Custom map searsch options.

Started by gimmer, April 08, 2012, 07:44:09 AM

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Time is not the only factor. Virgil has previously indicated that he felt most searches skew which maps get played or not. Add inclination to the list of factors that may influence what gets added to the search criteria. 


i got the fact he's working one next release, therefor i'm just hoping some of the suggestions will be considered :-)

Thanks for all the feedback.

Have a nice day

Lars (who is looking farward to future CW versions  ::) ::))


I understand the limited time or any complications in given programing environment, but I must say 75 pages of custom maps and no filtering whatsoever as to popularity, rating or at least size?

looking fw to CW3, hopefully it will be even better (and with better map filtering ;))

So since I'm at it, I'll throw some ideas in not to dub topics)

Couple things turned out to potentially need improvements:

  • I know this is asking a loot probably, but this game could youse some drag-selections of units.
  • Player should be also able to selet multiple structures (i.e. for demolition etc)
  • Main menu music should react to the music volume setting as well
  • Perhaps a little more thought into the hotkeys? I wish all keys were in one area, the pause button could also have some second binding (apart from well standard and obvious but remote to the wasd area "P"
  • Once move order issued to units, the destination should be possible to change by dragging the destination green box...
    On many occasions have I moved a group of blasters and it would be great to fine tune their placing while they are on the way. Right now you'd have to see about every single unit to check if it's going to the spot that you want changed.
    I know you could easily re-route any froup by assingning a group number prir, I'm just saying there is something wrong with the whole movement and order issuing thing...

Partially the gameplay as is amounts to the good character and atmosphere of the game and it's challanging level, I just get frustrated when I have to cope with the limits of the interface rather than with the challanges posed in maps.

Other than that great job, highly addictive stuff, kudos, keep it coming ;)

Happy New Year and cheers to all.


Please put this in the upcoming release ideas for CW3 - which I assume is the main point. Even better would be to put it in the CW3 suggestions threads there. :)
Most of these points are already considered/implemented, but we always welcome more input. Thanks.
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