerse works I don't see VPAC breaking what so ever but if you where to play my maps in MVerse, please tell me if anything goes wrong. The enemy units will be duplicated and you will have duplicated available power which is only affected by the players individually and not a whole so when you combined everyone's' power, you get a duplicated total the same as the duplicated amount of enemies and resources.

It also has a page on the Knuckle Kracker wiki: https://knucklecracker.com/wiki/doku.php?id=cw4:cpack:vpac_wiki_page

Credibility stuff
I took the original PAC CPACKs and didn't like them, they had many.. many.. many holes in their gameplay and operation. So I overhauled the CPACKs a lot but some units and scripts are more original to Auri and WithersChat still than to me. Others however are original, redesigned, and or overhauled enough for me to view myself as the creator of them. Think of it like being shown a Lightbulb and based on that, making the LED light.
The Vertu Expansion however is completely original to me and obviously the "Vertu'sCreeperBldngs" CPACK along with the remodels except the normal LURE. Additional scripts are also original to me.

The Creeper Forge was completely overhauled and redesigned. I don't think there is any block of code untouched and redone anymore but I still credit GardianDragonLord for being the one who came up with the original concept of the Creeper Forge. The code however I now claim as my own. Or at least 80%-90%.

The way mesh works in PAC is so well done that I only partially modified it so Lancers became unselectable when placing Mesh just like all the other VPAC units, even well made things need a check-in after a long enough time, just to remove some created cob webs for instance and keep it up to date for when something new and special comes along like the Lancer.

My assembly mesh models are original to me except the LURE which was mostly unchanged but with additional details.

As of v2.8.1.3, all VPAC units have been modified from their PAC Ancestors to such a level that I shall claim ownership of all units unless stated otherwise within documentation within the scripts and CPACK notes. Except the Flow Controller. I still have no idea how fields work in 4RPL as of now and don't plan to find out.

VPAC offers more user control, makes more information accessible to the player, provides more options and tools, and really just more of about everything INCLUDING PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION than normal PAC along with developed models rather than the original, quite 2 dimensional, mesh assemblies.

All units will have lights to signify their status: (There may be some exceptions like the Burst Emitter and all LURE types).

ColorWhat it means.Examples (not limited or exclusive to).
The unit is not operating and is completely inactive.
Applies to all units.
The unit is operating but will not conduct its function both due to being unable to conduct its function at the moment and how there will be a need for user intervention before it can proceed to do its function.
Launchers told to "Hold Fire" and aren't recharged and idle Field Generators.
Yellowish white "NOT READY BUT WILL (do action) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE"
The unit is operating and is waiting on something before it can do what ever it is supposed to and will do their function the moment the wait is over.
Launchers which will fire as soon as possible but waiting on their recharge.
Deep Blue (made readable)"READY"
The unit is operation without any issue and is capable of conducting its action at this moment.
Launchers told to hold fire but recharged will glow blue, indicating they are ready to fire.

Remember that the version number is towards VPAC as a whole. Not to any of the available CPACKs individually and the VPAC Main CPACK holds this version number in representation of the other CPACKs.

Also, the CPACK order in my VPAC maps are:
Main - Creep Expansion - Vertu Expansion - Creeper Buildings - Nexus
Life isn't fair because we say it isn't. Not because it is unfair. In fact, it is so fair we want to say it isn't and do.


Starting now, I will be making replies at absolutely irregular intervals to updates. Also maybe including future plans.
This is the first recording of a version so I got nothing to say.

Planned: Added
  • Fixing of the premature instance of Emitters starting to "Die" once in a power deficit.
  • Refinement of the Field Generator into the Flow Controller.
  • Refined the display of power use of many units rather than being strictly a vertically displayed list.
  • Some very minor changes here and there.

Be advised:
The version number REFERS TO ALL CPACKS COLLECTIVLY! (Same as in the CPACK "VPAC Main" which has this very version numbering system).
So when looking at any version number here, view it towards VPAC AS A WHOLE.
Life isn't fair because we say it isn't. Not because it is unfair. In fact, it is so fair we want to say it isn't and do.


