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Unless you (or your computer) can travel back in time, them map is irredeemably lost in the mists of times past. :)
This map seemed easy. I did enjoy it. For anyone having issues; try this-

put a point in autospray, sprayer area, weapon speed, then put points nowhere else but ALL into weapon effect. Just 'buy-queue' all the way up until you can't any more.
Use only the sprayer- nothing else, until the end of the map. You lay down enough AC that the creep left behind becomes overwhelmed so you can run around safely and easily, little risk. You can run in circles in a tiny room and not be swamped in creeper; instead develop a nice healthy pool of AC even while being chased.

This has an added benefit of when the door opens - the minimap shows the white AC spreading into an empty corridor. I never had to look too hard at the minimap, since I could see the AC spreading into the new hole on its I went right there and it was always right.

I just kept this up to the end of the map, then went to a larger room which had a literal pool of AC and switched to sniper. Didn't even buy 'auto-sniper'. Just went from one side of the room to the other and rapid-fired the boss to death. Had enough AC already in the room I didn't have to switch off sniper.

Give it a try.
Mark V and Chronom Discussions / Are past Chronom Maps lost in Time?
« Last post by Nikopol on Today at 11:39:48 am »
i watched a let's-play of a Chronom Map, (January 21, 2021). It looked like a fun map, and I wanted to play it. Is there a way to access a map, that was more than 5 day ago?
I asume there is a stable method to derive the map seed of the date, and thus re-generate the map in Mark V.

Thanks in advance,
Best Regards, Nikopol
Farsite Colonies / Re: Custom Map #1768: The Golden Arena. By: Kaiden
« Last post by CS Z on Today at 10:54:20 am »
Map is only available in the MVerse beta.  Fewer people will play this as a result.
Farsite Colonies / Re: Custom Map #1769: FPS: Nightmare maze. By: Kaiden
« Last post by heritor on Today at 09:58:19 am »
Okay, so there's a few criticisms of this map.

- As soon as the monster reaches you, you're blind - because it covers your camera. This, combined with the narrowness of some sections and the small gaps that lead into next sections, means that for a lot of the map you're barely able to see what you're doing, just running around blind hoping for the best, and frequently pausing to plan out your next moves.
- The door unlocks not giving you any reference as to where/what door is unlocked is a pain, since you have to (again) pause, review the map, and see where a gap is.
- If you get the Shield upgrade, that further blocks your view since it's frequently shining on the too-close walls - turning what you would expect, given all of the previous FPS maps, an upgrade, into a downgrade.
- No health/armor upgrades means you're exactly as vulnerable throughout the entire map - which is probably intended, so fair enough, but combined with the constant view issues, feels like punishment.
- A stalking monster is fun when it stalks you, but this monster flies *over* the walls, so it doesn't actually stalk you at all. This wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't for all the view issues, and requiring to stop to clear the creeper and collect the door unlock items.
- No save spots. *when* you die (because given the mechanics above, it's not *if* - this isn't skill-based in any way, shape nor form), you're back at the start and you have to try and navigate the too-narrow maze with no landmarks and a field-of-view that is painful back to where you need to be. All the while, the monster is flying above all the walls and heading straight for you.
- The 'end upgrade'? Because it's on breeder, you need to hammer it down, but doing so whilst constantly moving to avoid the monster that blocks your view at every chance is an exercise in futility.

The only way I found to complete this that didn't involve constantly dying was to ignore the actual game itself and use the minimap as a 2d level, turn the autospray and auto-fire on, look down, and navigate solely via the map as if the main game didn't exist.
This topic is for discussion of map #9543: many options, no tricks

Author: Martin Gronsdal
Size: 75x135

I do agree with chwooly's criticism, but I also love these maps too much to give them up, so...?
Support / Re: Steam version of CW4 says update game to play map.
« Last post by ha11oga11o on Today at 07:10:15 am »

ill switch just to see whats happening there.

Many thnx
not that I want to see this feature again (in the same way one would not want to ride a scary/thrilling ride or eat a spicy wing, it's a little much for my taste) but I would say at the least there should be some feedback when you are dealing damage, it took so long I was about to give up thinking it was bugged.

otherwise I would say this seems to do its job nearly as intended.
Exchange Map Comments / Re: Custom Map #1714: Warm Welcome. By: Gotha
« Last post by Gotha on Today at 04:28:05 am »
Finally a good map series
i don't see this after the decagon series
i really hope what gonna happen next  ;)

Decagon is actually the main insperation, Taking a short break but the third level is largely mapped out, exact enemy placements need work and the dialouge is entirely unwriten unlike how the first two levels have been made thus far, i got the story writen up to about mission 6? maybe 7, not sure how long i'd want to run a story for, but i like the ideas i have thus far