V2.6.1.4 - Balance and quality of life changes.
  • Buffed Air Sac payload from 100 to 125.
  • Reduced Air Sac specified location targeting deviation from 2x to 1x per Air Sac, making them much more reliable. They will now target a maximum of 4 cells away from the specified location rather than 8.
  • Added visible health bar to Air Sacs created by the Air Sac Fabricator.
  • Air Sacs created by the Air Sac fabricator have 5 additional hit points from the vanilla Air Sac HP, making them far more usable in areas with little and somewhat moderate Anti-Air rather than only usable when there are only very few Missile Launchers at sufficient height.
  • Fixed Emitter Base UI confusing itself when in a power deficit.
  • Tweaked FORGE ERN abduction.
  • Reworked the Display by adding a sense of horizontal scale, making the display of unit power uses occupy less space.
    The display is also color coded based on build tab and ordered from top-bottom of that same build tab. The display is read left-right, top-bottom.
  • Made Invading Emitters create Emitters with 30 health now that the SML Strategic Missiles cause impact damage, up to 25 for the basic Strat Missile. This is so you have a chance to set up an AntiNUKE and don't loose your starting Emitters easily.
  • Color changes.
  • I have looked at how Mesh works in PAC and 100% understand it now, it is a lot simpler than I thought it was. This means:
     -Mesh units in build tab renamed to "Mesh Control" and "Quick Remove"
     -The PAC Unit Identifier script now places the newly named "Mesh Control" down on Gameload only once when loading into the map for the first time not in the editor. This removes the need for the player to place the previously named "Mesh" once in order for the mesh system to come online and if the "XMesh" was placed, they would be permanent and take up space.
     -Default mesh placement radius increased from 2 to 3 as I have became more familiar with the benefits of Mesh so long as the Mesh Depth isn't changed in the Game tab within the normal Mission Editor. The vanilla value of 4 makes mesh almost a direct upgrade with the only exception being you can loose Creep faster as it reaches the front lines too quickly to accumulate into an inevitably unstoppable wave, causing total Creep to drop significantly and even cause Creep starvation.
     -Removed the "Mesh Controller" unit. It was only a unit with the same script as the now named "Mesh Control" unit which when placed created a script that would manage mesh placement. It may of been possible to make this a global script but just placing the "Mesh Control" on Gameload was a simple, easy, and reliable alternative solution.
  • Added reaction of the Emitter Base having its' created Emitter destroyed. Upon destruction, the Emitter Base will auto self destruct with a delay of 300 frames (5 seconds) though more evidence is needed to prove it works fine as mixed results are present.
  • Fixed Emitter Base's reaction to being nullified. It was looking for stun count rather than suppress count. Whoops.
  • Added UI information to the LURE for how much health it has rather than just the imprecise vanilla health squares.
  • The status box of the FORGE displayed next to the build tabs can now be clicked on to select the FORGE.
  • Corrected the mini map color of the FORGE from blue to red.
  • Lancer can now not be selected when placing mesh.
  • TCMs have had their audio fixed to actually become audible.
  • Burst Emitter now checks the surrounding Creeper in a For-Loop (Do loop in 4RPL) rather than an IF clause that could only check 1 cell per frame at a time, making activating the Burst Emitter an absolute pain. If the Creeper is deep enough in that moment, it WILL activate instantly and begin the count down.
  • V-LAB SCM targeting fixed. For some reason it decided to target VAUs although they don't occupy land. Their GUIDs where added to the exception list to fix this and the SCM no longer targets invulnerable units... Like the Laser shot of Fighters...
  • Reduced AntiNUKE missile creation delay from 500 frames (16.6 seconds) to 400 frames (13.3 seconds) so a normal Strategic Missile is launched when the AntiNUKE has 4 interceptor missiles loaded rather than only 3, which would make it very vulnerable to long-range sniper fire destroying all interceptor missiles on launch.
  • Light SAM missile damage buffed from 0.8 damage to 0.88 damage.
  • (In Roll Play control but still worth mentioning) Bomber health buff changes from 16 to 8, making them very slimly survive a Light SAM Volley, allowing that same SAM to follow up with another volley that ensures the destruction of that Bomber rather than needed 2 SAMs and sometimes 3 if there is long-range Sniper support in the area.
  • Various small changes and fixes too small for me to remember.
Life isn't fair because we say it isn't. Not because it is unfair. In fact, it is so fair we want to say it isn't and do.


So, little update before the change notes.
I have now started logging my changes so I can just copy and paste while also ensuring I don't miss a detail. So expect "Minor bug fixes" and other miscellaneous/vague statements to be significantly less frequent.

V2.7.1.1 - Major refinement update.
-I am now accepting the names of units going outside of the build box in exchange for more descriptive naming.

Global changes:
-Added buttons to quickly select all of specific units without needing to search for them on the map to then select and press CTRL + A.

Vertu's Creeper buildings:
-CSMD range increased from 75 to 85.
-Fixed TCM "Nearest Unit" targeting.
-Fixed SCM nearest unit targeting so it doesn't target flying units for sure now.
-TCML now has a display to point out what units can't be damaged by the TCM.
-AntiNUKE interceptors now have a form of target prediction. They also should not ram into terrain
when trying to plot an interception lead.
-AntiNUKE interceptors have a more forgiving threshold for their 2nd boost type, making it now
the primary boost type of the interceptor.
-AntiNUKE interceptors now search for new Strategic Missiles to target using GetUnits instead of GetUnitsByType, making each interceptor find a new target independently, preventing ALL interceptors from choosing the same new strategic missile after their previous target(s) where intercepted.
-AntiNUKE renamed to [CSMD] Anti Nuke.
-When CMSD Interceptors have no target, they will zoom around in search of a new strategic missile to target. This acts as a defensive tactic that goes past the detection range of the CSMD.
-Reduced CSMD Interceptor life time from 600 frames to 400 frames. 600 was way too long.
-Fixed TCM nearest unit targeting.

VPAC Main:
-Emitter Bases have been confirmed to work properly if the Emitter is destroyed.
-Launcher inaccuracy decreased from <VET LEVEL> / 2 to <VET LEVEL> / 3 with integer enforcing.
-Fixed the Mesh Control to actually make Lancers unselectable when placing mesh. Tried just appending a list into a list which sounds good initially until I actually take a second to think about it.
-Fixed Emitter, Stash, and Launcher reaction to power deficit.
-LURE can now be placed on void terrain.

VPAC Creeper Expansion:
-Air Sac Fab now displays the numerical health of its controlled Air Sacs when selected.
-Fixed the Air Sac self destruct when the Air Sac Fabricator is destroyed by some means. Was a typo of the function name being ":Destroy" rather than ":Destroyed". Whoops.
-Altered highlights of the Air Sac Fab to be a bit brighter and larger.
-HP of Air Sacs created by the fabricator changed from 9 to 10 (vanilla is 4 HP).
-Air Sac Fab now defaults to the targeting of "Specified Location" rather than "Random location".
-Removed extra T at the end of "Target" in the Air Sac Fabricator UI, ruining the look by adding an extra line to fit the extra character.

VPAC Vertu Expansion:
-Added vanilla shield unit to the priority sequence, being at the bottom of the special priorities.
-Armored LURE HP increased from 150 to 175.
-More quantum physics patched from the Lancer. I have renamed it to Quantum Lancer in renown to this even though the name doesn't even fit in the box.
-With the fixing of another quantum physics bug in the Lancer, the targeting priority now works correctly when the Lancer is set to target only units.
-Increased Light SAM lockon speed by 200%.
-Increased Light SAM Altitude detection from 50 above itself to 65 above itself.
-Increased Light SAM projectile turning speed by 2 additional degrees per frame, 18 -> 20.
-Fixed Lancers being unable to begin self destruct on command. Literally 1 character was changed to
fix this.

Creep Forge:
-FORGE has been ironed out. Should be working perfectly as intended now in all situations.
-FORGE renamed to NEXUS along with some other name tags in its build menu, I stuck with "FORGE" to smooth the transition of shock for newer players but at the same time, how can the name "FORGE" imply power production? This convinced me to give it a more appropriate name.


Life isn't fair because we say it isn't. Not because it is unfair. In fact, it is so fair we want to say it isn't and do.


V2.7.1.6 - Heavy refinement update.
VPAC Main:
  • Default mesh size selection set to the max size of 9 when first selecting Mesh Control.

VPAC Creeper Expansion:
  • Air Sac Fabricator no longer resets specified target location upon loading an in-progress save.

VPAC Vertu Expansion:
  • Buffed TCM damage from 3 to 4.
  • Reduced TCML power cost from 4 to 3. Seems to be in a really good spot now.
  • Lancer now halves the ammo of any unit stunned by it.
  • Lancer now destroys vanilla shield units when firing a stun onto it!
  • Fixed strange missile behavior of the Light SAM when rotated.
  • THE LANCER FINALLY OBEYS THE ORDER TO NOT SHOOT ERNS ON SIGHT! IT REAAALLLLYYY WANTS TO SHOOT ERNS![ (Except that sometimes it will STILL shoot ERNs. At least there are times where it won't kill an ERN before the NEXUS steals it.
  • Invading Emitters now enter the map on an angle rather than straight down.

Vertu's Creeper buildings:
  • V-Lab can now throw very tough Particle when the mission has my Particle Fleet CPACKs.
  • Increased SCM health from 50 to 75. This is to account for Particle Fleet ships being
    good at dealing with the SCM. Now you will REALLY need ERNed Missile Launchers if fighting it.
  • SCM now has a health bar.
  • V-Lab SCM targeting should now finally not target flying units.
  • TCML will now not countdown its initial delay until activated within Creep.
  • TCML Specified Target path now becomes invisible when deselected, visible when selected.
  • TCML now displays texts above vanilla shield units stating that the TCM can not penetrate shields.
  • TCML no longer has phantom UI text when reloading an in-progress mission.

Creeper Forge / NEXUS:
  • Bolden singularity status when the singularity is available in the mission in any way.
  • Added descent animation to the NEXUS which now conducts atmospheric entry when joining the mission.
  • The NEXUS will work as intended when multiple are placed on the map. Multiple Nexi is now considered and an implemented feature.
Life isn't fair because we say it isn't. Not because it is unfair. In fact, it is so fair we want to say it isn't and do.


I have come to the realization that the current version has a missing feature.
This feature is the ability for the Display text in VPAC Main to update the stated amount of power used for a unit in the event a map maker changes that value in any of the CPACKs.
For now, you will have to fix this manually until I implement this feature (and since 99% of people aren't modders, I don't recommend actually doing that). Besides, I highly discourage changing how much power any unit uses for it is heavily balanced already but this will still be fixed. How soon? Indeterminant. Been working on my old Particle Fleet in CW4 project a lot lately (and have experienced what it is like to update something and have other things seemingly unrelated to the update COMPLETLY BREAK and exhibit very strange and unrelated behavior).

-This reply will morph into an update note when this feature is added.
Life isn't fair because we say it isn't. Not because it is unfair. In fact, it is so fair we want to say it isn't and do.


v2.7.2.1 Polishing update.
Global changes:
  • Gave health bars a background!

VPAC Main:

  • Changes default mesh control size to 4 from 9.

VPAC Creeper Expansion:

  • Unchanged!

VPAC Vertu Expansion:

  • Invader Emitter heavily messed with to be completely stable and functional again when the player is using them.
  • Light SAM laser targeting visual tampered a bit to be more Vertu-styled.
  • Light SAM has been reworked to fire in a salvo rather than a volley.
  • Gave the Light SAM projectile a lens flare mimicking affect.

Vertu's Creeper buildings:

  • Fixed missed logic for the Advanced Emitter on :Gameload which would display its emission as 0 if MVerse compensation was disabled.
  • Massive refinement to code for many units.
  • Cleaner display text of units.
  • Updated Burst Emitter's meshes to allow proper coloring.
  • Updated CSMD meshes to allow proper coloring.
  • Updated SCM meshes to allow proper coloring.
  • Changed textures of SCM.
  • Updated TCML meshes to allow proper coloring.
  • Improved mathematics of the reclaim factoring of the Advanced Emitter. It now behaves (so far) as originally intended. Expect more consistency.
  • Added more units to the blacklist of impervious units for displaying the impervious unit icon when selecting TCML(s).
  • CPACK is now too barely too large to be placed on the forums here for download. Snatch the latest version from the map: VPAC Trouble on an island


  • Added proper textures to Nexus.
  • Added health bar.
  • Renamed scripts.
  • Improved NEXUS icon in build menu.
  • CPACK renamed to "NEXUS.IOUS V.S (VPAC" (character limit just 1 shy).
Life isn't fair because we say it isn't. Not because it is unfair. In fact, it is so fair we want to say it isn't and do.


v2.7.4.0 some fixes and changes
Global changes:
  • Nerfed standard Blaster damage by 1.
  • Vertu's Creeper Buildings CPACK now downloadable again after removing 2 redundant texture, removing over 1MB.

VPAC Creeper Expansion:
  • Added some additional non-PAC mode properties to the Air Sac Fabricator.
  • Air Sac Fabricators now require 1,500 more Creep per Air Sac but now take 1,500 frames (50 seconds) less to create an Air Sac.

VPAC Vertu Expansion:
  • Fixed the Lancer not working outside of PAC mode.
  • Fixed the Light SAM not working outside of PAC mode. How where these two working before anyways?!
  • Changed non-PAC Lancer's disabled text to have "Revival progress" instead of Power Reclaim progress.
  • Attempted to enforce what targets the Lancer can not shoot at, now that they actually ignore ERNs properly to at least some degree.
  • Fixed Light SAM's beams sometimes not being deleted. At the very least, a failsafe is in place to destroy such beams when the SAM creates new ones.
  • Reworked the Lancer's behavior when assaulting units under shield coverage. Now deals direct damage but only 50% of that damage.
  • Lancer's stun mode now removes 80% of the ammo of all units in the stun range. (From 50%).
  • Added a level up system to the Light SAM, increasing its effectiveness after being active for 5 minutes.
  • Light SAM can now be moved around.
  • Decreased Light SAM Health from 25 to 5.
  • Light SAM can now be targeted by Snipers and anything else that has sniper targeting.
  • Light SAM now takes a considerable amount of time to deconstruct. Can be canceled during countdown just like the Stash and Air Sac Fab.
Life isn't fair because we say it isn't. Not because it is unfair. In fact, it is so fair we want to say it isn't and do.


v2.8.0.1 some large changes, additions, and reworks.
Global changes:
  • Added a waypoint system! This is located in VPAC main but can work on all supported units. Only the Lancer is supported as of now.
  • Power determination is done every 3 frames rather than 1.
  • Creeper Coverage detection in Role Play CPACK is ran every 3 frames instead of every frame.
  • Power System now accepts decimals, no longer restricted to integers.

VPAC Main:
  • Emitter Base, Stash Base, Launcher, LURE and Crimsonator now shows up on map and has outline on being placed.
  • Stash Base will now have self reclaim consequence when the stash is destroyed.
  • Fixed stash reclaiming itself instantly upon activation.
  • Altered how power, the display system, interacts with my Role Play Control CPACK for when a new display message is to be shown.
  • Power Display now updates every 3 frames instead of every single frame.
  • Some UI Text art added to the Power Display.
  • Crimsonators now use 1.5 power rather than 2.
  • Shortened Crmisonator popup text.

VPAC Creeper Expansion:
  • Flow Controller now remembers its previous directory so you no longer need to issue new orders to the Controller to re-enable it after being in a power deficit.
  • Pressing the destroy hotkey and or the DESTROY button many times for the Flow Controller will not reset its self destruction timer anymore.
  • ==Post v2.8.0.0==
  • Forb Fabricator now functional outside of PAC_MODE.
  • Forb Fabricator now has minimap image.
  • Forb Fabricator outline now always shows.
  • Increased Flow Controller outline width to default width.

VPAC Vertu Expansion:
  • Fixed Light SAM Missile behavior when target is destroyed.
  • Lancer now supports waypoints to create patrol paths. The Lancer will stop along its path when encountering an enemy in order to shoot at it before resuming its patrol.
  • LANCER USERS! SALVATION HAS ARRIVED! The Lancer recharge text now has a consistent size, no longer reducing by 1 vertical line of text every time it fires, jittering the UI! Though it seems more will have to be done to prevent it when selecting multiple Lancers, if its possible.
  • Light SAMs can not be moved outside of PAC MODE.
  • Armored LURE is now functional outside of PAC_MODE.
  • Reduced Light SAM salvo firing delay by 2 frames (5 -> 3), this is not reload time, just time between individual shots.
  • Armored Lures now use 3.5 power instead of 3.
  • Increased Light SAM HP from 5 to 8.
  • Light SAMs can not move while stunned or nullified now.

Vertu's Creeper buildings:
  • TCML now has a custom line of sight display from where the TCML will begin orientating itself to the target location. There is also an option to display an advanced version of this which displays the min and max bounds of where the TCML will start to steer.
  • Increased Deployed Invader Emitter health by 20. Fixed misconceptions of it having 75 health (it was actually 30).
  • V-Lab now considers R.V Lasers in launching its SCM.
  • ==Post v2.8.0.0==
  • Fixed V-Lab support targeting for its Spores and Skimmers.
  • Fixed V-Lab custom unit targeting.

  • Altered how multiple Nexi behave when one is destroyed.
  • Altered Nexus popup text to be more accurate.
Life isn't fair because we say it isn't. Not because it is unfair. In fact, it is so fair we want to say it isn't and do.


v2.8.1.3 VPAC Nearing Finalization
Global changes:
  • Nothing!

VPAC Main:
  • Rebuild script now includes shattered terrain.
  • Fixed Rebuild Shattered terrain to actually work.
  • Launchers can now be nullified.

VPAC Creeper Expansion:
  • Nothing!

VPAC Vertu Expansion:
  • Buffed enhancement damage bonus of Light SAM from 1.75x to 2.5 2.0x. (I am not buffing it further!)
  • Lancer now sinks when being disassembled.
  • Fixed Lancer range indicator bug caused by messing with UI when it is unbuilt. Thanks KatVac for displaying this in a video.
  • Fixed Lancer waypoints not deleted when their assigned Lancer is destroyed.
  • Light SAM is a little more efficient in searching for targets. This should only be meaningful when you have like 10 out on the field.
  • Light SAM no longer targets ERNs.
  • Fixed Light SAM enhance visual.
  • Fixed Light SAM deconstruction button not updating on button press.
  • Fixed Lancer deconstruction button not updating on presss.
  • Lancer displays text and plays a sound when damaged.
  • Altered how the Lancer handles beams to be more efficient.
  • Increased Lancer max ammo by 5.
  • Polished the Lancer UI a tad bit.
  • I should remake the Nexus' code.
  • Lancer build plan is now destroyable via the deconstruct button. This was completely broken prior.
  • Lancer now starts with 5 ammo. Used to be 0.
  • Added V-Sniper to Lancer smart targeting with highest priority.

Vertu's Creeper buildings:
  • Altered how the Advanced Emitter spins. This is more or less irrelevant to VPAC but is still a change.
  • Fixed the TCML advanced indicator orange line not disappearing.
  • Fixed V-Lab really wanting to target air units.. FINALLY!!
  • Fixed weirdness of TCML indicator lines.

  • Fixed the Nexus being weird when low on health and healing back up. Also fixed a debug change that was never removed once debugging was finished.
  • Fixed Nexus descent animation to not be straight down.
Life isn't fair because we say it isn't. Not because it is unfair. In fact, it is so fair we want to say it isn't and do.


v2.9.0.0 Major update and refinement.
Global changes:
  • Reduced rocket shot health of Rocket Launcher V's. Lancers can now 3 shot a single missile rather than need 4 shots.

VPAC Main:
  • New look of mesh control icons.
  • Polished the Launcher a bit.
  • Totems no longer reactivate when they shouldn't after loading in progress mission.
  • Whenever a unit is rebuilt ontop of void, it will be rebuilt in its recorded position rather than on terrain level. This means units on platforms will not be rebuilt under the platform.

VPAC Creeper Expansion:
  • Forb Fabricator makes Forbs with one additional maximum hit point compared to their natural counterpart.
  • Removed Air Sac Fabricator's launch widget as there is no reason you would want it to not create an Air Sac in the backlines when it can.
  • Remove Egg Fabricator's armed button as you can just have it not collect Creep instead. Volleys of eggs are less preferred than swarms.
  • Changed "idle" text of Forb Fab to "Inactive".
  • Forb Fabricator now goes poof when placed in Anti Creeper.
  • Air Sac Fabricator now goes poof when placed in Anti Creeper.
  • Shorten Forb Fabricator UI text.
  • Spaced out Air Sac fabricator explanation UI text to be further away from more important information like progress.

VPAC Vertu Expansion:
  • I thought the Lancer checked a 3x3 square area around it for Creeper in order to float. It didn't. This has been fixed.
  • Added V-Blasters to list of specifiable targets.
  • Elevated the Lancer's unit detection starting position to be far more accurate. This will make the Lancer much more capable of playing the game of line of sight vs snipers now that its elevated turret is providing an advantage.
  • Fixed the Lancer's code to accommodate new prioritization targets.
  • Fixed waypoint persistence when you give a Lancer which already has a waypoint patrol a new waypoint patrol.
  • Fixed Light SAM projectile not being pinked when the SAM has been enhanced.
  • Lancers now have a proper health bar.
  • Reduced Lancer reclaim time after being disabled.
  • Fixed Lancer not being able to repair itself after being revived. This was only encounterable outside of PaC mode.
  • Fixed Light SAMs becoming active while deconstructing.
  • Vastly improved the Lancer's ability to shoot down projectiles. This was done by having the Lancer aim ahead of the target projectile as the turret motion of the Lancer can only catch up to the projectile's current position, which the projectile will then move from. Or in other words, will always fall short when tracking a projectile. It now tracks slightly ahead and is far more capable at shooting down projectiles.
  • Light SAM can no longer be activated while on the move.
  • Light SAM now fires missiles that can zap nearby enemies, giving the SAM crowd control abilities, specifically against Fighter Drone swarms.
  • Reduced Light SAM missile damage from 0.88 to 0.75 as the zap ability of the missiles will add 0.2 damage per zap, including at the missile target.
  • Light SAM's missile zap ability has increased range when the SAM is enhanced.
  • Added Fighter Drones to the priority system of Lancers.

Vertu's Creeper buildings:
  • Reduced interceptor scan range from 500 to 100. Having them all chase the same nearest target is very unhelpful, so it would better for them to scatter when a missile is well out of range.
  • Increased interceptor speed from 3.0 -> 3.75.
  • Increased SCM maximum unit damage radius.
  • Fixed Burst Emitter not checking the X cells correctly... I wonder what it would of been doing... Strange. Actually I don't want to know.

  • Now compatible outside of PAC setting, though it is more of a set piece than an actual enemy unit.
  • Nexus can now revive disabled Lancers!!
  • Fixed Nexus freaking out when a Lancer build plan it was preparing on is suddenly destroyed. I assume it did this because it got very angry at the inconvenience.
  • Fixed Nexus low health audio not playing. How was it even working in the past?!
  • Lancers being built are no longer unselectable. I am confidant that nothing will break from you messing with its UI before it is built. This means you can cancel Lancers currently being built.
Life isn't fair because we say it isn't. Not because it is unfair. In fact, it is so fair we want to say it isn't and do.


v2.9.3.2 LOTS of polishing!
Global changes:
  • You can no longer modify the power use of VPAC units yourself via a script input var. Changing the power use of units will never be supported. You must change the display text if you still change the power use of various units.
  • Support of measure execution time.

VPAC Main:
  • The display now reacts to what VPAC CPACKs are available to the player! Only showing the power use of specific units that the player has access to. This includes the waypoint message should the Lancer be unavailable, it won't appear.
  • Fixed AutoEnableConnectedTotems operating when disabled.
  • Fixed Stash DESTROY button not updating when pressed with the game paused.
  • Polished Stash destroy button.
  • Launcher now actually deactivates when nullified.
  • Renamed ERNManager to POWER SYSTEM.
  • Renamed PAC Unit Identifier to VPAC Main power evaluator.
  • When selecting a launcher, it will place text above supported shield units stating that spores disable shields.
  • Added M-Rift Beacon toggle to make finding M-Rifts very easy.
  • Qople has modified my modified rebuild script to be even more efficient and effective. VPAC Rebuild has adopted this innovation.

VPAC Creeper Expansion:
  • Removed Egg Popper script.
  • Renamed Unit Power Assigner to PAC_TOGGLE.
  • Renamed Ring director to VISUALS.
  • Reduced fabrication time of air sacs by 200 frames. (3000 -> 2800 / 100sec -> 93.333sec)
  • Air Sacs now have double the heal rate, allowing them to more quickly be combat ready after taking hits.
  • Increased Air Sac glop payload from 125 -> 150.
  • Air Sac Fabs should now have high enough quality air sacs compared to the investment required to make them.
  • Increased Forb glop payload from 5 to 7.5. (Forb Fabricator)

VPAC Vertu Expansion:
  • Lancer is now FPS compatible!
  • Double Light SAM HP (8 -> 16).
  • Optimized Lancer enemy detection to not be performance draining.
  • Power Suppressor now detects VPAC Main so its popup text remains lore accurate even when V-Expansion has PAC mode off.
  • Scrapped V-Expansion power use script and moved everything it had to the settings script.
  • Renamed "invlader" flare visuals script to VISUALS.
  • Cleaned up Floating Relay script and it now updates its height when selected and unselected.
  • Updated Floating Relay's hover effect.
  • Increased Lancer max ammo from 25 -> 35.
  • Increased Lancer starting ammo when built from 6 -> 10.

Vertu's Creeper buildings:
  • I have removd the "UserChosenDifficulty" script as it was very unstable and caused plenty of trouble. Until it is looked at, it is going to stay vacant in the corner of this CPACK.
  • Gave the V-Lab a new look. We will see if it sticks around. - [It is staying]
  • Gave the V-Lab an actual AI to determine where to launch the SCM if there are too many missiles on the map for a simple and effective solution.
  • Spiffed the TCML UI a little bit.
  • TCML now has a napalm payload variant instead of only Creeper. This releases an air shotgun blast of napalm in the direction of the missile after detonating a distance away from its landing target. As of writing this, the implications of this are still pending and under R&D.
  • SCM target marker is now actually red. This was intended for a long time but for some reason I kept thinking it was meant to be blue still.
  • Tightened CSMD click detection box to be less obnoxious.
Life isn't fair because we say it isn't. Not because it is unfair. In fact, it is so fair we want to say it isn't and do.


v2.10.1.0 Big changes, improvements, automation, and dynamics polishing!
Global changes:
  • Starting power now support decimal numbers.
  • Launcher has more accurate arc display when selected. Spores where recorded to have a max height of 60.5.
  • Increased vet time scaling from 0.32 to 0.42. In other words, it takes longer to level up the launchers at higher levels.
  • Fixed launcher help text not deleting when the launcher is destroyed while still selected.
  • Removed metal shader texture to decrease file sizes. This has saved about a total of 1 MB.
  • All non-impervious VPAC units now are unbuilt by default and built when activated. This makes distinguishing impervious units much easier for even me but also fixes a few more, "interesting" things.

VPAC Main:
  • Starting power now supports decimal values.
  • LURE starts unbuilt and is built when activated.
  • LURE now damaged by Anti Creeper. Also will stop healing.
  • Reduced launcher vet time requirement increase per level from a factor of 0.42 to 0.4.
  • POWER SUPPRESSOR UNIT MOVED TO VPAC MAIN!! Also now has a custom model.
  • Added script to scan for pre-placed enemy units like Spore Launchers and Emitters. This script increases their max health so they aren't super squishy.
  • Excess power text turns green when you have between 0 and 1 power.
  • No longer using Qople's modified VPAC rebuild. I snapped. Now back to old reliable.

VPAC Creeper Expansion:
  • Increased Forb Glop payload from 7.5 to 10.0. Maybe now their Creep addition would actually be noticeable..
  • Decreased Forb Fabrication delay by 20 frames. (0.6 seconds).
  • Spiffed up Egg Fabricator code a bit.

VPAC Vertu Expansion:
  • Renamed Invader to Invader Emitter.
  • Fixed Lancer beach text.
  • Lancer now has an alternating prediction system for when its target leading is causing it to aim poorly. It will alternate between leading and pointing after every second of failing to fire.
  • Invader Emitters now initialize in :Awake, making them perfectly functional when created on the map outside of gameload.
  • Decreased Light SAM zap delay from 5 frames to 3.
  • Reduced base zap damage of Light SAM from 0.2 to 0.15.
  • Light SAMs now actually need Creeper catylist to activate. SOMEONE snuck an auxiliary reactor on it, allowing it to instantly activate without Creeper against VWC Project regulations. Luckily no reports of V-Corruption have occurred as this auxiliary reactor was not fitted to be Creeper proof.
  • Fixed Light SAM operating while its deconstructing whenever. The nanites can no longer act as a targeting processor and proper weapon reactor. Ah, nanites. After enough self evolving they can apparently substitute a reactor.
  • Light SAM projectiles now have a piece of metal to absorb the electrical discharges of the projectile for a small time to ensure it doesn't zap everything near the Light SAM, including friendlies. We were reluctant to add this safety feature until it started zapping the Light SAM it fired from.
  • Increased Light SAM base zap range by 2 cells. Zap range buff when enhanced reduced to account for the increase in the base though it now results in +0.5 cells in range anyways from the original enhanced zap range buff.
  • Altered Lancer firing laser effect.
  • Lancer no longer reinitializes when loading an in-progress save, breaking itself.
  • Lancer now supports being prebuilt while still in PAC mode.
  • Armored LURE starts unbuilt and is built when activated.
  • Armored LURE now damaged by Anti Creeper. Also will stop healing.
  • Finally gave in: The Lancer now clones itself should it be destroyed incorrectly.
  • Light SAM projectile no longer zaps Spores as in actuality, they have like charges.
  • Doubled heal rate of landed invader emitters so they don't take 30 days to recover from that one successful attack on it. KatVacs reminded me to do this thanks to a video of his displaying the "issue".
  • Light SAM projectile zap no longer damages ERNs. This was patched before flying units with ERNs where a thing.
  • Rehauled rebuild by Qople no longer makes units unselectable when in edit mode... GAH!...
  • Lancer no longer displays debug information on the Rift Lab. Was wondering what that was.
  • Lancer no longer has a hobby in self summoning. Summoner mages would be absolutely jealous by what the Lancer could do before this was ended.
  • Threw the metal absorber for the Light SAM projectile to prevent self zapping and opted for a far more complicated controlled conductivity case that detects if the projectile is far enough from the fired location to not damage the firing SAM.
  • Increased Light SAM zap delay from 3 to 4 as the zap effect would be impossible to see. Zap damage increased from 0.15 to 0.175 to compensate.
  • Decreased Light SAM Projectile Speed. Increased projectile life time by equivalent value.
  • Light SAM starts unbuilt and is built once activated. This will prevent some absolutely vile cheese from forming.
  • Removed Lancer Way point which apparently was unused. Must of been a legacy item from when the patrol system was added.
  • Halved Light SAM zap damage to ground units.
  • Hover Tanks now come after Fighter Drones in target priority of Lancer. (Lancer now has Hover Tanks in priority list).
  • Invader Emitters now have a mini map image when landing.
  • Light SAM has the option to prioritize hover tanks. Toggled on by default.
  • You can no longer stack Lancers.
  • Lancer no longer displays a 0 above it.
  • Invader Emitters can now place a marker themselves when beginning landing. This can be toggled.

Vertu's Creeper buildings:
  • Burst Emitters now cost 6 power.
  • Advanced Emitters no longer grow mesh when inactive or nullified.

  • Support for measuring execution time.
  • No longer has 0 recharge time after repairing Lancers. Now has 10 seconds before it can revive another one.
  • Nexus now skips atmospheric entry animation when prebuilt. (Now supports being prebuilt).
  • Weaponized Singularity System can now be triggered even with the Nexus nullified.
  • Singularity visual is no longer tiny. No it's not an actual singularity, its an event horizon visual. *Science babble noises*
  • Did some fall cleaning of the Nexus's weaponized singularity script. THERE WHERE MASSIVE COBWEBS EVERYWHERE!
  • Singularity no longer causes explosion spam from unit build plans.
Life isn't fair because we say it isn't. Not because it is unfair. In fact, it is so fair we want to say it isn't and do.

Vertu - Phase orange

Global changes:
  • Power_Suppressor_Release_Power now supports decimals.
  • Reduced LURE health from 30 -> 20.
  • All structures now exclude void terrain checking if they can't be built on void. This allows structures to be activated at the edges of terrain next to void.
  • Fixed long standing and recently discovered issue of structure activation being offset by 1 cell North and 1 cell East.
  • Thanks to Qople, performance improvements accross the board by having APIs called only when needed and avoiding excessive maintanance calls.

VPAC Main:
  • Increased launcher cost from 1 -> 1.75. [Known old change]
  • Added VPAC Mini Wiki (v2.11.0.0). Thank you qople for instigating this idea with their PAS menu.
  • VPAC is now version orange from version gold.
  • Added power advisor to inform you if you selected a unit that will cost too much power.
  • Updated in-game CPACK notes and attributes text.
  • Creeper checking code is now acustomed to my policy.
  • Power suppressors now blink in color to stand out more.
  • Mini Wiki menu can now be dragged (v2.12.0.0). Thank you qople once again.
  • Stash deconstruction timer is now visible by changing the wording to be 2 lines rather than 3.

VPAC Creeper Expansion:
  • Increased Air Sac health from 10 -> 15 to make them better at ignoring anti air defenses to deliver their payload.
  • Air Sacs now spawn with 50% of their maximum health. For the health buff, this means they spawn with 7.5 HP.
  • Decreased Air Sac fabrication time from 93.333 seconds to 83.333 seconds.
  • Reduced Air Sac power cost from 2 -> 1.5, making their fabrication time and Creeper requirement the more important limiting factor.
  • Increased Forb glop payload from 10 -> 20.
  • Can no longer use the delete hotkey to bypass the deconstructing prevention of the Flow Controller while nullified or stunned.
  • You can no longer deconstruct the air sac fab should it be nullified or stunned.
  • Fixed Air Sac Fab airsac highlighter.

VPAC Vertu Expansion:
  • Fixed Lancer selection button not appearing. Since when did this break?
  • Fixed Lancers shooting at ERNs. Yes, they where at it again!! HOPEFULLY BY NOW THEY GOT THE MESSAGE! Thanks VuleJr for reporting this bug.
  • Found 2 HYPER CRTICAL typo's in Lancer code likily responsible for target dicipline failures and target prioritization failures.
  • Reworked Lancer targeting to be more efficient and clean.
  • Lancer now creates a wreck clone of itself rather than being the same unit. This makes wreck targeting a (effectively) non-existing issue now.
  • SAMs now heavily prioritize V-Nullifiers. Prioritization is: V-Nullifiers, Hover Tanks, Fighter Drones.
  • Light SAM now has a target specification system exact to the Lancer.
  • Cleaned up Light SAM targeting logic.
  • Fixed Lancer stacking prohibiting mechanicm's inconsistancies.
  • Lancer stacking warning screen now doesn't lag behind camera motion.
  • Lancer now ignores illegal targets, including ERNs.
  • Lancer is no longer unstable.
  • Lancer no longer has its quantum nickname.
  • Fixed Lancer's stun prioritization. When in stun mode, it now has the same target prioritization mechanics as assault mode and it actually works.
  • Fixed Invader Emitter cell occupation persisting when the invader emitter is destroyed en-route.
  • Light SAMs now automatically check if an enemy is in a shield to not waste their shots on it. This doesn't apply to a unit behind a shield but its still better than nothing!
  • Reworked Light SAM's lasers to be a lot more efficient.
  • Lancers can now level up which does nothing but increase their energy generation so they can fire at max rate of fire at all times.
  • The Lancer is now officially the unit I have put the most soul in.
  • Fixed Invader Emitter cell occupation not persisting between game loads.
  • Fixed Lancer laser not aligning properly.
  • Made Lancer range indicator be the correct size, always, upon construction and revival.
  • The Lancer now instantly has full range due to no need for a failsafe that forces a wait.
  • Lancers now have V-Nullifiers as their top priority target.
  • Applied true random to invader emitter landing directionality.
  • Lancer reclaming can no longer be accelerated by the TCML or other units damaging the wreck. Honestly this was an unintended fix.
  • Should a Light SAM not fire a full salvo, it will have a reduced recharge time based on how many shots fired.
  • Light SAMs now obtain their buff faster based on how much they spend active. Firing and getting kills decreases time for enhanced performence. Base time for enhancement increased from 5 minutes to 8.
  • Added unit toggle to Light SAM and Lancer. When off, they don't use power.
  • Lancer gun charge and recharge text is now finally one line instead of 2, so when you have multiple Lancers selected and they don't have the same UI text, it won't constantly flip between 1 and 2 lines, causing the UI to jitter.
  • Changed Invader Emitter minimap image.
  • Updated Light SAM position reference to be more accurate to its gun position, allowing better line of sight checks and sound audio positions.
  • Invader Emitters can now deploy any unit by specifing the unit type.
  • Changed Invader Emitter auto hiding system to make them invisible rather than fall at a very high height.
  • Gave Lancers idle turret movement.
  • Cleaned up Lancer revival and down system.

Vertu's Creeper buildings:
  • Removed T.A.U payload. After much testing and internal debate, it's simply too much of an outlier.
  • Added VPAC Target Beacon that when placed, the V-Lab's SCM will target it.
  • Fixed Advanced Emitter making mesh while inactive.
  • Considerably bettered Advanced Emitter state check code performance.
  • Fixed snipers targeting Lancers incorrectly.
  • Fixed V-Lab wave targeting 0,0,0 should it be triggered during SCM countdown but not when SCM is launched.

  • Fixed a coding error in weaponized singularity system.
Life isn't fair because we say it isn't. Not because it is unfair. In fact, it is so fair we want to say it isn't and do.